RangRasiya FF: Jaane Kaise Tera Hua: Episode 4 Updated

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Hello Friends!!
I am here with my first FF on RangRasiya.
Along with Paro and Rudra, other character names from the show have been used here as well.
Pardon me for the dialogues written in Hindi but I felt that Hindi dialogues have a feel with them Day Dreaming 
Do let me know if you have trouble understanding, I will try to add translation in brackets
So lets begin...
it if you Like it Smile

Who is to be blamed when a storm ruins and destroys everything in sight?
The inner storm of Rudra and his impulsive action led to disastrous consequences for Paro and didn't do him any good either.
What happens when the come face to face each other again among the sand dunes of Udaipur?
Will Paro ever be able to forgive Rudra and help him redeem himself? Or has Rudra pushed himself into an unfathomable ditch from where he can never return...
Read on to know...
Parvati aka Paro
Amazingly brilliant in studies Parvati had always nurtured dreams to be a doctor. Ofcourse this was never understood by her parents who always thought her future to be marriage with a good guy. The only ones who understood her were her Maternal uncle and cousin Bindi.
Forced to give up on studies, Paro has been convinced to tie the knot with Varun, the nephew of Thakur Tejawat Singh...
But is this what God has been writing for her???
Rudra Pratap Ranavat
A hard working person, Rudra has just passed his entrance exams for the army and has come home to marry the love of his life Laila. Being an orphan, he is only confidantes are Laila and his best friend Aman, who is also going to join the army.
A perfect plan really? But what if Fate has other plans?
Rudra's childhood sweetheart, she lost her mother at an early age and her father has a drinking problem and is under huge debt. Rudra and Laila are the only hopes for each other. But when left alone to face a tedious situation, she must make a sacrifice which her heart doesn't admit to. Will she be able to stand the test of time alone?
Rudra's best friend, he has always been with her through thick and thin. But when Fate places them on two different sides, Aman has to make a choice, friendship or duty!
Thakur Tejawat Singh
An opportunist and a womanizer, Tejawat's first love is always money. Every villager is under his debt and he is cunning enough to keep them convinced not to take loans from the government. An educated Parvati is a major threat to him as she can convince villagers for this and he will try every means to avoid this by getting the new village favorite married to his nephew and send her out of the village.
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"O Laila!! Aaa gaya tere Majnu ka phone (Hey Laila, here comes your Majnu's call)" A girl comes shouting panting for breath and opens a shut door and is stunned to see an old man just about to hit a girl. She removes her palms which had covered her face and says "Sach?(Really)" and is about to run when the old man holds her back.
"Kahan jaa rahi hai be? Aaj to apne sharaab ke paise thaare se le ke hi jaunga (Where the hell do you think you are going? I won't let you go till you give me money for my alcohol)"
Laila: "Jaane de baapu, Dilli se phone hai, Rudra ki pariksa ka rejult aa gayo hoga (Let me go father, its a call from Delhi, Rudra's exam result should have been out today)"
Old Man: "Aise kaise jaane dun, apne paise se jo thaare ko itne saal doodh pilaya to tu thaare paise se manne 1 botal na dilwa sake? (How can I let you? I've paid for your milk all these years and you find it hard to pay for jut one bottle of alcohol for me?)"
Laila: "Sar se lekar paaw tak karje mein waise hi dooba hai tu, sharaab ke liye jagah kaha chodi tanne? Le rakh... (You're soaked in debt till the head, where's the place left for alcohol? Here keep it...)" Hands him a hundred rupee note and says "Pee jaa hafte bhar ka rashan phir se, tujhe sharam bhi na aati apne chori se logon se karza mangwaate hue? (Go and gulp down the expense for the week's grocery, you are hardly ashamed of making your own daughter beg before people for debt)"
And runs out leaving the man admiring the note, but looks back for a moment and emphatically says "Dekh lena ek din ye sharaab tanne bhi khaa jayegi aur manne bhi.. (I don't doubt that this awful habit will finish off both you and me one fine day)"
Rushing to the phone at the village shop cum STD booth, Laila exclaims panting for breath "Hellu Rudra, Kaise hai re tu? hellu... (Hello (mispronounced) Rudra, how are you?)"
On the other side of the phone we see Rudra beaming with joy on hearing her voice "Laila kitni baar kaha hai Hello hota hai Hello, oo oo... (Laila, how many times should I correct your pronunciation?) "
