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Rang Rasiya Inception: Guns and Roses?



Big, larger-than-life, color-seeped vistas...lilting folk music...villagers dressed in their colorful, traditional best...and then a bullet shot that rudely pierces the apparent normality of a bus ride. So begins the first episode of a show that we had been waiting for eagerly, for some time now. An explosive start, shall we say?  It is quite apparent that the makers and channel have pulled out all stops to make this one of the more memorable shows on TV these days. Sweeping, panoramic camera shots, and authentic costumes and locales lend it a movie-like look and feel.


We are taken through the painful childhood of two kids Rudra and Paro, each with its own peculiar tragedy that will most certainly define their lives to come. A young, doll-loving Paro loses her parents in the bus massacre, while an angry, helpless Rudra misses, and fights for, his absent mother when he is quite cruelly told by his just as helpless, and probably just as angry father,


"Bhool jao usko...dhool dalo...khoobsurat auratein kisi ki nahin hoti...na apne baap ki, na apne pati ki, na apni aulaad ki...kissi ki nahin..."   


Seminal words that we will surely hear echo time and time again as the show goes on...

Just as seminal as Brabantio's caustic words to Othello:


"Look to her Moor, if thou has eyes to see

She has deceived her father, and may thee"


Rudra's reaction to these words, and the world around him in general, was wonderfully depicted by the child actor. Young Paro's heartbreak at the sight of her beloved parents being burnt on the funeral pyres was equally heart-rending. I liked that the past was established so decidedly in the very first episode, and there is no room for interpretation or guesswork.



The second part of the episode showed the beautifully svelte Sanaya as the grown-up Paro, prancing around effortlessly among the sand dunes. She comes across an injured camel and sits down to talk some relief to it as she waits for her cousin/friend to get some bandages. Suddenly she spies a silhouette, and calls out to it for help...but the man turns out to be a foe as he makes a circle of fire around her. She screams, and the camera freezes on her terrified face as the shadowed man looks on.


 Despite sky-high expectations, and the huge build-up, the episode delivers...it manages to sustain the interest and packs an almost equal amount of emotional and dramatic appeal. Music is superlative and the title song is just asking to be downloaded to my playlist.



There is a quiet sort of ruthlessness in the desert...a kind of silent treacherousness that needs to be guarded against at all costs. Rudra, even as a child, is able to convey that very same sense of menace and danger. Paro, on the other hand, is all tenderness and care...the one who feels for others, who sees the beauty in her surroundings, who loves to chase the elusive idea of a butterfly. Wonderful depiction of contrasts.


RR team has done a superlative job in this episode and my interest and attention is theirs to lose.  

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Take 5: Rang-ing the Rasiya Ve!!

Rabba Ve - ladkiyons! Hug Hug So wonderful to use the traditional greeting for yet another new show this year, and mean at least half of it. 

We gather today to bhelcomes baick our phavorite bitiya as she runs over the Raqth'd Reth of Rajasthan (say that really fast 5 times, I dare ya)  - trying to avoid being splattered by all those mid-air goli riddled bodies spurting fresh raqth. Devi Maiiya ki kasam - the rest of us who only have to dodge pigeon poop, count ourselves as blessed. whew!

So. RangRasiya. A super-sized show with extra French Fries - debuting on Colors Channel today. Star Star Star We begin with inside gossip - the producers of Dhoom 3 BEGGED the RangRasiya CV's to air their promos in the theater before the movie, desperately hoping to generate some excitement for D3. praying

Apparently, Katrina Kaif in microscopic shorts last worn by adult female bacteria only elicited bored yawns, loser and Aamir Khan was offered discounted membership to Senior Citizens Cruises when he sauntered onscreen. loserloser But the sight of humri bitiya flitting hither and thither on the sand in the promos drew mass hysteria, to the extent that mooch-less police had to be called in for crowd control. 

Last heard, Amreekan police wants to be allowed to sport flourishing mustaches like BSD ka poster bitwa. Reason? Imagine using mooch to lasso border smugglers and runaway cattle, all in one fell swoop! Taser can go bhad mein! Shocked
Based on promo visuals - Homeland Security is seriously considering the plea.

Anyway. Aaj ka Take 5, from...you guessed it...the Raqth'd Reth of Rajasthan Wink

We begin with...

1. ...Paro. 

She of the insanely large phan paltan in asli duniya (rivaling that of original phavorite bitwa - who has been in purdah all year, having vowed not to be seen by parayi aurats). Anyway - Bitiya showed up in a short lived avatar jingling anklets earlier this year, but it unfortunately collected dog pee on opening day, and then swirled down the TRP toilet into oblivion.  Ouch

But - you just can't keep a talented bitiya down. Thumbs Up After going on a break for 11/28/45 days - she's back onscreen with something-something-jaltey-reth-ki-something kahani

surprise surprise surprise ???

