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My story starts when Angad decides to go to Nainital to win Kripa back, but Kripa has lost faith in love.


Background information:

Kripa had been framed by Naina, and everyone else accused Kripa for stealing money (it's something that we think might be happening in the serial). Angad wasn't around and when he came back he believed everyone else. He insulted Kripa of doing such a low act and told her that he'll never forgive her. Kripa who is shattered leaves Mumbai and goes back to Nainital. In Mumbai, Angad finds about Naina's plan of how she framed Kripa and threw her out of Angad's life. Now Angad feels guilty of not trusting Kripa. So now he is going back to Kripa and to ask for her forgiveness and get another chance to be with her.


Now my story starts

Before going to Nainital, Angad goes to his dadi's house. He tells dadi of how much he misses Kripa and how badly he wants to get her back. He informs dadi that he is going to Nainital to win Kripa back. Dadi supports him and prays that he gets his love back and bring Kripa back. Dadi has a concern face and doesn't know how to tell Angad about what has Kripa been through after their breakup. Dadi knows about Kripa because she always knew that Kripa didn't do anything and she was innocent. Dadi had been calling Kripa's parents to check on how Kripa was doing. It was then that she discovers that Kripa is not same as she was before. After returning from Nainital she doesn't speak to anyone, doesn't eat well, sits alone all day without talking, shows no emotions, she is like a statue. Dadi is the only person in Mumbai who knows about Kripa's state.

Angad had asked Dadi to inform Kripa's family that he was coming to nainital, and that he would like to stay with them rather than a hotel. Kripa's parents agree to have Angad stay with them.

At Nainital

Angad arrives at Nainital by evening. Kripa's parents were waiting for him. Kripa didn't know about Angad's arrival though. Angad comes to their house and is greeted by everyone in the family except Kripa, who is not at home. Kripa's mom asks Angad to freshen up and until then she'll lay the dinner table. Angad goes to the guest-room to freshen up. All this time his eyes are searching for Kripa. He gets a tour of the house and sees Kripa's pictures. Then he strolls around and goes to Kripa's room. He could feel Kripa's presence in the room. Before he could touch anything, Kripa's mom calls him and asks him to have dinner. Angad comes downstairs and just then Kripa enters the house. Kripa who still hasn't noticed Angad is walking. Angad come in front of her and he has a smile on his face, after so long he has seen his Kripa. Kripa looks up and sees Angad. She has no expressions of being shocked or neither of sadness or happiness. She just looks at him, and they both stare into each other's eyes. Before Angad could say anything he gets a call from Dadi. She asked him whether he has seen Kripa or not. Angad goes outside to talk to Dadi and when he comes back he noticed that Kripa is not there anymore.

At Dinning Table

Kripa's parents, her brother, and Angad are all sitting at the dinning table. Kripa's mom calls Kripa for dinner. Kripa comes downstairs and Angad's eyes are following her as she walks by the table and sits in the chair in front of Angad cuz that is the only empty chair. Everyone is eating and Angad is glances at Kripa while eating. To break the silence, Kripa's dad inquires about Dadi and her health. Angad tells them that Dadi is fine. Kripa's dad asks Angad whether Naina and Dilip know about Angad being here. Angad tells them that only dadi knows that he is here. He told his parents that he is going for vacation somewhere. Hearing Naina's name, Kripa leaves the food unfinished and goes away. Angad is feeling extremely guilty and he doesn't know what to say to Kripa. Later that night Angad wanted to talk to Kripa but doesn't get a chance to talk to her. So he waits for the morning.

Next Day

Kripa comes downstairs and has a little breakfast, and goes out for a walk. Angad comes to have breakfast and sees Kripa leaving. He goes behind her without even having eating breakfast. He follows Kripa, and Kripa unaware of this just keeps on walking and stops by a bench and sits there. She sits there for long time, her eyes closed, and all this time she has not once said anything, neither to herself or to people that walked by her. Angad who is looking at Kripa from far away just can't take her misery. He goes and sits by her on the bench. Kripa opens her eyes and sees Angad sitting beside her and starts talking.

Angad: Kripa, I am sorry. I know now that what I did was wrong. I should have trusted you, and our love, but I failed. I failed Kripa. I believed others, but I didn't believe my love, I didn't believe you. I should have had faith in our love and should have known that you couldn't do such a thing. I know I am responsible for your this condition. Please Kripa forgive me. Kripa mujhe maaf kardo. While saying this Angad has tears rolling down his cheeks.

