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Hey ppl...

These days v r getting a lot of cute RAYA moments nd nokjhok..
Seeing dt something something brew in my mind which is nt so cute ;)
Hahaha bt m sure RAYA lovers vil like it as v r nt shown some nice cozy romantic moments nd d much waited c night between RAYA.. ;)
I guess its jst to b assumed dt dey have consumated der marriage again after long seven yrs...
Cz i dnt thnk v r ever gng to c dt on screen...

So these is wt i would hv wanted to c bt i kno its nt gonna cmng true even in dreamzz so thought of sharing vid u all as like me u all also wanted to c some romance.. RIGHT ?? hope soo... ;)

It starts from where Ram goes behind Priya ven she runs away after teasing him in greenroom ven he came to her for saying sorry by holding his ears... ( dt waa jst too cute... ) :):)

So here it goes...

Ram - ruko ab me dikhata hun ki meri biwi mujhse kitna darti he..

Priya - nahiii...
Nd she runs away...

Ram follows her bt she is quick enough nd runs outside d room where she runs into Juhi who was as usual evesdropping dem nd getting jealous...
Priya dint see her nd ran into her nd lossing her balance was abt to fall ( ab juhi se takryegi to hamari delicate darling gir he jayegi na.. lolz ) ven Ram who was jst running after her got hold of her in his arms tightly preventing her from falling..

Ram- priya .. r u ok ?
Priya - yes Mr.Kapoor m fine.. nd she tries to get out of his hold seeing juhi looking at dem..

Ram notices dis nd tigjtens his holds on her waist bringing her close..
Priya looks at him bt he jst dsnt budge nd vid a poker look sees juhi ..

Ram- wt r u dng here near d door ?

Juhi fumbles by d looks of Ram nd dis sudden turn of events nd is nt able to answer..

Priya notices dis bt thinks its cz d way Ram is holding her so close nd nt letting she is feeling awkward ..

Priya tries to get out of his hold glaring at Ram bt Ram maintaing d same poker face nd den notices juhi looking at dem ..
He losens his grip bt still holding her in his arms from shoulder..

Juhi sees his each nd every move nd gets more jealous seeing dem so close..

Ram- u dint answer me juhi.. wt r u dng here outside our room..
He asks a bit sternly..

Juhi - Ram.. vo.. i.. me.. vo... xcuse me..
Nd she runs away from der nt able to bear der closeness..

Ram feels something uneasy vid dis strange behaviour of juhi which he has noticing from past few days...
Nd so he pirposely did dis to c hw juhi would react nd dis was really strange..
He needed to find out wts gng on..

Bt he came out of his thinking ven Priya pinched his arm tightly...

Ram - oucchhh.. Priya.. wt r u dng yaar..
He runs d area vid his palms..

Priya frees herself nd den standing vid her hands on her hips ( typical priya style ) vid hitler xpressions ..

Priya- wt m i dng ? Wt ver u dng Mr.kapoor ??
Zara bhi sharam nai aati aapko aise juhi k samne.. bechari bhag gai yahan se.. aap na sach me hadd karte he...

Ram - are isme kya prob he.. biwi ho meri yaar aur ekto tumhe girne se bachaya aur thankyu kehne k badle chilla rahi ho tum mujh per..

Priya gives him a r-u-serious looks nd den jst leaves from der smiling to herself thinking of his cute adorable husband...

Ram- wait Priya abhi to tum us juhi k karan bach gai bt m nt ng to leave u jat wait darling hw u cme running back to me..
He smirks nd overlooks from d stairs ver her wife has joined d oders back on dinning table..

After few hrs..

Priya has nt seen Ram ne ver from few hrs nd was nw getting worried cz he had nt even eaten properly as she got up in d middle nd he also came behind her...
Late she became busy vid her darling daughter nd dint realised d time..

She checked their room nd d study bt dint found him..
She wen to hall ver kids ver running here nd der teasing peehu nd hvng fun..
She was abt to cal Ram ven he enetered d hall from outside..
She saw him nd his eyes filled vid anger nd RB xpressions wondering d reason behind his dis avtar nd got a bit scared as dis was d first time she was seeing him like dis after she came out from coma..

