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Posted: 2014-01-05T12:53:06Z
Ok guys before u kill me for even thinking this n kinda wanting this to happen Ouch well I'm not sure if I want it to happen Confused ok coming to the point as it was shown in the sbs paro has been taken into custody n rudra is interrogating her Angry it is shown that rudra grabs her face n arms roughly whilst asking her for answers which she hasn't got at the moment. Well I just had this weird though obviously as she is in there custody and is getting interrogated the poor thing Cry I was just thinking as they think she is a terrorist of sum sort or an accomplice rudra at the moment can't be kind to her, she isn't the stunning paro to him or even a girl a the moment rudra and his men will think of her as the enemy until they find out the truth eventually Confused anyways I was thinking if rudra can grab her face n shoulders aggressively then realistically if you r in rudra's shoes n u see a guy who is a potential terrorist wudnt they beat n torture him Confused ok coming to the point no I Dnt wat rudra to go further then wat has been shown in the sbs I actually want him to storm out after she keeps quiet as she is in shock, or perhaps he goes home not being able to look at her for long coz he has difficulty reading her n dsnt want to let his guard down Confused but as he goes home u know that officer who wanted to interrogate paro n her friend askin who them men were I Dnt want him to but then to make it look realistic they can show that he dsnt give her water to drink or any food and maybe they can show paro screaming while that officer is asking questions n he nite passes Ouch as morning approaches rudra comes in unaware of last nights events and starts questioning paro again who the poor thing looks exhausted n weak, but as rudra looses his cool with her again n she flinches he may say get up, as she tries getting up holding the wall as a support he might think she is pretending to be weak so maybe grabs her saying he hasn't got all day then he sees her feet all cut up n bruised as that officer has beaten her legs n feet with a stick all night Angry which may shock rudra making him confused as he hasn't given any such orders as paro looks at him scared n accusingly before fainting. What do u guys think n once again it's just a thoughtEdited by sana786a - 2014-01-05T12:54:10Z
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Posted: 2014-01-05T12:56:57Z
It's been told that he's going to take her in custody so he can get her signs on some papers that state that Raja saheb is the real culprit
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Posted: 2014-01-05T13:00:17Z
Originally posted by Arhi_2205

It's been told that he's going to take her in custody so he can get her signs on some papers that state that Raja saheb is the real culprit
oh Confused but he might think she is in on the whole thing n knows everything coz I think he says in the sbs they Dnt want anything to do with u n ur protecting them I think? Confused LOLEdited by sana786a - 2014-01-05T12:58:29Z
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