What a beginning!! Magic indeed!

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Posted: 2013-12-30T10:22:45Z

Absolutely loved the episode! ClapClapClap

The opening sequence was so beautiful.. Totally the feel of a Rajasthani rural area, from the picturization, setting of the scene. the dress up of the characters, the use of the dialect, everything had an authentic feel of a village..Smile

What a heart wrenching sequence to begin.. Though the reason for BSD attacking the villagers is not said as yet, the violent aspect of the show was clear from the very first sequence.. An entire bus full of people brutally gunned to death! Ah and the doll dangling from Paro's mother's hands.. Almost cried with the scene of her mother being shot dead..

Poor innocent little Paro chasing butterflies around, has such a brutal shock.. Loved the kid playing little Paro.. Particularly the part where she runs to the doll to realise something is wrong, terribly wrong.. The realisation yet the disbelief.. My only consolation is her uncle and aunt seem loving enough.. And a cousin to give her company..

Rudra on the other hand has his own pains.. The anger and pain was so well portrayed by the kid.. All the budding signs of an angry ruthless Rudra are there, whether it is his refusal to look down even after all the beatings or instinctive anger to anyone bad mouthing his mother..The pain has him distracted but there is no one to offer him any consolations or respite only taunts.. The father who should have been his support is too bitter to be that!! Saw a glimpse of Othello in his father's dialogue- "A beautiful belongs to none, not her father,not her husband and not her children!!" What a pain for a little kid.. 

What a thing to accept for little Paro, how can one explain life and death to a kid?Her pain as she watches her parents funeral.. Wonder if my stock of tissues will suffice this way!

Paro unable to accept her grief, nor is Rudra able to accept his pain. But through this all, through a couple of bus windows the two souls connect!! Rudra cannot stay resistant to the request of Paro and though reluctant does notice her.. Thank god he did not throw the doll away or it would have broken my heart!! Loved the scene of both of them looking at each other through their bus windows.. At the end of which both ha a smile,however slight it be..

And then the present.. The influence of the thakur is everywhere.. And violence is still ever prevalent.. A love story to  blossom amidst all this..

What an entry for Paro,like a butterfly as her BG song says.. Loved Sanaya's entry and this is what she meant by running all over the desert.. Oh and she speaks the dialect without a trace of the difficulty she must have faced.. And we have our camels too.. 

Then enters Rudra, with the sunset, his gun in hand.. Making Paro fall in shock.. Lovely scene against the setting sun as he walks to her.. ANd then the circle of fire, what a reunion.. Forgot when I stopped breathing and when I started again..That scene was as good as any bollywood movie or hollywood for that matter.. The cold calculated walk as he pours a circle of kerosene around her and sets it afire with a shot against the terror on Paro's face.. A brilliant ending to a brilliant episode..

Precap did not give anything away but after such an episode, no complaints..

Loved the voice over!! Each time the VO said something I had chills down the spine expecting the worst..

The background music was perfect and apt to each scene.. Whether to convey the pain of death or the innocence of little Paro or the anger of Rudra.. So happy this has justified all my expectations.. Cant wait for tomorrow..

A relation bonded by pain and reinforced by hatred.. How will it go from here.. Here we have a winner for sure..Clap

And that is just with one viewing.. Now off to abuse the replay button.. I am sure there are so many intricacies I must have missed.. This is how a well planned and implemented show looks like!! SmileSmile
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Posted: 2013-12-30T10:38:03Z
Beautiful post Deeps <3 You have said it all Heart Here is what I feel about the episode ! Copy pasting what I wrote in Diya's posts Embarrassed 

What a brilliant episode it was. Brilliant doesnt cover it. The cinematography,the direction,screenplay everything was mind blowing. The child actors were amazing. I mean it is so important that they perform well because we have their scenes as the starting memories of Rudra and Paro and they were hands down,perfect ClapClap 

Paro,a lively bubbly kid,full of dreams and hopes which are shattered suddenly in the form of her parents' deaths. Rudra, just a normal kid,a product of the circumstances surrounding him. Sensitive on the inside but aggressive outside,not willing to trust anyone nor submissive as well. He is taught to loathe beautiful women by his very own father. They meet,strangers to each other,and as she sees him at his vulnerable most,she throws the doll to him as a concillatory gesture. 

15 years hence they meet once again not knowing that this was not their first meeting,and she eyes him ,terror in her eyes ,and her rigid form and the episode ends. I feel that the end scene was just her nightmare,maybe from the borrowed stories she always been hearing because they would not be meeting this soon na ? This is what I feel Embarrassed
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Posted: 2013-12-30T10:46:01Z
Abhi!! Just went through your post!! And copy pasted thereLOLLOL
About the last scene, may be you are right it must be a dream.. Or else why would he do that.. Given the spoiler too.. But what a brilliantly executed scene.. 

And the kids were brilliant.. Both of them.. Hope they remain in the story at least for flash backs..

The doll must be the way she will recognise Rudra much much later as the boy she met so transiently, yet bonded so instinctively!! 

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Posted: 2013-12-31T11:29:19Z
Great post. Yesterday's episode was awesome.
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