She was standing der imerssed in her thoughts ven she heard a loud voice of Ram..

He was shouting at kids who ver running nd making noice at dis hr of d night..

Ram- peehu khush wt d hell is wrong vid u both... nd u myra she is ur older sister jst dnt forget dt ok.. nw go to ur room nd concentrate on ur studies rather den dis nonsense gng on nd dis applies to u both also get dt pari nd naina ?

Kids lookd mortified vid der ever so cute cool dad shouting at dem ..

Priya looked at d kids fallen faces nd den at Ram who was still boiling vid anger for dnt know wt reasons..

Priya- Mr.kapoor..

Ram- enough Priya.. He shouted ..
dnt try to defend dem at all !!
Nd u all dint u hear me jst go to ur rooms.. now !!

Priya blinked at dem assuring dem vid her eyes nd told dem to go ..
All went from der..

Ram too went upstairs giving one final glare at Priya ..

she was abt to go to talk to kids ven she heard him shout again..

Ram- Priyaaa...

She went towards der room worried abt d reason for his anger...
She heard him shout her name again..


Ram- priyaaa .. ver is my blue file.. cant u even do one thing properly.. i told u dt it was imp !!

Priya looked at him who was shouting at loud pitch..
She closed d doors of der room so dt his coice dsnt go out..

Priya- Mr.Kapoor dt file is in cupboard i tol u earlier dt...

Ram- wt ? Cupbord.. ? Seriously priya ..
Cant u jst keep it in my study !! Y my files r kept in cupbords dammit !!
Nw jst get my file nw dnt stand here looking at my face like dis..

Priya- y r u shouting ? Wt is wrong vid u ?

Ram- ohh to ab mujhe ye bhi tumse puch k karna hoga ki priya me chilla saktu hun ya nahin !!

He again shouted...

Priyas eyes teared a bit partly cz of his outburst nd partly cz she was scared vid dis behaviour of his..
She silently went to cuoboadd to get his file..

She turned aroind nd found him standing close to her..
His eyes boring into hers cid a cold look..

She trembeled vid his cold look nd proximity..
Finding her voice she whispered..

Priya- yo...your...f..fi..file...

He continues staring at her face which was nw looking scared nd her eyes dwncasted concentrating on d file in her hand...

He moved closer pulling d file away from her hands nd throwing it on d floor came more closer putting his both hands on her either side traped her in btw him nd cupboard...

She felt him move closer to her nd her heartbeat rosed fearing wt is gonna hpn nxt..
She can feel his breath on her nd she closed her eyes tightly...

He smirked looking at her nd den mocing very close to her ears he whispered...

Ram- I was jst checking ki meri biwi ab bhi mujhse darti he k nai... nd i guess v both travell on d same boat darling .. ...

Nd he moved a bit away from her to watch her xpression turning from tense to realisation of wt he dis nd her eyes flew wide open...

Priya- you wt ???
She said in amazement nd den vid anger rising in her of wt Ram did..

Ram laughed looking at her xpressions.

She glared at him whobwas laughing loudly seeing her nd den irritated she shouted..

Priya- u r jst impossible Mr.kapoor !!
Nd left from der...

Ram hold her wrist nd pulled her back to him..
Her face was covered vid jer hairs cz of d pull..
He tucked her hairs properly..
She struggle to come out of his hold bt he holds her tightly bringing her close to him..

Ram- this is jst so nt fair Mrs.Kapoor..

She looked up at him..

Ram-you can pull my leg as many times as u want bt i cant.. dis is nt done...

She dsnt rply ..
Ram - priya yaar common dnt do dis to me nw..
Still she is nt rplng..
Ram- ok fine.. m sorry yaar.. priya.. i vil nt do dis again...
he makes a puppy face...

Seeing his cute pout she is nt able to resist nd starts laughing...

Ram looks confused..

Priya pulls his cheek - my dear golu husband u r too much...
Nd laughs again..

Ram frowns looking at her nd brings her closer to him.. der lips mere inches away..
She stops laughing..

