OS-Monday take

Posted: 2013-12-15T21:46:30Z

Yesterday I was watching  the precap...as I got time...and wanna refresh my mind lil bit..and as a RAYAmaniac only Raya can do the magic.. suddenly my eyes were captured the side where Priya's left  ear ring was different and  Ram was struggling with another one..  os scene came in my mind..and going to share with u as an OS..and after long days I am going to write OS..so plz mafi ... One of the best scene for me on thusday epi where Priya called Ram and said: "Suniye aap jaldi aayiye na.." so I am trying to link this with...


At the end we saw Priya was trying to reach Neha via cell ..but it was remain unavailable..with a frustration .Priya entered their room...Priya is now feeling much better ..when she can feel the mangalsutra on her neck..it gives her the message that still now she has right on her Mr.Kapoor.. after 23 years..3 children its really  not a big message for the world..but for her ..it bigger one..coz the past events made her so vulnerable..that she lost the trust on herself..and lost the trust on her man..but his activities  remind her again that he is only belong to her .. 

Priya was watching herself on the mirror..she was at changing room..and just thinking about the morning incident..when Ram tied the mangalsutra  on her neck..and said that ..she is looking beautiful ...even  he added that the vermillion  increases her beauty more..

Priya was talking herself- Golu k Golu hi rehe gaye  hai ..abhi bhi.. tarif karte hai wo bhi soche samjhe..kanjus..jaise k mangalsutra pehna diya...sindoor de nehi sakte the kya...

Again in her second thought she said.: jo bhi ho akhir meri tarif to kardiya...pehle to Vikram  ka help lekar karta tha..in her absence mind she was playing with her mangalsutra..and totally unaware about the sourrounding...

And on the otherside

Ram was watching her from the very beginning as he was mesmerized by this side..somehow he was feeling his Priya is back..who loves to tease him..by saying Golu..and his previous activities...these seven years were worse for him..but the past few days were worst for him.. Priya his Priya was in front of him..but he could not claim her as his own..every time Priya avoided him..she was not agree to look at him too..it pinched him..but  all r sorted out..he is feeling so reliefed..

 Suddenly Priya could feel his presence and looked at the door..

Are aap...

 Are tumne hi to ph karke bulayi mujhe...Suniye jaldi aa jayiye"... to main kaise ...

 ..uff ..wo mujhe bhi pata hai ..but aap room me kab aaye?

Ram with his naughty smile: tum jab meri budayi kar rehi thi tab.. ...and moving towards her..

Priya was feeling shy.. kept her head down...

3 bacho k baad main tumse darta hu..but tum aaj bhi sharmati ho.. strange..

His comments was enough for Priya to look at him.. with her smile( Shakshi Special...cant describe..as I found it is beyond it )

Priya tumhe kuch dena hai.. pata nehi ye shammy k bachhe...

His words were left as Priya looked at him with not satisfactory look..

Ok ok..sorry.. let it be..main tumhare liye ek gift laya hu..so.and handed her the ear rings...

 The design  of the ear rings are very much similar with the special one which Ram gave him  after their first night..

( wanna share my feelings.. this was the best episode for me..till today..the rajasthan track..where Priya gave her ear rings for the buisness.. acc to me the best and most expensive jwellery for a woman is her husband...for his happiness..her family..she can give any matterial jweelery..so I include this part )

Priya looked at him with her surprise look..

Ram could sence her condition..

I know the design...is quite bit of same.. but not exactly..even I don't want to give the same..as It was given on a special reason..though.. I am giving these too..but.. it was,is and will be special..as it was first gift from me..and I am really sorry Priya that I was not able to keep this..

Priya kept her hand on his..

Mr.Kapoor..  yaad haina aapko.. maine kya kahi thi aapko.. us time ko yaad hum rakhenge to sirf khushiyon ki pal  ko..and that was the most beautiful moment for me.. that I was able to stand beside u.. help u..as a wife..as a life partner.. this is the promise of marriage na ...

I am happy Priya..i am the luckiest man in this world.. k do baar tumhe khokar bhi maine paa liya hai..

And Ram was moving to hug her..but suddenly he backed off.. Priya was also accepecting  ...but she was hurt with Ram's behavior.. Could not understand what to say ...

Let it be Priya...mujhe ye ring pehnake dikhayo...

Though she was hurt ..but tried to make her man happy she took it and trying to put it down..

With lots of hesitancy Ram asked .. may I help u..

Happily Priya gave it to him

Ram  took it and removed the old one..when he was removing.. his hand was brushed with her earlobe...Ram removed his hand asap.. But Priya's reaction gave him this message that .. Priya does not feel bad for it...only for this thought he did not hug her .. but when Priya reciprocated his touch..he took the control ...

