Boy, What An Impactful Start !

Posted: 2013-12-30T23:59:16Z
What a splendid start!
So Rudra and Paro it is.
In the very first episode we got glimpses of a caleidoscope of emotions. Be it pain, angst, hatred, denial, understanding, empathy, or innocence, it was a perfect potrayal indeed! The background setup of a beautiful village with majestic camels walking on the crystalline sand was beautifully captured not to mention the voilence and trauma was not overdone. They nailed the balance.
So both Rudra and Paro do not have a fairytale childhood. Both are not lucky enough to relish the solid and unbreakable shelter of parenthood, the shield of their love and the protectiveness that comes with it. On one hand Paro though traumatised, eventually learns to accept it and does not let the tragedy overshadow her innocence. There she emerges just as sweet and innocent as the butterfly she was running after.
Rudra on the other hand, is turned into something no child wants to be. Ruthless, cruel and harsh. The petals of innocence and tenderness have been crushed by the huge feet of harsh reality. The child artist who played Rudra had us captured there with those intense penetrating eyes. Young Paro was equally sweet.
Sanaya. Does she ever fail to impress? No. She looks breathtaking in that gorgeous traditional costume. Her twinkling eyes reflect every bit of innocence. Her pure, unaldulterated heart. Her smile lights up the desolate desert. How effortlessly has she transformed the flamboyant overenthusiastic Khushi to a pretty, shy village girl.
Ashish. Although Ive never watched him onscreen, his introduction did it for me. Without even showing his face he managed to create an impact. His eyes were emotionless, his stance screamed power and dominace.
Looking forward to their chemistry!
Boy, how can I forget? The title track was captivating. Once heard forever in my mind! Believe me I have not been able to detach it from the association area of my brain and my stupid vocal chords itch to sing it, but for the lyrics! Can I get a link please, pretty please?
Do share your views.
Starshina :)
Posted: 2013-12-31T00:02:16Z
Yes a some did & explosive star it was!
Posted: 2013-12-31T00:02:53Z
Really impactful episode..!!
I Loved  Sanaya's entry scene..!!
Paro gave doll to Rudra.
very beautiful scene.
Posted: 2013-12-31T00:14:47Z
Being ashishs fan I was really excited about rr..both me and my husband watched him in gunaho ka devta and cchandergupt maurya I  know how great actor he is...we watched last part of beintaha while waiting for rr..after watching initial part of rr my husband spontaneously said wow...this show is giving a feeling of movie..amazing.i am really on cloud nine. ..ashish was amazing as usual. ..coming to Sanaya. ..we are watching her first show and she was just mindblowing. looking very beautiful.  Edited by sukhminderkaur7 - Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 12:14 AM
Posted: 2013-12-31T00:44:48Z
M looking forward to today.
Posted: 2013-12-31T00:49:04Z
Lovely post ...their have been so many wonderful written posts by new post makers ( in this forum that is ...) , it is wonderful to see such creative writing SmileI hope rangrasiya continues to inspire all you wonderful writers in times to come. ...
Posted: 2013-12-31T01:21:24Z
The show had a terrific start. 

The most beautiful scene in todays episode was the buses being parked parallel to each other, and Rudra-Paro interaction was beautiful. The cameraman did a great job of capturing that beautiful moment. 
Posted: 2013-12-31T01:25:10Z
boy the maker of this serial looks so inspired from ram-leela. too much crass violence and bloodshed. maybe they can shift it to midnight.

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