FF: Dou Dewaney Sheher Mai-part- III

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Dou  Dewaney Sheher Mai...Wink

(Two lovers in the city)

(Hello Friends...Please find chapter... hope you will enjoy and not forget me to send your feelings...eagerly waiting for you comments..)



"Where we are going?.." Neha asked the same question on seventh time and Vikram again replied patiently " Wait Darling...wait."

" Arh Baba ! per kitna...today you borrow Ram's personal Car. Take a break from office routine and  taking me on a blind-date..What's the matter? Are you OK?"...Neha asked very suspiciously and  Vikram as usual answered just in a sweet smile.

Neha and Vikram were Ram's college friends. Ram and Vikram were two years seniors from Neha but one find day Neha found Vikram "The best" as boy -friend  and "Jho Vikram ka dost woh Meira Dost"...she also made friendship with Ram. Initially Ram and even Vikram had the problem with Neha's loud attitude but latter they enjoyed her company and the day when Neha- Vikram got married Ram was the first person who gave his warm wishes and required support to  the couple. From that day till today whenever Vikram wanted to impress Neha he always  borrow Ram's Car and of course like a best buddy Ram always ready to do so.

"Vikram! If you are keep silent like this...let me drop here ...I am not coming with You?" this is the last stone Neha throw and no doubt it worked...Clap

" Please Baby ! Have patience for some time. Let me concentrate on driving. It's a day time and we can stuck in  traffic-Jam."  Vikram tried to clam-down her. But it was difficult for Neha to sit coolly..." I know Vikram you hide something from me...otherwise you would never be so caring for me and my feelings."

"Tum hemasha muj per shek kyo karti ho Yar!...Ram advised me to take a break and go for a long-drive and then lunch with you..So"...".Ram??????Fatty! Apna fatty?"...He advised you like this?...I don't believe this." Neha was absolutely surprised..."woh Moti buddi...Priya ko toh kabhi nahi lai gaya...Vaisy Vikram tumney notice kiya?..." Now Neha got the topic.

"Kya?"...Vikram still more interested in car driving...

" En deno Ram kuch bader gya hai... I am not sure but something he always tries to hide from us."

" Arh! Ab kum sai kum becarai Ram ko toh chod do."...Viram replied in an irritating tone.

Neha didn't answer but her faced showed that she was not satisfied. Suddenly she saw a beautiful blue ladies hand-beg on back seat.

"Viram! Look at  this." She said and took that hand-beg.Shocked

"Kya hai Neha?...Don't touch Ram's personal things Yar.!"

"It's a ladies hand-beg...stupid."

"Priya ka hoga"...".But I never seen this with Priya ...My God! Its' so expensive. You remember once I wanted to purchase the same and you replied..."Mayri puri salry chali jaigi."

"...Khol kur dekti hu." ..Neha! Yar..that'is not fair?"

But Neha totally ignored the Hubby's reactions..."Branded dark Lipsticks...Eye shadows...Swiss choklets...and this is...OMG! Vikram stop the car...i said stop the car." Neha shouted and Vikram immediately stopped the car.

" What happened!"

" Look at this..Neha showed a very expensive& stylish ladies outfit- Pink colored Chiffon topper and matching tube skirt with a beautiful belt.

" This can't belongs to Priya.. duffer."..."Kisi client ka hoga..after all this is a personal hand beg.." ..."In Ram's personal Car.?" Neha questioned and of course Vikam didn't have the answer. He knew that Ram never allowed any one to use this BMW car and he himself used this in very personal affairs.

" What is the matter. Ram have an affair. Nosss..It would not be possible...He share everything with me...Vikram was non -stopped muttering..."

"...I have to warn Priya regarding this...Neha  answered in a determined  tone.


Priya...Priya! Where is my tie?...So many times I told you not to touch my personal stuff but you always messed up the things." Ram sounded very annoyed.