Laila: "Chup kar... Ye sab sunaane ke liye phone kiya hai, ek baar afsar ki beendni ban jaaun, ye sab seekh lena hai maine, tu bata, paas ho gaya na... (Shut up.. Have you called up just to correct me? Once I am an officer's wife, I'll learn it all, you tell me, you've passed right?)"
Rudra chuckles to himself saying: "Haan... Aman paas ho gaya aur... wo... (Yeah, Aman passed and...)"
Laila: "Aur ke, sun thik se bata, mera khoon na jala ab... BOL... (And?? You better stop getting on my nerves and continue)"
Rudra: "Thara byaah ab afsar se ho ke rahega (You'll get married to an officer very soon) "
Laila: "Matlab? Tu paas ho gaya? (What? You mean you passed right?) "
Rudra: "Naa ri pagli, tere liye naya afsar beend laa raha hoon Dilli se, pradhaan mantra ka bodyguard hai! Aur kya matlab ho sake hai iska? Main paas ho gaya... (No you idiot, I am gonna get you a new officer groom from Delhi, he's the Prime Minister's bodyguard! What else can I mean by that? Yes I did pass...) "
Laila leaps for joy and exclaims "Bas ab aa ja Rudra, teri bahut zarurat hai yahan, tere bina har pal kitni mushkil se kaatun hoon main, ye main hi jaanu hoon (That's it, just come back soon Rudra... Only I know how difficult is every moment is to spend without you)"
Rudra: "Bas paanch hi din baaki hai, ek baar ye medical jaanch poori ho jaaye tab admission pakki, chinta na kar chori, zyaada intezaar na karwaunga ... (Just a matter of 5 days, let the medical tests be done then my admission is confirmed! Don't worry girl, I won't let you wait for long)" and hangs up.
A smiling Laila is about to leave when the shopkeeper stops her. "Das rupaye hue (That'll be ten rupees) "
Laila: "Ke? Kis baat ke? (What? What for?)"
Shopkeeper: "Baat ki na tanne. STD pe? (You did use STD right?)"
Laila: "Phone to Dilli se aaya na? Mhare paise kis baat ke? (But wasn't it incoming from Delhi? Why should I pay?)"
Shopkeeper: "Zyaada chapar chapar na kar, ek to pichla do hazaar ka karza chukaya nahi zyaada zabaan chalaye hai? (Don't you dare blabber, when you already owe me two thousand bucks)"
Laila: "Tu zyaada na bak, saale Ranjeet ke khandaan ke Prem Chopra ki aulad, sab pata hai manne kaise gaon ki choriyon ko ghoor ke dekhe hai, shakkar deneke bahaane haath pakade hai, aur bataun? (You don't dare either, who himself is a son of Prem Chopra from Ranjeet's family. I know very well how you find excuses to flirt with village girls, shall I say more?)"
Shopkeeper starts looking here and there embarrassed and says "Jeb mein paise nahi aur bitte bhar ki zabaan, chal nikal yahan se (Not a penny in the pocket and your tounge stretches more than a mile, just get out!) " and pushes her. She hurts herself on her elbow and a girl comes and lifts her up.
Laila: "Are Paro tu? (It's you Paro?)"
Paro: "Haan, ek minute (yes, give me a minute)" turning to the shopkeeper she says, "Kyun bhaisahab, dukaan aapki to kisi ke saath kuch bhi kar lenge? Sab jaante hai ki ab phone ki incoming ke paise nahi lagte. Agar kisi ko bewakoof banate dikhe aap to seedha thane mein report kar dungi samjhe? (What's it now? If its your shop doesn't mean you can have your way with anyone. Everyone knows that incoming is free now. If I find you repeat this I will have you arrested) "
She leaves with the shopkeeper muttering, "Ye ek aur, sheher se barahvi pass karke aaye mem sahab, kitna accha ho raha hai byaah karke jaa rahi hai (Here, this is another one, who finished her 12th standard from the city, its so relieving she's gonna get married and leave soon)"
Paro takes Laila to her home and applies ointment on her arm and ties a bandage.
Laila "Are waah! Ye patti to ghani chokhi baandhi tumne Paro, sheher ke haspatal mein hoti to saare doctoron ki chutti kar deti tum (This is great, You've bandaged it so nicely Paro, you could easily compete with the doctors of the hospitals in the city) "
Paro looks at her and her smile suddenly vanishes and she grows sentimental.  Laila realizes her folly and is about to say something but Paro replies, "Accha? to ye patti bandhwaane tumhe sheher aana bahut mehenga nahi pad jaata? (Really? So wouldn't it be really expensive for you to get a bandage done from the city?)"
The girls share a giggle and Laila says "Tu sach mein bahut acchi ladki hai Paro, haveli ki bahu banne waali hai par mujh jaise haveli mein kaam karne waali se bhi kuch hi din mein itni acchi dosti kar li tune? (You're such a nice girl Paro, gonna be the haveli's bride but you befriended a servant from the haveli like in few days?) "
Paro: "Ek baar aur ye baat kahi to dungi ek. Ye 'Haveli ki bahu' sunne mein kaise ewww lagta hai! Aur tum kaunsi kam ho? Army afsar ki biwi banna ko aisi waisi baat hai? Waise ye Rudra aa kab raha hai? (You'll get a good whack from me if you repeat this, This "Bride of the haveli" sounds so ewww... And you are no less ok? Gonna be an army officer's wife is no kid's play. By the way, when's Rudra returning?)"