Kripa doesn't say a word. Kripa is just looking at Angad without an expression. Angad is just crying but is mad because Kripa wouldn't talk to him. Kripa is about to leave but Angad holds her from her arm and doesn't let her go. He holds her form her shoulders and shakes her, and asks her to say something, anything.

Angad: Kripa don't this to me. Please say something. I know you're mad at me. Say something to me, Kripa kuch toh bolo. Tumahari kamoshi mujhe maar dale gi. Mujhe kuch bhi kaho kuch bhi, par tum mujhse baat karo.

Kripa who is standing there is all numb. Angad who is just crying so hard repeats the same thing over and over.

Angad: Kripa mujhe maaf kardo, main tumahara gunegaar hoon, tum mujhse baat karo.

Kripa leaves from there without saying a word, leaving Angad shattered.

Kripa's house

Angad comes home and asks Kripa's parents of how long has Kripa been like this. Kripa's mom tells him that when Kripa came back from Mumbai, she became like this. She wouldn't talk to anyone; she would just sit in he room for hours without saying a word. After hearing this, Angad is very worried about Kripa. He asks them is they have shown Kripa to any doctor. Kripa's dad said, yes they have but all the doctors say the same thing that they can't help Kripa if she is not willing to herself.  Kripa's parents tried a lot of ways to get Kripa to talk or show emotions but nothing has helped.

Angad: uncle, aunty, ab mai aa gaya hoon, mai apni Kripa ke chehre par muskaan laa doonga.

Kripa's mom: beta main jaanti hoon ke tum meri beti ko theek kar doge.

Angad is happy that they trust him.

Angad has a friend who is a psychiatrist. Angad calls him and asks him if he could come to Nainital and check Kripa. His friend agrees and comes to check Kripa. Before checking on Kripa he asked Angad to tell him the reason why Kripa might be behaving like this. Angad tells him everything. After checking Kripa, he informs Angad that the best way to cure Kripa is to remind her of the time she spent in Mumbai. Remind her about your love, about the concert, about your mom, and everything that is related to you guys' relationship. Angad agrees and decided to do everything that the doctor has asked him to do.

Angad helping Kripa remember

First thing Angad does is call up Harshini and ask for her help. Harshini agrees to help Angad. They both decide to make a folder containing Angad's pictures, the one that Kripa had made of Angad when she was at Nainital. Harshini makes it exactly the Kripa had, each picture with Kripa's thoughts written on them. Angad leaves the folder on Kripa's bed and later on when Kripa comes in her room, she sees it on her bed. Angad is standing by the door and waiting to see how might Kripa react to this. Kripa opens the folder and finds pictures of Angad, writing on them. Kripa gets flashes of the time she came to Mumbai, the time when Angad made fun of her feeling, the time when she expressed her love to Angad and how much she hates him. Angad can see the sad expression on Kripa's face. He knows that it is hurting Kripa, but he has to remind her of both good and bad times to get her to be the same old Kripa.

Kripa has tears in her eyes because there is a card by Angad at the bottom of the folder. It says, "I love you Kripa. Please forgive me." Kripa just moves the folder and card away on the other side of the bed. She is crying by herself. Kripa's parents come by Angad and they stand with him by the door. They have tears in their eye, but they are happy that Kripa has shown some type of expression even if she is crying and it's painful.

Everyday Angad would leave something on Kripa's bed that is related to the time they spend together. It was helping Kripa in a way. She started to smile again. Kripa has not fully recovered but she did started spending time with her family. She still hasn't talked to Angad.

One day

Kripa and her family were watching TV and then the song rabba mere rabba started playing. Kripa remembers the time when she and Angad sang this song; she remembers the concert. She has a smile on her face. Then the song is over and they show Angad's parents publicizing their music academy. Kripa sees Naina and gets very upset. She turns the TV off. Kripa started crying and her mom and asks her what happened? Kripa tells her mom of what Naina did to Kripa, and that she'll never forgive Naina or Angad. Angad is extremely sad since he had seen everything that has happened.

Thanks to Angad, Kripa is recovered. She eats well, laughs with her family, spends time with everyone. All this time when Kripa was recovering Angad has not said anything to Kripa. He was waiting for her to recover so he can try  to win her back and show how much he cares for her.

Kripa's parents decide to go on vacation to Goa. Everyone goes, and Angad is invited by Kripa's parents. They want to help bring Kripa and Angad together because they know that deep down Kripa still loves Angad and she'll forgive him.