Note to announcer - slow the heck down. Not all of us were born with an umbilical connection to a Hindi dictionary.Capisce?Angry Angry Angry

So in this newly launched magnum opus - she be simple village belle who believes in love - butting heads with completely un-simple bitwa who basically uses hapless villagers like dartboards. 

Whose head is harder and will prevail after said head-butting? Phront phront see bhat bhat... Wink

But enough about Paro. Let's look at the other half of this equation, who goes by the awesomely heavyweight name of...

2. ...Rudra.

He be the poster boy of mysteriously named baarder security organization called BSD (yeah - sounded like an antacid to me too rolling eyes ) - apparently, the CV's couldn't decide whether bitwa should be in the Indian Army, or BSF, or CRPF. So instead of risking offense to any asli duniya organization with GUNS, they settled for a fictitious name. 

Smart move. Seeing the Cowboy Harry powers that Birpur Ka BSD apparently possesses - asli Army/BSF walas might ask for their money back. Or at least - their hair back. Angry

Anyway - BSD wala poster bitwa is singlehandedly responsible for decimating all those who even sneeze while galti-se facing said border. feeling beat up  He does this while shooting, running, and easily vaulting over burning fires - despite being hamstrung by a so-tight-OMG - I -can't-breathe uniform, and a mustache that weighs more than his jeep. cool

Bitwa - bhelcomes into the orbit of the "Chamkili" star that be phavorite bitiya. So long as you don't get peed on by a puppy in the first episode - you're golden.Wink Also - word about town is that you're a pretty decent actor and can hold your own against bitiya's thespian skills - so you're already earning brownie points on that score. 


Sometimes there be sticklers like me who have a fundamental problem with male Rapunzels.Confused Be it the BSD or Boy Scouts or Nukkad-Ke-Security-Guards-Association, in fact, ANY uniform wala job - they tend to be just a tad nitpicky about their officers showing up in - 

1. Uniforms that fit like pre-shrunk spandex 
2. Tresses that flow like the Brahmaputra in high monsoon 
3. Mustaches that need their own set of curling tongs. 

And bitwa - you generally don't want to piss off people who have easy access to heavy grade weaponry. Just sayin'.

Those who've read Take 5 for other shows know that this is a pet peeve - so maafi for lamba rant. Ouch I remain hopeful that this is an anomaly, and will be remedied once bitwa is back in Bombay studio - with regular access to a razor. 

Otherwise, I'm taking inspiration from an offhand remark made by our very own Savvy05, and recommending that bitiya show up onscreen with unwaxed arms and legs, hairy upper lip, and UNTRIMMED NOSTRIL hair. 

Equality of the sexes - Rabba Ve. no talking no talking no talking

Anyway. Aaj ka episode kicked off with red carpet treatment, beginning with...

3. ...Act 1, Scene 1
A tinpot bus with a single bulb cutting through the interminable darkness of the desert,  stops in the middle of nowhere.People are let off to relieve their bladders - but end up being relieved of both raqth and jaan instead - thanks to a Bloodthirsty BSD Battalion (BBB).


*Start Soapbox Rant* 

CV's - I get that this is a TV show, and a certain amount of latitude is expected for dramatic introductory sequences - but depicting those who risk life and limb in service of the country as a universally evil bunch of trigger happy MONSTERS? Ouch

NOT COOLAngry Angry Angry  

*End Soapbox Rant.*  

Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will balance the scales somewhat. Otherwise - I'm gonna start channeling Jack Nicholson from "A Few Good Men", and that wont be pretty.  bring it on

Lambi saans andar and baahar - moving on.

Enter junior versions of bitwa and bitiya - both traumatized for different reasons. Junior bitiya is in anguish coz she lost her parents in the BBB shootout, and junior bitwa - coz he doesn't get a "Maaa" flashback scene in Sheesh Mahal in episode 1 of this show.

Say bhat? Shocked 

Maafi - galti se mistakiya.D'oh Bitwa carries the burden of being abandoned by his mother - scarring him for life, and causing him to go through childhood with a perpetually bow shaped, bee stung mouth that any teenage girl would kill for. 

Junior bitwa and bitiya meet like two ships that pass in the night (or two buses that pass during the day) and after some age-appropriate Rabba Ve - she tosses him the prettiest, girliest doll you could ever hope to see Shocked   Shocked

And this is precisely why schools in India need to be co-ed. Junior bitiya - what on earth were you thinking? Confused If his Amma's leaving hadn't scarred him for life - being tossed this doll by a girl most definitely would have done it. D'oh

And that wraps up the junior segments. Too bad it was so short - for once they picked kids that actually acted like kids, and managed to make a mark in the 10 minutes they were onscreen. Thumbs Up

Moving on yet again. Fast forward to present day, and...

