Duo Dewaney Shaher May: Part -II

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Posted: 2013-12-17T21:24:34Z
( Hi friends...Some of my friends didn't find the second part of the story as it was posted in the page of part-I...please see the II part...waiting for your valuable comments...Tongue


"Are you sure not coming in the house?" ...Priya again asked.

"Sorry Darling! I have to rush back to office as some important papers are to be signed ...So join you on dinner...and don't worry about Pihu I will take her from Sharma House."...Ram kissed on Priya's check.

"Bye"...Priya replied with a cute smile and entered in the house.

Luckily dadi was not in the house. She visited in a Satsang and was about to come.  It was around 7.00 O'clock in the evening. Priya decided to take bath before dinner preparation. Warm Shower gave her freshness. She felt very light and pleasant and stated hamming... She wear a bath rob and came in  changing room...select a blue-Rani colored suit... comb her hairs...Kajel...Bindi...Chudi...Sindoor...Mangelsutra...Mangel???????OMG! Where it was? Priya rushed in bedroom. Searched her handbag..."Nosss..."Handbeg was not there. She forgot that in the Car...

"Mar gai?..What to do? She immediately called Ram but  as usual No reply...

"Matlab nikaltai hi Bibi ko bhul jatai hai...Jera ghar aao Aaj" Priya released all her frustration at Ram's bed side photo.


Once again Ram looked at the dining table. Almost all family members were there. Apeksha-Rishabh as usual seated in front of him ...chatting ...laughing... ..they had a very good tuning. Dadi seated next to them. She was humming dinner prayer...and Priya was providing necessary instructions to the servants.

"Pihu...Pihu...He called. "Aati hu"...a little  voice came and a very cute humty-dumty little girl came. She was almost running. Her red frock and two small ponytails with matching ribbons made her more pretty. Pihu was cut to cut little Ram kapoor. Face, physical structure, attitude, style, liking-disliking Pihu got all from Papa. Whenever she visited to Papa's office everybody looked her. The way Papa-daughter duo enter in the office there was always whisper in the audience..."bade kapoor ki Beti Kapoor."...but two things Pihu got from her Mom. First as like her Mom she was so much believe in arguments and second if her Mom put her nose in every matter of KM and family members , Pihu also very much careful about her Mom's matters...which sometimes create very embarrassing and helpless situations for Priya and  Ram always teased her -"jasi karni vaisi Bharni...Darling!"

"Aaram say"...Priya again warned. Pihu as usual ignored the instructions and sit near Papa. Priya also sit near her. " She was so nervous. Start eating quietly but as always she was not so lucky. " kya bat hai..Priya Puttar..tuh itani chup kyo hai?" Dadi asked in a worried voice.

" Woh Dadi,,,thodi si takan hai bus..." Priya tried to convince her.

"Priya!...Where is Maa..why she didn't join us on dinner?" Ram also changed the topic.

"She is busy in her conference- dinner...Bhai!  Apeksha replied...By the way  where you were today?...You missed a very important investors' meeting today." Apeksha questioned   to Ram.

..."Well!..I...I went to temple...but this meeting was not planned?"..."Yeh! They called suddenly but Temple and you...  ????????? both Apeksha and Rishab shouted with surprise...

"Priya Puttar! Tuh bhi Ghar nahi thi...Pihu kai school bhi nahi gai..krishana tujah saat lai jana chahti thi...?"

"Who! Mai bhi Mandir thi dadi...toh?" Priya Replied as Ram.

"Jhot...bulkul Jhot...Suddenly Pihu interrupted.  All looked at her." Mom was not in temple...I know that."?...She put her little palm on Priya's cheek.."Mom! such bato kaha gai thi...Jhot bolnai sai temi mai pain hota hai Na." She said seriously typically Priya's style...All were burst into laughter and Priya was so embarrassed.

"Hmmm ...Chintu Dear! How you know that Mom didn't want to temple"...Apeksha asked Pihu.

"Simple! Mom mandir jati hai toh teeka lagati hai aur Presad khilati hai...Bua?" ( Priya gave a look to Ram..."I told you Na! type)

"Who! Aaj ka Prasad sirf mairay liyai tha Rock-star and Teeka mainey... Ram tried to support Priya but  Apkeksha's sense of humor was so sharp...She started humming "Chal sanyasi mandir Mai.."and Rishab providing music by dinner table.

.."Chup karo..tum douno...Jab dekho tub meri Bibi kai peechai padai rahtai ho?" Ram showed fake anger to his siblings...

