Why do Indians even travel abroad?

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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by GoodfellaSnoop

I've been asking this to as many parents who for every six months of abroad tour, come back from the VISA office almost humiliated to fly abroad.
Why is the immigration system so ridiculous at times?

Immigration system in USA sucks balls. Of course illegal immigration and high volume of applicants genuinely escalates US efficiency challenges. Nevertheless, USA is a bit paranoid as well making a shitty system. Although with inefficiencies, incompetency, red tape and corruption the Indian immigration system is no less shitty than USA, but for different reasons. The worst though seem to be Russia and China. They are very close walled nations.

But then many nations do have smooth simple and efficient immigration systems. It is not always ridiculous.

Why are visitors only allowed to stay only for a period of six months abroad and not more?

Unless you had a good reason why would you stay in someone else's house instead of yours for an indefinite amount of time?
Six months is a long enough time to visit and do tourist stuff. If you have other good reasons like studying, working, or other valid reason special visas and visa extensions are available.

Why do Indians go through a torture while applying for their VISA for whatever reasons?

Unless there is a bilateral or multinational agreement everyone has to apply for a visa to enter a foreign country. Depending on the diplomatic relations and the nature of immigrants Visa can be a torture or an easy breeze. There are other countries' citizens who have worse Visa nightmares than Indians.

I find India the best in this aspect. Free entry and shelter for a lifetime!LOL

So you think. Unless one is entering illegally, that is absolutely not true. Personally, I think I went to hell and back for getting my Visa to India, and I was born there. I might have as well gone to Mordor. My US born and raised brother in law can enter India with less hassle than me.  

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Posted: 5 years ago
So far I haven't faced any humiliation in getting Visa for whatever country I have went to, to be honest. Not that it's a very long list, but still.
However, when I read about Canada refusing visa to some ex-serviceman from BSF because they view BSF as an organisation which has breached human rights, I feel Indian govt. should take up that matter with Canadian govt. They have every right to select who they want to enter their country, but such reasons are same as disrespecting our country.

And you're completely wrong about Indian visa being easily available. It is not. Legal entry in India is quite hassling other than for Nepalese and Bhutanese people.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by return_to_hades

The worst though seem to be Russia and China. They are very close walled nations.

Haven't been to Russia yet, so can't comment.
However, I got my visa to China within 24 hours and didn't face any problem.

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Posted: 5 years ago
@GoodFella: The reasons why there are restrictions for US visa for any Indian are very complicated as I could now. USA had to face all sorts of people entering their country.  Probably if they had made entering USA something a simple one, we may see any number of illegal persons getting in there and doing all sorts of activities. It is not simple in this World to get the trust of someone. And then we are made to believe that USA is a prosperous place and developed country and so it is made as a country where many persons would crave for entering. And it is also seen there is a lot of difference between GDP of both these countries. And there is no social security for Indians in India also. How could then USA authorities trust Indians would be faithful for their country?
One thing I learn is those who enter India with Indian visa have also tough rules to follow. There is strong visa restriction in India. No free food and shelter for everyone. That was probably the case when British entered India and because Indians treated guests as Gods those people started looting us. Now we have to behave in a wiser way. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Have you ever visited an Indian Consulte in a foreign land?
It is a stark reminder to Indians how they get treated by their babus in India
Now atleast we know WTH we are dealing with, imagine someone who has not ever seen the high handedness of Babus, how difficult would that experience be?
As compared to that gettnig a visa to Ireland or UK is peice of cake
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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by souro

Originally posted by return_to_hades

The worst though seem to be Russia and China. They are very close walled nations.

Haven't been to Russia yet, so can't comment.
However, I got my visa to China within 24 hours and didn't face any problem.

Yes,now a days most of the countries have e-Visa system, that's why I think the visa process become easy ..

offtopic: I still remember, @ cosco meeting n china, I asked a chinese girl for her office number. She replied, "S3x! S3x! S3x! Free s3x to night!" .my reaction, "aha huh...Wow!" 
Then her colleague said, "She means 6663629."OuchTongueWink

There is nothing wrong in moving from one country to another for family or career basis.There are lots of Multinational Companies merging every day for good and so are the citizens of different countries. There was one time, when people from India used to go to Foreign Countries and now in 21st century, people from different countries are moving to India for Business and Career purposes.

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Posted: 5 years ago
Try going to an Indian consulate in New York, you'll know what humiliation is.
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