4. ...Main Maati Ka Putla Hoon.
Unfortunately, all grown up bitwa takes that line from the title track a little too seriously, and mistakes all grown up bitiya for a clay puppet that needs oven time. 
Not understanding? Nebher phear - I'll explain. Big smile

Bitiya enters the frame looking seriously gorgeous in the flitting hither and thither introductory shot - the same one that caused paroxysms among Dhoom 3 audience (see above). The flitting stops when she stumbles upon an injured camel - and she calls upon a second camel to help. 

Unfortunately for her - the second camel comes attached with BSD bitwa - who instead of helping, pours flammable liquid in a perfect circle around her, and sets it on fire. Screen fades with bitiya wondering 

Cliffhanger phinish. Will bitwa rescue camel and/or bitiya? Shocked Based on his character sketch - he'd be perfectly happy watching both go satyanash in a ball of fire, but then bitiya's insanely large phan-paltan would go gunning for him with an even bigger gun than the one he was flourishing. nail biting

So to all those searching for the nearest fire extinguisher - please to relax, Big smile and extend a warm wala bhelcome to...

5. ...Rang and Rasiya. Swaagat Hai. 
We wish you a prosperous and wildly successful sojourn on soap duniya.Star  I'd wish for long-running - but we know painfully well that desi soaps invariably go off the script rails when they run for too long - leaving the door wide open for Masala Mamas. Confused

So here's hoping for a strong script that has a clearly defined beginning *and* equally clearly defined conclusion, great performances - and NO MORE SCENES of bitwa shooting people as though he were British royalty on a skeet shoot - and they were the unfortunate birds being tossed into the air for target practice.  praying   

Kyunki hum sahan nahin kar payenge. Tongue Tongue

But in the meantime - bhelcomes one and all to a brand new show, a brand new forum - and a brand new ghar for snark Maiiya!

May she always be welcome here!  Party Party Party

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Good evening this is Shoomie live from the premier of much awaited love/hate saga of RuRo inspired by the Bard!!

Throwing the soap viewer in me off the saga starts from the begining (maafi saheliyon no BW flash backs, no chance of sharthing over bitwa/bitiya's troubled past) bitiya's parents returning home, bus full of civilians stops for a pit stop AND boom!! Dhamaka and every one in the bus is dead ( if you are wondering why would uniformed (para)millitary personnel go off shooting randomly at a bus full of civilians A.You definitely do not belong to desi soapland B. Drama,grief,tragedy = TRP C. May be just may be they'll shed some light on this in future episodes)

Switching gears a beautiful depiction of an innocent child playing with a butterfly ( would it have killed them if they spent few bucks from those crores to make that butterfly seem a little bit more real?) Young bitiya is rudely subjected to the reality of her parents demise followed by cremation right in front of her eyes ( again if you are wondering of the few dozen grown ups standing around not ONE thought of taking the bitiya aside and breaking the news gently or protecting her from the trauma of a burning pyre you definitely do not belong here please to go and find discovery channel listing on your dish network) I must say young bitiya's potrayal of innocence, confusion, grief is impressive with out the usual OTT shannanigans of desi soap child artists!
Next up bitwa, the stick strikes out but bitwa doesnt flinch, living up to obnoxious villagers stereotype ("mera baap chor hai" any one??) kids make fun of bitwa's mother's flee! After the altercation what does bitwa's father do? Remember this is a soap before you answer that question yes you got it right he scars the boy for eternity against duniya bhar ki "beautiful women" with his venom! That my dear sahelis establishes Rudy's character... The Moo(ch)r...Confident commander but socially insecure with trust issues... (remember "Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see: She has deceived her father, and may thee.")

Next scene, displacement of bitiya and bitwa from homeland! Chance encounter of two tragedy stricken kids one breaks down other lends a hand/doll to ease the burden a little, well done both kids were with in the element! Ok now, here comes the rub instead of throwing the doll as one would expect based on what was shown thus far he holds on to it laying foundation to many a filmi sequences in future!!!

Now the SRJ ( that be saanse ruk jaye for the uninitiated) moment Birpur's Belle graces the screen in all her beauty, elegance and rang birange kapade, add to that the sand dunes, the cinematography,the music... Splendid!! ( confession time I have no idea what she said to that camel! But who cares)

Next bitwa's dhamakedar entry with the cape, camel,wild westernisque BG and what seemed like an assault rifle!! hopefully they wouldmake sense of the fire ring and all tomorrow !!(again if you are wondering why assault rifle or where he got the gasoline can from I respectfully refer you to my previous options)
Also a sincere request to makers please please make this a one time deal and not reduce bitiya to hackeneyed heaving cos that'll be such a shame knowing what she is capable of!!