He gently moving the jhumka..on her shoulder..and trying to feel her condition..

Priya was feeling it and telling him.. he  cant do this...may be he is feeling nervous ..so his hand is shivering...

Ram did not care about her complain ..he engrossed himself to tease his wife more by his action..and when he reached to the ear lobe..  Priya could not take more..she faced him..and found that Ram was giggling..

Ye Kya hai Mr.Kapoor...aapko majak soojh  raha hai... cant u feel my cond now...

Ram stopped his giggling and looked at her with full of love..

What cond Priya.. about what u r talking cant get u..

Mr.Kapoor..plz stop this torturing..its enogh main khud... but could not complete her sentence when she looked at Ram..she found lots of love for her  also with an unknown emptyness...may be the mptyness of past seven years .. and Priya knows only she can sooth him right now..she can feel the void..

Priya hugged him tightly...this time Ram also reciprocated it..as he wanted this move from Priya's side...once Priya was against this hug..he badly wanted it...

I love u Priya..he uttered in her ear..in a low voice but it was audible for Priya..

I love u too Mr.Kapoor..and I am sorry..

Ram broke the hug when he listened the sorry word from Priya..

Why r u ? I am Sorry..i did the mistake not u..  but aur nehi...is baar agar kuch huya to main mar jayu..

Priya kept her hand  to stop him.. Ram removed her hand...and went very close to her face that .. she could feel his breath on her face..and she tightly close her eyes...

Ram just  moving towards her to peck on her lips... but with his surprise Priya gave him more chance to continue.. ...

After few minutes they broke the kiss...

Ram looked at her.. Priya just hugged him..


They parted themselves..they were at changing room.. so they got the time to settle themselves...

Ha Peehu..kuch kehna hai...

Peehu looked at her father and then at her mother... she is old enough to understand  the situation..

Nehi wo aapse kuch mange aayi thi..but..ok main soumya chachi ( guys first I thought to put juhi's name here ..but not at all interested  and cv also gave us swt bonding of peehu and Priya so its enough..souma is far better..) se le leti hu... and went from there asap...

 Aap bhi na Mr.Kapoor..door lock nehi kar sakte hai kya..

 Are mujhe kya pata tha k peehu aane wali hai..

Phirbhi ...thorider  pehle aajati to..

Moving his tounge in his cheek ..he replied..to..kya bolo...

Ky yaar wo aapke beti hai..thorisi to dhyan rakhiye...

Priya..usdin jab wo Shammy k sath utni close dance kar rehi thi maine kuch kaha..

Are ye kya baat huyi.. may be Shammy is going to be her furture husband..aur..wo beti hai humari. to is mamle me dhyan to dena haina...

1st of all Priya Shammy may be her  would be husband..and we r husband wife...aur...use bhi nock karke ana chahiye thin na..

Ufff u r impossible..aapse kuch baat karna hi bekar hai ..and trying to move from there..

Ram clutched her wrist ..are Ring to pehenlo..

Badme...Peehu ko kya chahiye thi...puch leti hu...then..

Ok to rehne do.. rat ko celebrate karenge..then  kal subah firse gift kar dunga main jaise  22 years pehle kiya tha ..and winked at her..

I am sorry that I referred u Golu.. u r not at all..and went from r there ...leaving a satisfied husband,,whose happiness lying between his wife's smile...

 Tada dosto...fir milenge chalte chalte...





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Posted: 2013-12-15T22:14:16Z
Lovely os...
ram ji sachhi bilkul golu nhi haiWink
are wah raya ka romance joro shoro se chal rha haiEmbarrassed
haila raya ka kissShockedEmbarrassed
are yaar ye pihu haddi ko bhi abhi ana thaAngry
thanks for the pmHug
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Posted: 2013-12-15T22:25:39Z
nicely written :) golu ram. but naughty Wink
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Posted: 2013-12-15T22:32:03Z
Hahaha i jst lovd it... specially d last 4 lines of d os Tongue
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Posted: 2013-12-15T22:45:02Z
Superb OS
Thanks 4 pm!!!!
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Posted: 2013-12-15T23:34:45Z
just awesome
loved the way when ram teases priya
thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2013-12-16T00:33:44Z
Originally posted by Mini1991

Lovely os...
ram ji sachhi bilkul golu nhi haiWink
are wah raya ka romance joro shoro se chal rha haiEmbarrassed
haila raya ka kissShockedEmbarrassed
are yaar ye pihu haddi ko bhi abhi ana thaAngry
thanks for the pmHug

 haaaw jaanu aaj kal bohut jaldi aagaye ho

 thank u ji 
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Posted: 2013-12-16T00:35:18Z
Originally posted by sssabcd

nicely written :) golu ram. but naughty Wink
 thank u dear 

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