Rangrasiya Written Update 1st Jan 2014 ~Paro's Rajkumar~

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Hello RangRasiyan, I am koeli, you can call me appy and i am going to be your regular updater for every Wednesdays...

Last episode we have seen how tejawat who thinks he is the king of Birpur kept the hatred alive in the heart of innocent people for BSDs.

Paro and all other unmarried woman were waiting for Nag devta (snake) to chose who will be the next spinter to get married from the village. It is believed that whoever the snake choses to drink milk from will get married in seven days.

Everyone cheered Paro when nag devta drank from her bowl. Elders blessed her and her friends teased her. Paro blushed crimson thinking about her marriage just like every girl gets excited to hear her marriage.

Tejawat announced Paro's marriage to the entire village. He declared that someone from the other side of the border will come and marry paro. Entire village showered their respect upon Tejawat. This was one of his tactics to instigate fight between the BSDs and the innocent villagers. He knew by doing this calling someone from the other-side will lead to fight and that way he will get more fuel to blame the BSDs.

Paro's was lost in her own thoughts when her dear friend came to her and asked her who was there in her dreams and how does her dream prince look like. Paro innocently told her that there was no such prince in her dreams but her friend refused to believe it. Just like two little girls played touch and touch.

Takurayan masa (wife of tejawat) offered them imli (tamarid) and said his princes might not be there in her dreams but his prince would definitely dreaming for beautiful paro and any moment he will come to take her away from her dear ones. Takurain told her friend that she knows about the kind of man Paro wants in her life. Innocent, who talks slowly and lovingly and who will like a poet and a soft hearted person who cares for animals. Even before he put his foot forward he will check whether he is unknowingly killing small living beings or not. Hearing these paro casted her eyes down and blushed beautiful shade of pink. Tejawat's

BSD officer Rudra Pratap Ranawat attacked some terrorist. He was a tough man who handled several people all-alone and crushed them into pieces. Even though he did not have weapons with him, he tactfully managed to crush them with his jeep.

Senior officer was pissed with Rudra's performance. He had a standing instruction first to disclose the matter then make a team and them attack with full force but he did just the opposite. He said it was suicidal. He asked him to do his duty with his heart and command with his mind.

The senior office asked him to go to birpur for his next assignment hearing, which, the colour drained, from his face.

Paro gifted a sitting sweing machine and guided her how to use it. Paro told her that this was to make sure her mami doesnot get back pain. Her mami cried her hurt out thinking in some days Paro will go after marriage. Paro's eyes became glassy thinking about it. Here friend also cried holding paro stating that in sometime even she would be left alone. Paro hugged her and cried. Then both of them went to see her marriage lehenga.

Paro's friend was gushing over Paro's marriage planning what all things they need to buy from the market. Paro for the last time got up in the cart and smelled the air of Birpur thinking after this when can she be able to smell it, whether she will ever be back in her village after marriage or not.

The senior officer explained Rudra the route of Birpur and Rudra stood absolutely still hearing his senior officer's words recapitulating his childhood and painful memories and his father's hurtful words for his mother.

A Very Happy New Year Guys

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updated. Sorry for the delay
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Thank you
Was eagerly waiting for the update
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thanks for updating
missed last part of the epi
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Thanks for the updateLOL
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Thanks very much for the WU/
A very happy New Year to you too.
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Thanks for the WU. The episode was awesome.
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Thanks for sharing. Even though i saw it i didn't understand the language properly.
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