Ye Hai Mohabbatein written update 19th December 2013.

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Episode starts with amma telling mihika that he s not good for her..he s Raman's friend and ask her will she marry her enemy's friend! mihika s upset. there mihir is telling everyone that she s a good girl and he loves her so much and cant live without her.and je want their permission. mihika tells ishita that like she s important to her, Raman s everything for mihir, hr s like a brother and his permission needed to them. and she dnt know that he was their neighbors.mrs bhalla taunts ishita's family, raman stops her and ask mihir since when he know mihika.he tells him how they met and she came her jst for him.Raman says him he had jst 2calls and mails relation with her and he want to marry her, mihir tells him he loves her and love s blind. raman tries to change his decision giving example of him and shagun's relation. he says ishita's family s not good and all womens r same. his mom tries to make him understand that all womens r not same .he says all ths love and romance s fake. he ask mihir seeing Raman's relation, if he still want to marry her..and said this love will finish n 2 days then she will run away with his boss. there ishita tells everyone that only mihika will take final decision. she tells them that she will talk to bhalla family. she call them.mrs bhalla takes d phone and shouts at her, raman take phone frm her, ishita request him to forget their differences and they should speak first. and ask him to meet her n coffee shop.
cofee shop
she says if two ppl loves, if its not enough for marriage! she tells him that she know their families hav many differences, even they hav, but dnt bring them between their marriage. and she starts to speak abt love and feelings . he was not at all interested in listening to her ( aww I loved his expression here Embarrassed) she tries to explain him that they should help them to get married. he ask him if she want to link her family with his, then he and his family will try their best to stop ths marriage .she gets angry and says that she really feel bad for ruhi and her mum. he gets angry and warns her not to discuss abt his daughter and wife again...he left their leaving her alone there.
Mihir s waiting outside of apartment. mihika came their with muthuswami. he apologise to her and tries to explain but she didnt listen him, and leaves. .so he too leave from there...rumi meets her and tries to hav a talk with her...
Raman's car, s not there.ishita too came there...they tries to catch auto. so they starts to walk n 2sides.she sees some auto drivers playing, she ask them if auto s available, they told her even they r free and laughs...she starts to walk faster. and they t following her. hitting a stone she was abt to fall, but some1 hold her, it was raman .he looks at drivers angrily, so they escaped frm there. (yhm title song n bg) she thanked him.
she s walking and hr s walking behind her (itne door door hum frm dil toh paagal hai plays n bg) suddenly it starts to rain. so they stand under a tree. seeing her shivering he take off his overcoat and goes near to her.. and kept his coat on tree branches. but she didnt take this .so he againgoes to near her and told her that then she should not hav hold his hand when she was falling and take back his coat. a auto came their and stops infront of raman.he tells ishita to sit n auto, so she does. auto driver ask him to sit too as its too late he wont get any auto now. so he too sits in that auto (yhm title song n bg) she s shivering. her mob rangs. it was prateek. he says he hav a dinner party@ his office tomorrow, so if she will come with him . she said yes.thrn he ask where s she. she replies that she went yo meet some1@coffee shop. he heard raman's voice and ask abt it. she said its raman kumar's and she will talk to him tomorrow. raman asks her if it was some1 special, she said its her fiancee. yhen he ask her why she told truth to him.she replies that she dont tell lies without reasons
they tries to dnt look at each other
mrs bhalla s talking to her daughter abt raman's award function tomorrow she said everyone will came their with partners only my raman s lonely.she tells she too will go with raman tomorrow. raman sis s putting clothes to dry.she sees raman getting out of auto with ishita.she show this to mrs bhalla, she gets angry to see them .raman sis told her dnt worry she know to deal with ishita.epi ends on her.

precap: raman s looking at mirror..ishita came there and is looking around. and they both collides. they looks at eachother angrily. (I guess its function place )

sorry for any mistakes

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thank u for the nice wu for the beautiful episode...,,,,,
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Thanks for the written updateSmile
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^ Thanks much for the detailed WU dear! :D 
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thank you for the wu
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thankxx a lott for WU...
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wooow! looks like an awesome epi.. thnx for WU :)
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Thank you for the lovely WU Smile
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