Yeh Hain Mohabattein Written Update 24th December 2013

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The Episode starts with Ishita trying to get out Ruhi from the room. She calls the guard and tells Ruhi not to worry as the guard is opening the door. Ruhi starts to cryOuch. Ishita asks her to move backwards. The door is opened and Ruhi comes out and hugs Ishita crying <3. Ishita asks her not to cry and asks her what she was doing there. Ruhi replies that she had come to see her mum. Raman hears this and scolds Ruhi. Ishita reproaches him for talking to his daughter like this but Raman,in no mood to listen to her,argues. Ishita tells him angrily that she is his daughter, not his property and moreover she was locked in this dark room and hence this was no way to talk to her and holds him responsible for what happened..

Ishita adds that he would get many awards but will not get back his daughter and tells him that if he doesnt need her, she would take her. Raman says how dare you and taunts her calling her childlessAngry. Ishita feels hurt by his words and criesOuch. Shhe leaves. Raman looks at her and takes Ruhi with him. Ashok sees all this and taunts him that he has gotten the award but will lose to him yet again. A lady journalist stops Ashok and says sorry as she did not know this would happen and consoles him but Ashok tells her that he would celebrate it at hi home, where Raman's ex wife Shagun would throw the party. She curses him and leaves.

Ashok tells himself that he would show Raman what he is capable of,at the party. Ashok comes to Raman clapping and congratulates him and adds that to mark this occasion,he(Raman) can spend the evening at my home, and has to cometo his party. Dimple is happy hearing about the party. Raman declines but Ashok insists. Raman hears everyone gossiping about his past and Mihir signs Raman not to react.

Mihir asks Dimple and Ruhi to go to the car and tells them that he would bring Raman, Dimple leaves. Ashok tells him that if he doesnt come to his party, people will talk against him. Raman replies that he doesnt care about Shagun. Ashok says then prove it, come to my house, lets party. A nearby lady says Ashok is such a big hearted man and asks Raman why he is refusing so Raman agrees. She asks him to meet her at the party and leaves. Mihir asks Raman if he is fine. Raman says yes and tells Mihir that the time has come to show them that emotions does not have any place in his heart.

Mihir sees Shagun outside. Ashok comes to Shagun and asks her if she is still annoyed and tells her that he has kept a surprise at home for her. She tells him that because of the way he treated her,she really need a surprise. Mihir looks at them. Prateek and Ishita are going home. Prateek asks her to share her worries with him and tells her that he would help.. Ishita talks about Ruhi and Raman. Prateek says he is Ruhi's dad so they can't tell him how to be with his daughter. He tells her that Raman is a rich man. Ishita says maybe he is rich, but the way he behaves is not good. 

Prateek replies that he does not want to keep a bad connection with him as he may need his contact. Prateek gets a call from his friend and he talks about Ashok and Shagun. Ishita comes to know about Shagun being Raman's wife. Prateek drops Ishita home and asks her to think what he told her. He leaves. Mihir, Raman, Dimple and Ruhi come home. Raman asks for the car's keys. Mihir tells him that it would not be wise to go to the party but Raman overrides him so Mihir ends up joining him..

Ishita sees Dimple and Ruhi coming home. Dimple does not treat Ruhi well. Ruhi is coughing. Mrs. Bhalla opens the door and hugs Ruhi. Ishita closes her door. The party starts at Ashok's house. Ashok kisses Shagun infront of Raman.

Ashok bring Shagun to Raman and welcomes Raman. He announces everyone to welcome the CEO of the year Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla. Ashok starts taunting Raman saying that he has won his life's important things all these years. Ashok talks to Shagun and speaks to make Raman jealous. Raman gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla is happy with Dimple and gets worried seeing Ruhi cough. She asks Dimple about Ruhi. Dimple speaks sweetly to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla is impressed with Dimple and tells herself that she has decided who would become Ruhi's mum. Dimple thinks that she has to become Raman's wife, not Ruhi's mum and smiles cunningly.Dead

Meanwhile,Ashok gives a surprise to Shagun and makes her wear a new big diamond ring. He takes out the old ring. Raman looks at them and thinks Shagun was wearing the ring he gave her. Shagun did not like Raman's ring and tells Ashok that the diamond is very small. She likes Ashok's ring and is happy. Ashok tells her that so what if Raman got the award, he has taken all that he hadAngry. Ashok shows the diamond ring to Raman. Raman retorts that Shagun has forgotten that diamonds are just stones, like someone's heart. Raman tries to leave but Ashok stops him asking him to drink.

Raman drinks and is in angry mood. He sees Ashok and Shagun dancing closely and drinks more. Ashok is watching Raman. Ashok signs a waiter to go to Raman. The waiter makes something fall on Raman's clothes. Raman is drunk. Ashok says let me take you. Raman replies that he would leave by himself. Ashok thinks that when Raman goes to Shagun's bedroom, then he would see what he does.

Ishita takes Raman to his house while he is unable to walk.

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thanks for the updaTE DEAR <3 

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Thanks much for the detailed WU, Abhi! Big smile 
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Thanks Abhi for Nice update: )
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thnx for WU dear :)
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