Ram- u cald me golu haan ??

Priya - yes.. arent u ?

Ram- achha.. let me den show u hw much of a golu i m..

Before Priya could speak he took her lips in his nd kissed her hard...
His one hand cupping her face nd oder caressing her bare waist thru her exposed part of her sari...
She gasped feeling his touch nd hold his collor tightly in her fist..
He kissed her passionately..
She too kissed him back nt able to resist his touch moved her fingers to d back of his neck in his hairs tugging dem slightly ..
He moaned in his mouth feeling her tugging nd d sensations she was ginving him thru her soft fingers...
He squeezed her waist running his hand on her bare back nd pinned her toward d cupboard pressing his body to hers..

They kissed like ders no tomorrow..
Finally feeling to get much needed air she tugged his hair to move his face away to break d kiss..

Both ver breathing heavily..
Getting some breat he spoke..

Ram- so do u still think d same Mrs.Kapoor ?

Priya - vid one kiss hw can i judge u Mr.Kapoor...

Catching d naughty glint in her eyes he grinned nd den taking her hands in his nd pinning dem back on d cupboard nt giving her space to move gave a wet kiss on her neck ..
She moaned his name vid dt feeling..

He smiled hearing her moaning his name like dis..
Its been ages he has heard her like dis..
He moved to her earlobe nd biting it gently earning another moan from her he whispered vid passion filled voice..

Ram - den let me show u some more of my skills Mrs.Kapoor so dt u can judge me..
M dieing to listen to u darling...

He nuzzeled her neck giving wet kisses on her neck nd shoulder ..

PriyA - Raaam...

Nd before she could react he kissed her hard .. moving his hands on her.. feeling her vid his hands..

She grabbed his shirt tightly feeling d sensation he was givingvthru his hands on her body..

Both ver drowned in d world of love nd passion which was left somewhere 7 yrs ago cz of d events dt sperated dem from each oder..

He moved his face dwn her jaw neck nd shoulder nd unpinned her pallu removing her saree nd bite her on her neck feeling his bare stomoch vid his hands..

She moaned deepely feeling her fingers caressing her stomoch nd den pulling d strings of d peticot she was wearing nd letting it down...

He moved dwn kissing her skin visible from blouse nd gave wet kisses on her cleavege..
She removed his court nd opened his belt nd button of his pants to pulled his shirt out of his trousers nd teared his shirt apart from his body moving her finger or bare back nd torso..

His hands reached d hook of her blouse nd in no seconds her blouse was off from her body..
He kissed her cleavege nd felt her with his hands cupping nd squeezing her beautiful body..
She moaned nd pulled him in a hard liplock before his mouth could ravish her..

He kissed her back his hands continuing to work .. he prssed her lowerbody into hers..
She gasped feeling him hard on her stomoch nd he invaded his tongue in her mouth taking d opprtunity of her reaction..
Her hands went toward his zip bt before she could do ne thing he picked her up in his arms nd carried her towards d bed..

Freeing her nd himslef from all d barriers he made love to her all night...
Deep passionate love which dey both ver denied of for wt felt like ages to dem...

After climax he fall on her chest nd burried his head in d crook of his neck nd cried his heart out feeling her so close to him after long 7 yrs ven at one point of time he had almost lost her..

Ram- I missed u... missed u sooo much Priya...
Plz dnt do dis to me again cz nw i wont survive vidout u even for a second..
I will jst die.. vil jst die Priya...
I love you...

Priya- I love you too Ram...
She too cried vid him feeling d pain nd sorrows which he must hv gone thru for long seven yrs in her absense...

They shared their love fear pain lonliness all dt night promising each oder of a beautiful future...

I kno its long bt hope u all like it...
Plz comment ur views on dis... :)
Thank you ...
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Lovely Romantic Update Embarrassed Heart  
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Originally posted by ArsyRam

awsm loved it Heart

Thank you Smile
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Originally posted by ParusDivs

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3" color="#ff0000">Lovely Romantic UpdateEmbarrassedHeart</font>

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Originally posted by .pia_12.


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