RR OS: First Meeting

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Paro and Bindi are way back to their home form market which his far away form their place. They are walking by the road when one jeep stop before them.


2-3 Boys come out of jeep and started to stare at paro and started to misbehave with her and push her in their jeep. Bindi started to help her they grab her and push her away form them. Paro started to scream but know one is their to help her.


Man1: "don't scream so much no one his here to help you."

Paro: "Please leave me I beg you". She started to look here and there but the road is all deserted. One man started to pull her towards him when they heard someone is coming on bike.


Paro saw this and again started to scream for help but that man didn't stopped and left form their.


Man2: "See know one gonna save you form us". Saying this again started to walk towards her but before he touch her their jeep banged by stone.


Man1: "what the hell is happening?" He started to look out their he saw the same man is standing their he is no other than Rudra Pratap Singh' and they started to fight with him.


Seeing him Paro run towards him. He grabbed her arm and hide her behind him. But when he touch her both feel something but they surged of their feelings.


One off the man shoot towards them seeing this Rudra push paro away form him. Run towards them but they shoot towards his bike and that catch fire. Seeing fire Paro started to faint before she hit the ground strong arm grabbed her.


He is starring at her. He didn't see such a pure and innocent girl ever. His trance broke by bindi's voice.

Bindi: "Paro,Paro what happen to her?"

Rudra: Placing her carefully on ground " She just fainted nothing else." Saying this he sprinkle some water on her.


After some time she opened her eyes when her eyes meet his. They started to stare at each other. But immediately broke their eyelock.


Rudra: "Are you ok? Are you hurt?" he asked with concern filled voice. He didn't know what is happening with him.

Paro: "Yeah I am ok.. Thanks for saving me".

Rudra: "It's ok.. it's my duty after all"


Officers are shocked to see that Rudra is talking politely that to with girl. Coming out of their shocked he said to him that they catch that boys and they are in their custody.


Rudra: "Ok you guys go to base I will drop them" saying that he gesture them to follow him. Paro was behind him she saw blood dripping form his shoulder.


Paro: "Wait you are hurt?" saying this see rush towards him.

Rudra: " It's ok its small cut.. it will be ok after sometime".

Paro: "please let me bandage it". He wanted to deny her but don't know why he is not able to do that. He gave her first aid box.. she started to apply ointment on it. He hiss in pain. " sorry its hurting?"


Rudra: "No it's not". After when she done with his bandage he drop them to their home.




Rudra: "You remember our first meeting?"

Paro: "Off course you save me form those man. How can I will forget it"

Rudra: " That day you enter in my life and change it completely. You make me believe in love and relationships. I know I hurt you a lot but still love me uncondicitionally. Stood beside me in thick and thin. Never left me alone.

Paro: Suhhh everything is ok now.. we are so happy why are talking about old things?"

Rudra: "because I feel guilty for hurting you everytime. You know if I look back I feel dead. She put her hand on is lips and nodded no. he grab her hand kiss her knuckle. Thanks for coming in my life and making its beautiful I Love You."

Paro: " I Love You Too"

Hiii alll,

I am Priyanka!!!

This is my first OS on Rangrasiya.

I know its rubbish... still please tell me how it is?

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Posted: 2014-01-08T02:10:59Z
Lovely. ..keep it up. 
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Posted: 2014-01-08T02:19:26Z
Lovely os...
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Posted: 2014-01-08T06:17:36Z
Its really nice

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Posted: 2014-01-08T06:46:10Z
Nice OS Smile
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Posted: 2014-01-09T01:57:05Z
Nice os. Thax fr pm.
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Posted: 2014-01-09T02:18:32Z
Sweet and good. Keep writing.
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Posted: 2014-01-09T08:47:22Z
continue writing os on parun like this...i really want to read more 4m u
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