Written Update-Yeh Hai Mohobbatein 30/12/2013

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Written Update - 30/12/2013

The episode starts with, Raman istting in a restaurant and remembers his fathes words and pratiek comes ther and he asks that you called me sir. Raman says that you wanted to talk about ishiska and sais that it wasnt my fault and all rubbish and raman asks him to again say yea for the alliance with ishita.and also says that it is true that ishita saved my child, I would give you whatever position you want, you just have to marry her and you will not tell her aboyt this. Prateik agrees and raman leavea. Ishita is going and mihika asks him where are you going and ishita says that I am going to raman, he is going to give a interview and wants to blame me, I will not leave him I will file a case on him.. And ahe goea, The newsroommis getting ready for interview and raman arrives in the greenroom, Ruhi comes out of her room and goes to her dadi, she asks her what will you eat rohi and ahe says aloo ke paranthe... And mrs.bhala gets a call, Raman is on the line, his mom asks himmthat how is rohi and asks her to say to his father that evrythingbis settled and he cuts the call and leaves for interview. Raman entersbthe newsroom and gets seated , everybody gets ready andbte interview begans, The anchor begans the interview with introduction and greeting raman. And asks him questions about how he felt when he hot the award, he says that I am happy, Ashok and shagun are watching the interview. Ishika arrives at the news studio and thenhead lets her enter, The interview is going and the queation answers are continued.. About how raman got his succes how he had setbhis milestone.. The anchor asks him question about what happened with ruhi, and raman is answering it but ishita comes in between Raman says ishita dont creat a drama here, Ramans mother goes to ishita's house about telling her that raman has settled everything, Mrs.bhala goes ther and greets everyboy and says sorry to everybody and talks aboutbthe incident, Ishita's mom gets a call tp switch on the Tv and they see ishita in the interview talking about raman and saying that he is fake, he is not worth it the focus is on ishita.. Ishita says whta he has told you, he is perfect, a perfect man.. Ishita says he is lair, he is saying that he gives his daughter love of father and mother and says ask him whennhe came back home drunk where was his daughter, atmidnight he didnt even knew it.. And the girl who saved his daughters life and despite saying sorry he filed a case against her family and sentbher family to lock-ups.
Ask him that when his daughter was innthe dark roomand came out he colded her, his daughter was hpin hospital because his high society GF made her drink cough syrup, expired medacine ki overdose and you blamed me, I called your family but you never took that call, what you all did in turn you filed a compliment against us, You misbaved with me infront of society and due to you, my engagement broke, you thought that I kidnapped your daughter becouwe I cannot have a child, people like you dont deserve a child, due to you my mom questioned her upbringing but her upbringing is best, you are not a good father, shame on you.. You dont deserve a child... Ramans mother saysbto ishita's family that raman settled eerything but what was the need of iahita to go thier, everybody has a reason a past, it is not right what happened today.. Ishita's mothera sits down and says what has happened today.. Ishita is till saying something to raman#The show was silent during this#
Ashok is happy seeing the interview and ramans insult. Ashoke gets a call from the reporter and thanks her about the interview. He says firtky I snatched his wife but now I will snatch his doughtee, his money.his job everything...
There is a group of women doing protest against raman and ishita gives ruhi to shagun.
-The End-
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Thanks for The Written Update
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Posted: 2013-12-30T13:16:27Z
Thank you for the update. Oh no what's she doing ahhh now Ashok will take advantage like always ^__^
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Posted: 2013-12-30T14:20:14Z
Thanks for written update 
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Posted: 2013-12-30T15:55:12Z
Thanks for the update!Smile
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Posted: 2013-12-30T17:10:29Z
Mature ishita also got carried away by the reporters.. oh... 
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Posted: 2013-12-30T21:40:41Z
Thanks for The Written Update
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Posted: 2013-12-30T22:21:23Z
TFS...Raman deserve this.If i would have in IShitha place i have done the same thing
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