"Vai sai Bhai Prashad mai Aalu-Paratha tha kya ! Joh sirf aap ko hi mila?" this time Rishab took the opportunity...again there was a laughter. Priya was feeling so helpless..."aur teeka uska aapnai kya kiya?...Hha Papa! Bato na! Mom mujah bhi nahi lay gai? Pihu also complained.

"Chintu!  No talking while eating" and Pyarai Chotai Bhai...Bade Vivahit (married) Bhai sai aisai sawal nahi puchatai hai." Apeksha teased Ram. She and Rishab smiled meaningfully and gave a hand Hi-fi to each-other.

Priya was silent. She didn't said a single word. Under the table Ram put his one leg on her leg to console her but her nervousness was increasing. She was praying to God but as usual he was with family members...    "Mager puttar tum dono Mandir Kyo gai thai...This time Dadi asked?

"Beta magnay?"  Ram quickly answered. Everybody stopped eating with this unexpected answer and Priya started Coughing as something stuck in her throat.

"Excused me"..She told and run away.


"kuch aur nahi kah saktai thai?" ..."Beta Magnai...Beta...?"Priya was making faces towards Ram. She  was so tensed and annoyed.  She was moving here and there in her bedroom. Pihu was in deep-slumber on her baby bed. Ram was almost lying with the support of his hand and smiling. As usual he was enjoying uneasiness of Priya. He loved both sides of his wife. One side as Mallika very open and hot On the other side as Priya too much careful about image and decorum. 

"Arh Yar! Jo sujha Kah Diya...Need not to worry". Ram tried to calm her.

How easily you said "Not to worry? Dadi will not forget this...so many questions she may asked What would I tell her?" Density of Priya's voice showed that she almost start weeping.

Ram stood-up...come closer to her...Priya ! He called her in his sweet and warm voice and hold her with shoulders. Priya took the support of side wall. Ram voice made tears in her eyes.

" Priya! Look at me...Ram  again told but Priya didn't. Ram touched her chin and made her an eye to eye contact with him..." Maray Dil ki Mallika "and kissed her  ..."Ram! I tell you that one day we will be in trouble"...' No darling ! trust on me that would never happen."...Ram ! put his hand in pocket of his Kurta and take out Magelsutra.

"Yeh!  Aap kai pass kaisai?" Priya was so happy to see that. Ram again put on magelsutra  in Priya's neck..."jab Mainey utara hai toh maiy hi pahenauga bhi."...There was a mischievous smile on Ram's face. Priya understand this very well. She whisper in his ears..."Hmmm! still hungry and kissed his cheek softly.

"Some hungers can never be satisfied darling." Ram answered in same way. Both had an eye to eye contact... Priya hold her man tightly he took her in his arm...

...Rest Readers can understand.




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Posted: 2013-12-17T21:55:25Z
thank you for posting again I missed previouslyTongue...very nice updateClap... too goodLOLWink
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Posted: 2013-12-18T00:00:52Z
loved it
awesome update!!!
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Posted: 2013-12-18T05:34:59Z
as always this was such a fabulous part...i loved the naughty raya in ur ff...di continue soon
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Posted: 2013-12-18T23:03:36Z
Nice update..
Poor Priya.. LOL everybody is teasing them with Pihu the smart rockstar's question round..loved how she asked Priya in total Priya's style.. LOL
Then came Ram's bouncer..hahaha
Loved it..

One request plz post all the parts in one thread..its little difficult to find parts like this..
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Posted: 2013-12-19T03:53:19Z
Hi FriendsSmile
 I have posted total three parts of this FF at this fourm...
Fist part then second page on same page then third part on different page and then again second part on different page.
Still there is any problem. Please let me clear so that you can easily enjoy this FF.Wink 
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Posted: 2013-12-19T04:11:33Z
Originally posted by nee_agrawaal

Hi FriendsSmile
 I have posted total three parts of this FF at this fourm...
Fist part then second page on same page then third part on different page and then again second part on different page.
Still there is any problem. Please let me clear so that you can easily enjoy this FF.Wink 
not a big issue we read all the three but plzzz continue in one thread and mention the page no when update is done that's all Tongue
and it is a request we are not pointing out anything as writing it self is a big thing we can't make any point at any writer...

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Posted: 2013-12-21T03:11:36Z

Part 2
awww awesome 2 gud yaar hay Pihu the toddler of RaYa is such great & also dedly combination of RaYa hahahha... beti ho toh aisi just great I m so loving this Pihu she is so gud always awww Ram is plaiing for baby boy & for that he went to temple too hahahah so cute moving to read next Neea but its suprab...
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