Ye Hai Mohabbatein 26 December 2013 written update

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Episode starts with raman sees that ishita's home s locked, he gets angry and went to check for her. mrs bhalla s crying loudly, simi came there and told that dimple informed her about ruhi.she told them to complaint to police but mr bhalla rejected d idea saying she will come as its her engagement. mrs bhalla gets angry n him.simi told raman to complaint to police then she went near to dimple and n low voice scold her and told she wont help her next time.
nurse asked ishita to sign form and they take ruhi to icu. ishita thinks that how can she sign d paper as it should b done by ruhi's parents then she remember about shagun and decided to meet her
shagun s enjoying at party, and she sees ishita coming there. ashok came nearcto ishita
she tells him that she want meet ruhi's mom shagun as ruhi accidently drink expired cough syrup and is hospitalized .shagun came there, ishita told her about ruhi and ask her to come to hospital to sign form. shagun was about to go with her but ashok stops her and ask ishita to leave. shagun requested him to let her go but he replied that raman took her responsibility so he should take care of her.seeing them arguing ishita feels pity on ruhi's fate
all bhallas r at police station giving complaint against ishita, inspector ask them if they r sure that ishita kidnapped their child! raman gets angry and told that he s sure about it. police with bhallas left station to search ishita, simi calls dimple and told her to do as she said
ishita's engagement preparation s going on and all r busy n arrangements. amma s worried that why ishita s soo late mihika said she might b on her way to home. subbu's parents came there and his mom asked for ishita. amma said that shr s n her clinic and will come soon.then came prateek with his parents .amma introduced them to subbu's parents. then police came there with bhallas.inspector ask about ishita and whats going on here.prateek told that its his engagement. amma told that she s in her clinic and whats d matter. mrs bhalla told that ishita kidnapped ruhi. all t shocked.police starts to search, inspector told d fellow police to search well if there s any deadbody of child.hearing this mrs bhalla starts to cry loudly. meanwhile simi signs dimple to bring syrup bottle and she put that on iyer's dustbin. subbu's mom and mrs bhalla s taunting ishita. finally police got d syrup bottle and questioned them about it. mrs bhalla told d police that, that bottle s frm there house .inspector told mr & mrs iyer to come to police station as they r accused of kidnapping
prateek tries to stop them, police arrested her parents and take them forcefully
doctor checked ruhi and told that she s fine now, he told her that first time n his career he did d treatment without form and its good that she brought her there at correct time or else matter will get worse.she thanked him and ask if she can take ruhi home .he allows as she herself s a doctor. she took her n her and leaves to home
raman s looking at police taking ishita's parents. they said that they r innocence and begged to leave them.mihika try to stop them .ehen police beat mr iyer raman told them to not to touch their body and behave well. mr bhalla agreed with raman. inspector told them to not to teach him and took mr &mrs iyer to station.
ishita came there with ruhi.all r shocked to see her. mihika runs to her and told her everything. she was shocked to learn d truth . mrs bhalla took ruhi frm ishita and scold her.ishita told mihika that they should go to station to release them and went to her flat to take money. ruhi calls for ishita, she looks at her sadly. raman looks at ishita.
ishita was collecting money when prateek came there and told her that he know her family and raman's families hav issues and he dont care about them .and he dnt have any problem that she cant conceive. but her attachment with someone else's kid s too much.he said raman s his client and this fighting will effect on his career, so they should hold this marriage plan for sometime. she askd if he want to call off this engagement. he said he didnt mean it, if she will apologise to Raman everything will b alright. she repeats her question that if he want to cancel this engagement. .he said yes as of now...she told him that he could tell this directly like a man . epi ends on her!
precap: ishita's parents r released frm jail, there s red marks on mrs iyer's face...she says she hav to get ready fast as everyone s waiting for them ..ishita told her that no one s waiting for them. mrs iyer s shocked

sorry for any mistakes Embarrassed


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Thanks for the update!Smile
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Thanks much for the WU, Maryam! :D 
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Thanks for wu dear...
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oops like button s not working. ..thanx everyone Smile
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Thanks for the updates!
A bit    with Raman though!
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thanks for the sad...
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Thanks For The Written Update
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