Will the past, mingle with the future?

Posted: 2013-12-31T03:13:07Z
I found the scene between Paro-Rudra as kids so beautiful. They're obviously not going to remember each other but I want to know ... did he keep that doll? And if he did, will Paro see it during the course of the show, and recognize him? Will the doll be the one thing that makes her look at him beyond his ruthless personality? And what does the doll mean to him? Is it a reminder that there is some hope .. that not every female is bad? Will the past meeting of a young Rudra and Paro mingle with the future .. when they meet each other as adults?

I can't wait to see how they incorporate the doll in the show .. and the love story between Rudra and Paro! 

LOVED the first episode. Grand. Intense. Violent. Take a bow, team Rangrasiya.
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Posted: 2013-12-31T03:16:55Z
Drish..i have imagined a ton of scenes related to the doll.!
they obviously dnt remember each other..but the doll surely has a role to play..of hope as u said.! really hope he keeps it.!

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Posted: 2013-12-31T03:18:27Z

 Yes it will Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-12-31T03:27:20Z
i think it will

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Posted: 2013-12-31T03:35:42Z
Ya...doll will definitely work.
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Posted: 2014-01-01T08:39:31Z
Hope so d doll will surely has a role 2 play Smile
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Posted: 2014-01-01T08:45:12Z
yeps...i was also thinking about dat ...
i first thought that Rudra will keep the doll...due to which Paro will later recognise him..
but then i was like...why will Rudra keep the doll :/

so eager for the story to proceed !!
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Posted: 2014-01-01T08:51:54Z
The doll will be the connecting factor for them...
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