At Goa

They reach Goa and they stay in the same hotel as the one Angad and Kripa stayed when they come for the promotional tour. Kripa's parents get Kripa the same room as she was in before. Kripa remembers that it is the same room. She remembers Angad coming in her room, hugging her from behind, giving her the necklace. As Kripa remembers this Angad enters her room and she comes out of her thoughts. Kripa feels uneasy around Angad. Angad can also notice Kripa feeling uncomfortable. He feels sad because the girl who couldn't stay without him, the one whom he couldn't stay without is feeling uncomfortable for standing in one room.

Angad hands Kripa a thin box containing a necklace, similar to the one that he had given to Kripa before. Kripa doesn't accept it but he leaves it on her bed.

Angad: Kripa mai jaanta hoon ke tum aab bhi mujhse nafrat karti ho. Mera vishwas hai ke ek din wo nafrat pyaar main badal jayegi. Mai aus din ka intezar karoonga. Ye necklace main tumhe is liye de raha hoon ke jis din tum mujhe maaf kardo, tum eise pehna aur main samaj jaoonga ke tumne mujhe maaf kar dia.

Angad goes away leaving Kripa thinking about what he said. Everyone had fun time at Goa and they return after a week.

Back to Nainital

Angad started helping out Kripa's family, doing small things for them. Kripa started to like his presence. He would make everyone laugh even Kripa. Angad could feel that Kripa has started to behave normal with him. She wouldn't talk much but her eyes would search for him when he was not around. Kripa start realizing her feelings for Angad. She could see that he has changed, and he loves her.

Kripa realizing her love

Kripa goes to her mom and started talking.

Kripa: mama, I have to ask you something

Mom: kya baat hai Kripa

Kripa: mom, kya hum us insaan par barosa kar sakte hai jisne humara barosa todha hai.

Kripa's mom knows whom she is talking about.

Mom: Kripa main jaanti hoon ke tum Angad ki baat kar rahi ho. Beta, wo badal gaya hai. Maine uski anakhon main tumhare liye pyaar dekha hai, izaat dekhi hai, uski aankhon main tadap dekhi hai. Usne tumhare liye bohat kuch kiya hai.

Then Kripa's mom tells Kripa how Angad helped her recover.

Kripa, tears in her eyes) thinking about Angad and how much he has done for her. She just wants to run into his arms and hug him.

Kripa goes to her room, and gets the necklace that Angad has gifted her. She goes to guest-room where Angad is staying and knocks on the door. Angad opens the door to his surprise it's Kripa. He doesn't know how to react. Before he could ask Kripa what she is doing here, Kripa just runs into his arms and hugs him tightly. Angad also hugs her back.

Kripa: (still hugging him) I love you Angad. I can't live without you.

Angad: Kripa main jaanta tha tum mujhe maaf kardo gi. Tum mujse phir se pyaar karne lagogi.

Kripa and Angad share a passionate hug and then Kripa gives Angad the necklace and he puts around her neck. They both look into each other's eyes and they hug each other. Finally Kripa and Angad are together again.


For those who read this, special thanks. You probably got time to read my boring story. Thank you.


Tell me how it is. I know its very lengthy but I won't be able to log in for some days to add to it. So I decided to post all of it. If you want me continue and get Angad and Kripa married, please let me know.

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Posted: 2005-05-30T18:36:21Z
LOL lol nice Thanx

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Posted: 2005-05-30T19:44:27Z
NICCCCCCEEE!! the bst so far
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Posted: 2005-05-30T19:47:24Z excellent......thanx lot....


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Posted: 2005-05-30T19:59:01Z
   It was a beautiful, touching story. CryClapClapAnd OFCOURSE I want to see Angad and Kripa married.
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Posted: 2005-05-30T20:00:48Z
yeah nice one plz do continue Tongue
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Posted: 2005-05-30T20:28:09Z
this waz sooooooooooo good... it  waz sad & romantic
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Posted: 2005-05-30T22:25:27Z

aww thanx guys for reading such a long fan-fic. You guys are wonderful.

I will continue with the story after some time.

thanx prakriti  for giving just a big complimentEmbarrassed. "NICCCCCCEEE!! the bst so far". You are such a sweetheart.

hey nettu23,

I know it was sad and depressing but don't worry I'll make the next part fun and romantic.Big smile

I love this forum.

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