Yeh hai mohobbatein written update:-6/1/14

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Posted: 2014-01-06T11:08:52Z
Written Update

The episode starts with, Newspaper man reding the news of raman infront if ishita, ishita snatches the newspaper from him and closes the door. Ashoke pulls the curtans of shaguns room and makes her wake up, Ashoke says today is the last hearing of your divorce case and you will be free and bring ruhi also so u it will be easy for you to get ruhis custody. Mr.bhala is reading newspaper and mrs.bhala snatches it and says that all this is rubbish dont red it.. Raman is leaving for court and mrs.bhala says that she will also go for ruhi but raman says dont worry mom I will fight for ruhi's custody. Mihir and raman are im carvand mihir says tonraman to control uis temper.. Raman sees ashoke and shagun with ruhi there and gets angry on the same.. Ruhi is sitting with a lady outside the courtrooma nd sees raman and runs to him but raman goes and rruhi says to mihir I wanna go to papa and mihir says that he will meet you later, The judge arrives and calls them to sit infront of her. And asks them some questions. Ruhi is crying to go to raman and the lady makes her understand and ruhi calls ishita, Ruhi is talking to ishita and tells her she is getting bored and she is in court with mummy and tells her that raman didint talked to her..and starts crying, Ishita says I am coming to you ok wait.. Judge tells raman and shagun that court is granting them divorce and shagun is happy, judge tells them that thy have 2 childs aditya and ruhi, Aditya will stay with her mother as he is doing, and ruhi Shaguns laywer says that they want ruhi's custody, But ramans laywer tells her that aditya lives in hostel the mother who doent have time to take care of her one son, how can she take care of another child, Ruhi has stayed with her grandparents and father frommthe time she was 6 months old. Raman remembers when shagun left him with ruhi despite his pleadings. The judge says we will tell about ruhi's custody after 12 days and givea the order for stay which means ruhi will stay with shagun till 12 days. Raman and shagun signs the papers. Raman remembers when shagun left him forever with the divorce papers. He remembers thier anniversary and thier moments of togetherness. And finally sings the papers. The judge leaves and shagun and raman stands up, and shagun leaves, Raman says to his lawyer that he needs ruhi's custody at any cost he has lost his son to shagun but dont want ruhi to stay with her,
Shagun comes to ruhi and takes her, ruhi says to amma that ishita aunty is coming, amma says not now later, Ashoke asks amma to take ruhi in another car Ruhi sees ishita and goes to her and hugs her.. Raman sees ashok and shagun drinking..
Shagun and ashok leaves, Ishita asks ruhi why are you crying, ruhi says I was missing you and ishita says I was also misaing you.. And kisses her. Ishita asks amma where is shagun and amma says they have gone somewhere and asked to take ruhi home. Ruhi sasy she will not go there.. Ruhi says raman and runs to him and says I will not ho there I wanna go to dadi please I will be a gud girl, raman ask mihir to tell ruhi that he will take her in 12 days promise, mihir says the same to him and then they leaves Ishita says that I havnt seen a stone hearted father like you, you havnt seen your daughter even once... Shame on you..
. -End-
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Posted: 2014-01-06T19:55:39Z
Thanks much for the detailed WU dear! :D 
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Posted: 2014-01-06T20:13:46Z
nice episode thanks for the update
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Posted: 2014-01-06T20:32:19Z
Thanks for the update!Smile
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Posted: 2014-01-06T22:11:54Z
Thanks for the Written Update
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Posted: 2014-01-07T03:52:54Z
thanks for the update . overall nice episode .
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