Laila: "Bas paanch din aur... Arre haan, usi din to teri shaadi hai... Dekh lena Paro, jab wo aayega na to dhamake ke saath aayega (Just in five more days.. oh yes, your marriage is scheduled on that day right? Wait and watch Paro, he's gonna arrive with a blast)"
Paro finds it amusing and says "Accha? (Really?)" and then a real blast takes their attention.
The girls run out and find some servants bursting crackers. Paro says "Are ye kya, shaadi mein abhi chaar din hai abhi se patakhe phod kyun rahe ho? (What's this? Its still 4 days to the marriage and you are already bursting crackers?)"
"Are tabhi to saare gaaon ne pata chalega ki Thakur Tejawat Singh ke ghar shaadi hai (Then how's the whole village gonna come to know that the wedding is at Thakur Tejawat Singh's place?) " a strong voice thunders from behind.
The girls shudder at the sound and Paro drapes herself while Laila steps aside as Thakur Tejawat Singh enters the hall.
Paro: "Par wo Thakur Sa, itne saare patakhe abhi se jalaane ki kya zarurat hai? Wo toh... (But Thakur Sa, its no use bursting crackers from today itself. It will...) "
Tejawat: "Tumhe abhi pata nahi hai Paro, hum Thakuron ke liye hamari shaan sabse upar hai. Koi baat nahi dheere dheere sab samajh jaaogi. Waise bhi tum yaha kuch din ki mehmaan ho, byaah ke baad Varun ke saath vilayat chali jaogi, to in maamlon mein na pado to behtar hai (You don't know Paro, but for us Thakurs, our prestige values more than anything else. Don't worry, you'll understand steadily. In any case you're like a guest here for just a few days and will leave with Varun after marriage, so its better you don't interfere)"
Paro: "Par Thakur sa.. (But Thakur Sa..)"
Paro's mother comes from behind and takes her hand "Kuch samajh bhi hai kisse kya bole jaa rahi hai? chal yahan se (Don''t you have any sense of what you should be saying to whom? come, lets' go from here...)" and takes her away
A man comes and speaks to Laila "Jaldi chalo, tumhare baapu ko... (Come fast, your father...) "
Laila exclaims "Kya? Kya hua use? (What? What happened to him?)" and rushes out with him.
Tejawat spots Laila looking at her with different eyes altogether. He calls an associate "Varun ki hone waali beendni ke saath ye chori kaun thi (Who was this girl with Varun's to be bride?)"
Associate: "Sa ye to apne hi haveli ki kaam karne waali  se, kahein to bulwaaun? (Sir, she is a servant from our haveli itself, should I have her called back?)"
Tejawat smirks and replies "Naa re... rehne de, apni hi hai na? Apne hi paas khud aayegi (No let it be... She's ours right? She'll be back to us herself, very soon)"
Laila rushes to her house and is shocked to see the scenario there.
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Interesting I am already in love with this 
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Posted: 2014-01-09T16:28:31Z
Can't wait :)
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Posted: 2014-01-09T18:09:45Z
Thanks guys!
Episode 1 is up now...
Please let me know if you like it or not!!
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Posted: 2014-01-10T10:43:58Z
Friends' upon Vinaya's request, I've added up translations to the dialogues as well...
The episode is open to opinions now...
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Posted: 2014-01-11T14:13:42Z

Hey Niharika! :)

A good start there, Hun! The concept is well, unexpected and different? And I'd definitely like to know and read more of this different piece. Smile I must say you've a very good hand at the Rajasthani lingo! Wink And to add translations to that can be quite a task but you've done that too? Tedious, is it? Tongue Thankfully, I didn't have to read'em cuz I understood those dialogues and I completely agree that Hindi language is beautiful. I'm really glad that Paro here is someone efficient and isn't a naivete who could be dominated or fooled by those around her, hopefully? And did u say Rudra and Laila are a couple? Goodness, I wouldn't want any heartbreaks in this because much as I'd want PaRud to b a couple, I'd not wish for either of them to have gone through heartache. Ouch Tejawat turns out to b a pain in Rudra-Laila pairing I guess but I hope Laila isn't wronged here because of her majboori, by the idiot. All that's left is, I'm in for the story to unfold. Count me in, hun! Waiting for the next epi! Smile

- Sarah
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Posted: 2014-01-11T15:11:05Z
A wonderful start 
waiting for the next part Smile
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