Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 8th January 2014

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Posted: 2014-01-08T11:54:35Z

The Episode starts with where it ended.. Raman taunts her saying now she knows how it is to be away from a child.. he says he heard about her application being rejected and says she doesnt deserve.. Ishita asks him how he could say so and cries saying she deserves but today he is right, she cant get one and she cant become a mom ever.. Raman leaves.. Shagun is with Ashok when Ruhi cries and says she's scared to sleep alone and asks if she could sleep with them? Ashok gets irritated.. Shagun tells Ashok she needs to talk and asks if he doesnt have to say anything, and asks about marrying her which he promised.. Ruhi cries and says she is feeling sleepy..

Ashok tells her that he needs a full time wife and not part time mom and asks how will she give him time and travel with him when Ruhi is around.. Ashok says they'll send Ruhi to hostel just like Aditya.. Shagun questions on why then he's fighting with Raman? Ashok says he's not interested to become dad to Raman's kids.. Shagun leaves scolding Ruhi.. Next morning, Mrs Bhalla comes to Raman's room only to know that he's left early.. she finds his pillow wet and asks about it.. The maid tells that its daily wet.. Mrs Bhalls cries and tells Mr Bhalla to talk to his son who seems strong from outside but is broken from inside.. She decides to bring Ruhi back and calls out Rumi asking him to get ready..

Mr Bhalla asks her to be cautious and not to do anything that goes against their case.. Mrs Bhalla says that Ruhi is theirs and that she wont Shagun take his daughter away just like his happines.. Ashok gets annoyed when Ruhi says she wants to see Cartoon.. Ashok asks Shagun to get well with Ruhi and asks her to call Ishita to help out.. Shagun calls and speaks to Appa who says Ishita will come.. Appa tells Ishita about Shagun's call for help.. Ishita wonders to go or not as bhalla's wont like but Appa and amma ask her to go for her happiness.. Ishita leaves happily seeing which amma is also happy..Mihir sees Mihika having cold and says that she cant adjust with Delhi's cold.. Ashok and Shagun are planning their honeymoon when ruhi sees them.. Shagun scolds the maids asking them to take her to her room..

Ishita comes and Shagun and Ashok drama out that Shagun was all worried and didnt sleep all night and ask for her help.. Ishita spots Dehradun school admission forms and understands they are planning to send Ruhi to hostel.. she asks Shagun how she could even think of it when Shagun says that its only for a year and for her future as Raman will take her away from them.. Ishita doesnt agree but Shagun says that Ashok will father her but for that they need help in bridging the gap between Ruhi and her.. Ishita asks about Ruhi and Shagun calls her out saying Surprise.. Ruhi comes running and hugs Ishita.. Ishita aks her how she is and says she missed her a lot.. Shagun smiles.. 

Mrs Bhalla comes with Rumi when shagun stops them at the door.. Mrs Bhalla says she begs to give Ruhi back as Ruhi is her life and that in her fight with Raman, not to punish Ruhi.. Ishita overhears all this.. Shagun says Ruhi is her daughter but Mrs Bhalls says Ruhi is her life and she cant live without her.. Rumi and Mrs Bhalla argue with Shagun in wanting to meet Ruhi but Shagun doesnt let them meet her.. Raman's Lawyer is with him and says you've helped me when i was in need and says that he knows how good a person he is though people think him to be arrogant.. appa overhears all this.. Raman stops Appa and apologizes for the happenings on that day.. Ashok calls Raman and taunts him asking why he's sent his mom to thier house.. Raman is shocked..

Ishita enters Raman's home but finds him shirtless and turns.Raman asks if anyone enters without knocking when she says she did 4 times and that door was open and she didnt know people walk shirtless in this house.. Raman says its house when Ishita says that she just came to tell that Ruhi is in her house..
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Posted: 2014-01-08T15:32:04Z
Awesome update thanxx
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Posted: 2014-01-08T22:12:56Z
Thanks For The Written Update
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Posted: 2014-01-09T00:28:28Z
thnks a ton for WU :)
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Posted: 2014-01-09T00:48:35Z
Thanks for written update...
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