Amita Ka Amit WU: 18/12 Kajri Ki Paagalpan Ne Kiya A2 Ko Bebas

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Posted: 2013-12-18T09:09:18Z
The Tantrik asks his goons to take the baby away from Kajri. Kajri says what are you doing Baba. This is my Suryansh, you can't do this to me. Baba says this woman is crazy and tells her she don't deserve to have Raunak (he means she's not rich enough to pay him crores, kitna kamina hai, OMG). Kajri says so this is who you really are, how can you be so evil? I risked my life to get my baby back. Baba laughs devilishly and says, you have no idea how cruel i can be, i myself sometimes get scared with my evilness. It is stupid people like you, for whom i can run my business so successfully. Sometimes i get worried, that i won't be able to fool people anymore, but stupids like you keep coming to me and it increases my confidence (this dialoug was to create social awareness i guess). Then he again asks the goons to take Raunak away. When the goons attempt to have Raunak, Kajri suddenly picks up a knife from Baba's thaali and holds it on the back of Raunaks neck (horrible thing to watch!) and says if anyone tries to take Raunak she'll rip away his head from the body (i just shivered while writing that!). The goons come close to Kajri and she gets furious. She says if she can't have Suryansh, she won't let anyone have him and that she'll first kill him and then herself. The goons try to get close to her, Amita gets extremely frightened and stops the goons and tells Kajri now you know its not your Suryansh but my Raunak. Please give him to me. Kajri says if anyone tries to stop her she'll kill Raunak and leaves the place right away.

A2 wants to follow her but the pakhandi Baba stops them saying now that they know his truth they can't get away without paying him the money. Amit says we've given you all the money we brought, where will i get the pending money from? Tantrik says call your family and tell them to arrange it, make it quick. Amit calls someone and says Raunak'r fine, come to Babas place with the money soon.

A2 is restless. Amita says to the Tantrik that, they don't worry about the money at all and asks him to let them go find Kajri. Baba says i can't let you leave without having my money. I can't trust you now as you know my secret, why is your people so late? Amit says you won't get your money, i've called the police they'll be here anytime now. Baba looks scared and says, No! You can't call the police! Amit says don't you watch Hindi movies? Police always comes in the end and everything gets sorted! Suddenly some policemen arrive. Amit tells the Tantrik i've never raised my hands on anyone but today i have to do this. He slaps the Baba very hard and says this is for all the bad you've done to all those poor people and asks the police to take him away. Amita cries like anything saying Kajri went long ago, she might have gone very far. Amit pacifies her saying they'll get Raunak back and sees Kajris phone lying on the floor. He calls someone from the phone and a girl picks up. She says why are you so late Kajri? We've already missed the train now we'll miss the bus too! I can't here you, last bus to Gowalior will arrive in a few minutes, come soon. Amit cuts the call and leaves the place with Amita.

Kajri reaches a bus terminal, where a girl is waiting for her. The girl asks, why are you so late? The bus will come any minute now. I got worried when you called and didn't say anything. Kajri gets surprised and says Amita might have called you, you didn't mention Gowalior, right? The girl gives a guilty look. Kajri says what have you done, now Amita and Amit will be coming for us. Meanwhile the bus arrives and they get into it. Kajri calls the conducter and tells him something very emotionally.

Everyone in the Shah house are very tensed. Rohan, Riya and Tina are looking for places (with their mobile, laptop) where Kajri might have taken Raunak . A2 are in their car, Amit is talking to Kirit asking for the exact location, after some discussion Rohan finds the location and Kirit informs about it to Amit. A2 reach the place in a hurry and just then the bus starts running. A2 come out from the car, Amita falls down because of her ghagra and Amit runs towards the bus to stop it. Amita keeps shouting to stop the bus. The bus picks up speed and Amit looks behind and sees Amita sitting on the road. He comes back to pick her up, they get into the car again and follow the bus.

Amit catches up with the bus driving wrecklessly and stops his car infront of it. The bus stops, A2 get inside the bus and ask Kajri to give their baby back. Kajri tells the conductor these are the people i told you about. A2 keeps shouting its our baby but no one in the bus believes them and get them down. The bus starts running again. Amita falls down in the road crying for Raunak. Amit runs with the bus for some time screaming "thats my baby" and then he falls down too. Both A2 scream "Raunak" and cry madly (this scene was impossible, am crying).

Sorry guys! Had to erase the precap. Not able to write more words from mobile.
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Posted: 2013-12-18T10:17:38Z
u dint complete it aurin..!! doing it later on..?? 
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Posted: 2013-12-18T10:26:32Z
you can copy the last scene from my thread . will save ur time 
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Posted: 2013-12-18T10:59:05Z
it is not kajri I think kajris husband comes and gives baby
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Posted: 2013-12-18T11:13:48Z
Good going my chulbul dear.
Hum sab bi phone se hi karte he dear Wink
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Posted: 2013-12-18T13:38:52Z
Originally posted by rishonarachel

Good going my chulbul dear.
Hum sab bi phone se hi karte he dearWink

Sach!!? Kaise?
Meri to ekdin mein bura haal hai.
Hats off to u Meethi Clap Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-12-18T20:24:18Z
Originally posted by grintson

you can copy the last scene from my thread . will save ur time

Thank you yaar, par phone se copy nahi kar sakti thi.
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