Thats all folks Shoomie signing off!! Shubh ratri!!
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Finally the day cometh. New show, new forum, renewed expectationsBig smile. What a sensory overload of a first episode that was - rich in local flavor, color, cinematography, music and of course drama. While Paro seems to have not let the ghastly happenings dampen her outlook on life, Rudra from a young seedling is raised by his father with the sole mantra that beautiful girls are never to be trusted.

A round of Clap
Clapto the child artists for shouldering the big responsibility of unveiling the series debut. The kids slipped into their grown up character etches effortlessly, down to the dialect. A young Paro's  innocent smile on seeing the doll (in spite of the somber surroundings) morphing into shock on seeing her mom, Rudra's slow crumbling in the solitude of the bus were the highlights. It will be an absolute pleasure to watch these kids reprise their roles in flashback scenes.Thumbs Up

Bitiya, welcomes back.PartyParty Nice to see you back on familiar turf, in your element after the unfamiliar and puzzling detour earlier in the year. Have to admit that after reading Paro's etch in your words  " ..is a very real character which will change as per the story and as per the circumstances" is making me have my cudgel in standby for the creatives. Angry You have risen above the script in the past and I am sure you will do the same this time too.Big smile

What can I say about Ashish?Embarrassed So rugged, so rustic yet so not metrosexual. His stubble coupled with his mustache channeling his inner Laughing Cavalier makes my eyes transfixed on him. Everyone else becomes a blur when Rudra comes in the frame.Heart HeartHis outfit reminds me the nano second Bruce Banner transforms into his alter ego breaking free of his restraints. I cannot wait for intense Rudra  to sweep dainty Paro off her feet in his sinewy arms.Day DreamingDay Dreaming He is going to be her tormentor and protector,  hopefully without much of bruising wala pyar. I wait with bated breath for the silhouette to be revealed in tomorrow's episodeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Damn J that was toughTongue. For the uninitiated, the above paragraph was a dare to venture into uncharted territory of gushing over an actress/actors look which is not my cuppa beverage. I definitely appreciate acting and with the glimpses we have got from the sneak peek I am uber glad that the PH did the much need look test of the jodi. Nice series kickoff, cautiously optimistic about episode deux.Big smile
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Brilliant post..

The show has delivered everything it has promised. It has left me engaged in deep thoughts about so many aspects of life- love, hate, deceit and destiny. And the best thing is, good things are being said in such a great melody -- it is pulling the viewers to it with a magnetic force! 

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Visi and Savs Clap Clap I feel like a kindergartener :(
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First things first - I loved the cinematography! The detail in setting up the shots is apparent and was a total treat to watch. 

Inka saath hei jaise..
maati sang kumhaar
Maati ban jaave hei murat..
laage iska haath
Chaap jhalak dono ki hovee..
Jab hovee yeah saath

In a show where every shot was set up with perfection, the two buses stopping next to each other, two kids dealing with their individual heartaches and their interaction with these lines in the background was beautiful to watch.

Dil ke dhadkan sooni sooni..
Saanse bhi adhoori
Aadha aadha mile to hovee..
kamiyaa saari poori
She lost both her parents, the biggest love in a child's life is now gone.
His mother left him and he get's no warmth from his dad. Only lesson in life, not to trust any beautiful woman.
Two kids living aadha aadha life. 

Rahee kyoin tu rutha rutha..
Tu Manbasiya!
Rangrasiya rang ja ve, rang rang de sapnoin mein 

Their journey towards each other - Rangrasiya.

The kids for me were the best part of the show. Her innocence and her happy smiling ways (ignoring the butterfly). His anger, his heartbreak, his breakdown - The little guy aced it. He was amazing to watch.

Titali jasi udti phire hei..
Bholi si yun udaan
Aankhoin mein hei tim tim taare..
Mithi si muskaan  

This is Paro, will there be a Rudra version of the song as well?

Rangrasiya mil ja ve, kab se teri raah takein

The title song is beautiful, with beautiful lyrics and soulful music. I love the ektara that gets played through out the song, true blue sound of Rajasthan.

Things I did not understand:
- why would the BSD gun down a bus full of people for no apparent reason? And they said that is the case most nights!! So anyone who travels by bus at night is a suspect? Head scratching me!
- why did Mr R surround Ms. P in the ring of fire? That too on first meet with no words exchanged? (Got to know about it being a dream..errr nightmare. Tomorrow will bring a few answers, I guess.)

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J itna lambi take 5 hum dhanya hogaye! My snark dil garden garden hogayi!!
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