Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 1st January 2014

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Posted: 2014-01-01T11:52:00Z

Happy New Year 2014 Big smile

Episode starts with Mihir and Raman coming back home and he informs Raman about Soft Drink company withdrawing the contract as they feel it'll affect their image.. Ishita reaches outside her building and has a flaskback of the entire happenings of the day and cries.. Ruhi comes to her asking why she's crying and if she's got hurt.. Ishita holds her heart..Ruhi gives her a kiss saying everything will be fine and not to cry when Raman comes and scolds Ruhi asking her not to meet Ishita ever and asks Mihir to take her home.. Raman warns Ishita to stay away from Ruhi and his family and also that he will show her how bad he is when some women come screaming Raman Kumar Haye Haye..

Mrs Bhalla and Simmi come to balcony and wonder what's going on.. Shagun also reaches and calls Ashok asking what to do? Ashok asks her to follow his plan so that she gets her daughter.. He's happy that his plan is working.. Mrs Bhalla comes down and the women tell that they have come to take Ruhi to her mom as her dad isnt able to and that till the age of 9, a mom has rights to keep her child.. Shagun tells the women that they would never agree but the women assure her.. Raman gets angry while Mihir is trying to calm him dowm.. Simmi leaves to bring Ruhi while Mrs Bhalla is arguing..Simmi brings Ruhi down and says she is happy with us when Ruhi goes and hugs Ishita and asks her to send those ladies away as she doesnt want to go with them.. Ishita calms her down saying they wont do anything and that they want to take Ruhi to her mom.. The women ask Ishita to give Ruhi to her mom when Ishita asks them to call her..

The women group call Shagun and Bhalla's get angry seeing her.. Ishita pacifies Ruhi and shows Shagun saying she is giving her to her mother and gives Ruhi to Shagun while Raman stares angrily.. Raman is to react when Mihir Stops him saying they will handle the matter in court and to let them go.. Shagun talks sweetly to Ruhi saying she's her mom and that they will stay together in a big house from now on.. Ishita asks Shagun to give medicines as per prescription and hands them over and that she can be called anytime if required for help.. Shagun Thanks her and taunts Raman about not being able to take good care of Ruhi

Shagun again thanks Ishita for saving Ruhi and for bringing out Raman's truth and that due to Ishita, Ruhi is with her today.. Shagun calls Raman an insensitive dad when Ishita says she never had any intentions of doing so.. Shagun Leaves with Ruhi while Ruhi is crying looking at Ishita and Mrs Bhalla is crying watching Ruhi go..Raman talks to inspector about the matter when they say they cant help.. Raman gets angry when Mihir controls him saying if they do anything, media will think they are separating a mother from her child and asks him to first take care of his mom..

Mrs Bhalla gets angry on Ishita and is complaining to Mr Bhalla and says that she went to apologize for whatever happened and in return got what? Mrs Bhalla says she will never forgive Ishita when Mr Bhalla says that Raman isnt a good father and asks to forget everything.. Mrs Bhalla says that though Raman doesnt show but he does care for Ruhi and asks where these women were when Shagun left a nine Year old Ruhi to be with that Ashok as she felt Ruhi to be a burden.. Mrs Bhalla says that Raman was the one taking care of his child.. Raman pacifies his mom when she says that Shagun took her not because she loves Ruhi but only to show him down.. Raman says he knows all and promises to bring Ruhi back at any cost for all of them..

Prateek tells Raman that he came to talk to Ishita like Raman said but she's not ready to hear.. Raman says he is lucky and such women arent worthy of anyone..Ishita hears all this and closes the door on their face..


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Thanks for the updateSmile
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Thanks for the update!Smile
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Thanks for update.
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Thanks For The Written Update
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