|| Badmaash Dil || A Taarey One Shot

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Badmaash Dil

Its after 6 months of TaaRey marriage
In TaaRey Room

Taani was sitting on her bed all ready to go out with Rey on a dinner date which he had promised her. She was wearing a red dress which went up to her knees fitting her body perfectly showing her curves.She glanced at her watch maybe for the 100th time. 

Taani(herself) : where the hell are you rey?...What does he think of himself??... He had promisd to take me out today,and even then he has no time for his wife.All he has in his life is his work !!!... now its 11pm...where is he? look, today iam not going to talk to him...and he will sleep on couch yes this is his punishment for a whole one week he will not sleep with me.

When taani was saying all this Thats time rey was standing the outside of the room

Rey (himself) - oh god, today iam going to die by taanis hand...what to do now?taani ke krishna ji now only u can save me..pls do something and for a whole one week sleeping on couch no way main taani se door kaise rahunga plz god do something... 

He slowly opened door

Rey - sweetheart...

Suddenly a pillow came towards his face. But he catch it at right time.

Rey - calm down sweetheart and thats a very bad shot..

One more pillow came but this one hit his face

Taani - now thats a very good shot..right mr. reyaansh singhaniya
Said taani in a angry tone and took another pillow to hit him again

Rey - taani calm down..sweetheart no no

But taani didnt lstn him one by one the pillows came towards him. Rey run towards her & hold her both hands

Rey: Iam really sorry sweetheart...i had very important meeting thats why i couldnt come early...sorry sweetheart

Taani : more important than me??
Rey : ofcourse not sweetheart...you are the most important person in my life but i had to do my work also na..

Taani : no rey...this time m not going to forgive..aap hamesha yahi karte ho..i have no importance in ur life
tears were falling from her eyes... She sat in the bed... He sat beside her

Rey : no sweetheart esa nahi and plz stop crying i cant see u crying...m sorry plz apne rey ko maaf kardo

Rey cupped her face n gently wipe her tears
Rey : plz forgive me..
He made a cute puppy face

Rey hugged her tightly and she hugged him back

Rey : plz sweetheart stop crying...i know main tumhe aaj kal time nahi de paa raha hu but that doesnt mean u r not impotant to me...i love u and u r the most important in my life...

Rey broke the hug and kissed her forehead...he saw she is still crying..amd he is the reason of her tears and this made him more guilty first he didnt able to give her time now days and today he broke his promise

Rey : m sorry sweetheart becoz of me u r crying..main gadha hu ullu hu jo apni itni pyaari biwi ko hurt kiya

Taani cant take it anymore she hugged him tightly and finally smiled.
Taani : its ok but sirf iss baar main apko maf kar rahi hu agli esa mat kijiyega mujhe bahut bura lagta hai

Rey : ab main esa kabhi nahi karunga
Hugged her more tightly... but he quickly broke the hug when he realised something

Rey : taani khana khaya
Taani : nahi...u told me that u take me out for dinner so mene khana nahi banaya...
Rey : Hungry??
Taani : ha.. App yahi wait karo main kuch banake lati hu...

taani was about to stand up but rey pulled her back

Rey - no...today i will cook for you
Taani - really?
Rey - ha...so u wait here ill be back in a while

Rey goes to kitchen to make dinner for his sweet wife
After sometimes Rey came back to the room with taanis fav dishes
Rey - here u go...ur dinner madam
Taani - aww...all are my fav dished love u rey
Rey - i love u too my princess now start eating and tell me hows it

Taani take a bite
Taani - umm...loved it rey bahut tasty hai app bhi khayiye na appne bhi dinner nahi kiya

taani fed rey..he also did the same...looking each others eyes feeling the love
both finish their food...wash their hands and come back...sat on bed in each others arms (just like after confession)
Rey - taani..
Taani - ha
Rey - tommorrow we will go for dinner and after dinner we go for long drive too...pakka
Taani - no...this time m not going to believe u
Rey - taani iss pakka...kal main office nahi jaa raha hu aur academy main bhi kaam nahi hai so tommorrow m free
Taani - really..pakka na iss baar aap apna promise nahi todenge
Rey - ha sweetheart hum kal jarur jayenge
Taani hugged him tightly
They broke the hug...rey said to taani

Rey - ab mene itni pyaar se tumhare liye dinner banaya uske badle main mujhe bhi toh kuch milna chahiye na

Taani - hmm toh kya chahiye aapko
Rey - YOU
Taani - what??
Rey - i want you right now Wink
Taani - rey m very sleepy ...not todayEmbarrassed

Taani tried to free herself from his grip but reys grip was too tight not hurting her he pulled her more close to him
Rey - no body can stop me from loving u not even u my sweetheart

He cupped her face in his palms and started to kiss all over her face. Then he moves her hair aside and placed wet kisses from her shoulder till neck...taani closed her eyes...rey placed her lips on her first rey kiss her gently but slowly kiss turn into passationate as taani start responding They broke the kiss when they felt short of breath...than rey gently laid her on bed properly n come top of her
Rey - i love you taani...

and once again kiss her on lips...whole night they made love and sleep peacfully in each others arms. 

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nice one , loved taarey n their cute naughty fight , rey cooked 4 taani was awesome, per kya return gift liya, yeah that's badmash dil , cool , loved it keep writing n many more os ss ff , take care , wish u a happy new year
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Posted: 2013-12-30T03:17:29Z
Finally ! ! ! u updated this OS
U got the title nd ha nice choice Badmaash Dil Embarrassed
Taani agnry on Rey nd his punishment aww so cute
Taani throwing pillows again so cute
Rey made dinner for Taani so sweet but i wondering use khana banana aata hai
Rey's return gift haaye Embarrassed
Keep writing more 
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Posted: 2013-12-30T03:20:40Z
cute..os..n romantic..!!!Wink
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Posted: 2013-12-30T03:21:26Z
Originally posted by yoyoaishwarya

nice one , loved taarey n their cute naughty fight , rey cooked 4 taani was awesome, per kya return gift liya, yeah that's badmash dil , cool , loved it keep writing n many more os ss ff , take care , wish u a happy new year

Thank u dear
happy new year in advance SmileEdited by -SunShine - 2013-12-30T03:21:41Z
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Posted: 2013-12-30T03:22:42Z
Aww very cute !! :*Edited by ..Akshita.. - 2013-12-30T03:25:50Z
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Posted: 2013-12-30T03:46:16Z
Really cute!! 
Keep writing more<3
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Posted: 2013-12-30T03:49:28Z
lovely and romantic os...
tarey cute fight ..hehehhe lovely
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