" What happened.." Priya came from bathroom with wet hairs. Ram looked at her. After bathing she was looking so  beautiful.

"Are you going somewhere?" .." Yes ! today Aysha organized a girls' lunch party at her place so I will drop Pihu at Papa's house and then go for lunch." Priya replied. She was little bit in a hurry didn't care too much about Ram's presence and started to change the clothing...she opened her bath robe and hang it in a side handle then search out for sari...Sari..."Yahi to  thi."

...Ram!... suddenly she recall that she was not alone in the room. She immediately tried to hide herself but it was too late.

Ram caught her from back.." You are looking so hot in this sleeve-less blouse but need not to go out like this."...Ram murmured. I am not going in Blouse-petticoat. ..wear a sari also... Priya said naughtily.

"Hmmm ! very  smart Mrs. Kapoor but be careful about what I mean." Ram grip was more and more tighter . Now he was almost lying on Priya.Tongue

" Only on one condition Mr. Kapoor.. Priya said in a very seducing voice. What's that?' Ram asked in a same tone.

" you will come with me to see a movie?'"

" Movie????"..."Yes...I want to see the movie-"American-Beauty"...and ..." I have so beautiful Desi- beauty darling...So need to go for American beauty."...Ram answered mischievously and made a soft kiss on Priya's neck.

Priya turned back put her hands around Ram's neck  ..."I don't want to listen any lame excuses Mr. Kapoor...Just arrange the tickets we are going tonight." 

"  You know Priya!... I never interested in such type of things...and Vaisay bhi raat picture banana kai liyai hoti hai ...Dekney kai liyai Nahi...Janamen." Ram was romantic now. He pushed Priya so closed that Priya had to take the support of wall. She was stuck between the wall and Ram.

 "So..I should call my Boy friend..Viraj!..he will never deny me for anything."...Priya said in same seducing tone and looked into Ram's eyes meaningfully.."

" Are you blackmailing me?"..."Yes !...I am."

" You can go with Neha"..."She not even think to ask me just in a formality..She said this is not my type of movie. Priya became sad.

Ram smiled ..."Now ! I got it...Neha provoked my wife...But Priya!"...Priya was not convinced. She turned and started to wear the sari... Ram again caught her...both were busy in a lip-lock kiss...

...Exactly   at that time...    

Pihu entered in RAYA's room. She stopped at the door..."Mumma...Mumma..." She called two-three times and not found the reply.

Her little eyes twinkled. "Wow! Mumma is not in the room... Maja aa gya"...She entered in the room with Happy, Tiger and Cutie ( Her Toys names).



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Posted: 2013-12-17T01:14:55Z
Ohan...i ljust love ur ff and candid ram priya ya viraj mallika ...u know i missed part 2 and when i saw the 3rd one then i got to know it...both the parys were fabulous...loved them...continue soon...waiting
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Posted: 2013-12-17T01:17:02Z
good going just loving the story
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Posted: 2013-12-17T01:25:15Z
OMG lovelyClap but where is 2nd update yaar plz update in the same link...so that we can find the continuity plzDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2013-12-19T07:10:51Z
Lovely update.. Tongue
Continue soon

Plz update in one thread like u did 2 parts..it will easy to read nd update page no in topic too.. Smile
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Posted: 2013-12-19T08:22:36Z
Wow..awesome update..
Neha- Vik will understand totally different thing now.. LOL
Romantic RaYa..late night movie show.. Wink
Loved it..
Plz update all the parts in first thread for continuity..
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Posted: 2013-12-20T23:11:10Z
Awesome update
continue soon
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Posted: 2013-12-21T03:27:52Z

Part 3
awww awesome what an update yaar hay Neha ka shitani demmag phir chale laga awesome Priya wants to go for movie but Ran dinied but both r in lips lock when Pihu came in with Happy & Cutie (Btw her fev toy is Happy & Tiger not Cutie) awesome egarly waiting for next plz do post next soon...

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