Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 12th December 2013

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th december'13 written update

Episode starts with mihir calling raman and ask about ruhi. he says she s fine now, mihir tells him not to come to office he will manage but raman said he s coming and cuts d call . raman sees ruhi sleeping and goes to near her. he smiles@ her and caresses her. but when he saw that black mole he gets angry and thinks about his wife (face s not shown). then he sees ishita's bracelate on bed and takes it.
ishita wakes up mihika . her amma is listening to their talks from door.Mr iyer sees this and ask what she s doing here. she said she want to know if ishita s talking abt raman .he ask her to leave them and make coffee for him.
   mihika s talking to some1 and cuts d call seeing ishita. ishita asks her what happend now a days she s very concerned n her dressing. she says its nothing.

mrs bhalla tells mr bhalla that tonight they all will go for movie so that raman and ruhi can spend some time together.rumi comes there nd ask abt rinki, mr bhalla said she s studying. rumi asks whats going on and he and mrs bhalla talks abt movies.raman greets rumi and then tells his dad that he want to talk with bhalla seems angry with raman and left without sayin anything.
raman s talking with mihir, ishita stops him and said she want to talk with him .he said I hav cleared ur fees, she said its abt ruhi. some ppl r taking sofas upstairs, so she stands near to raman and their hands touch . he ask her what she want to talk abt ruhi and tells it to his mom. he ask her to meet somewhere else so she says to meet n coffe shop near her clinic . he said he will meet her after an hour.
raman came to office . mihir s selecting bracelates frm a jeweler. Raman ask him why he need bracelates, mihir said its for his mom's friend. raman remember abt ishita's bracelate so told d jeweler to give him one . jeweler show him a bracelate and said its made for some1 special, he gets angry, mihir says there s noone special n his life. raman gets a call and leaves there to attend. mihir says to jeweler that raman s like his brother. if some1 special s there n his life then he ll knw abt it . and no one will come to his life again .
mrs bhalla scolds d maid to check clothes bfore washing them . she gets ishita's bracelate frm his pocket and shows it to mr bhalla. and says its a girl's and raman didnt told them abt it. ruhi comes there. mrs bhalla ask her howz her teeth now and how did her dad take care of her last night, ruhi said he took her n his arm and hugged her, then takes her to dentist. mrs bhalla prays to complete raman's family

mihir s waiting for some1. he sees some students unions and sees mihika. police come to arrest students. he saves mihika frm there, then its revealed that they r lovers .a cute conversation between them . she ask where s her gift . he give her bracelate and says he bought it frm his 3mnth's salary. she says she dnt want this but Delhi's chaat.he said she want 10rupees chaat instead f ths bracelate. she said fun to eat 10rs chaat together s special. he then ask her to marry him, she said but she hav to trust him first and they tease eachother. she says only ishita can support her. mihir said for him its raman. if they unite they can get married.

raman comes to coffee shop and waits for ishita. she comes there. he said u called me here and ur late . she said sorry and she need jst 5min. they ordered for coffees. he tells her to talk abt this to his mum. she says she knw ruhi's dadi and all loves ruhi . she s a very special kid and need care . more than her grandparents she need her parents. he s busy n his phone and not at all intrested n her talk.she continues that she could see pain n ruhi's eyes and she s very lonely. and dnt knw where s her mom..he gets angry and stops her and said ruhi s his daughter and he knw to take care of her, he didn't ask her abt her opinion. he s her dad and he ill manage.
ishita's mum came her clinic with her lunch and s talking with her sis saumya. she sees raman and ishita together and is very happy .
ishita gave money for her coffee, raman says he will pay . she said she didnt came there to hav coffee with him. ishita's mummy s spying on them . raman gives her bracelate saying its because ruhi broke her bracelate. she doesn't takes it. he said ur 5minutes r completed. she replies that even she s not intrested to talk him . and they leaves.

ishita's mum follows raman's car and reach at his office. she s happy to see his office . she ask for raman to receptionist. then she sees office head accountant Mr subbrahmaniam iyer. a funny scenes between them . and tells him she want to meet raman . mr subbu goes to raman's cabin and said a lady want to meet him and she said that her daughter's wedding s fixed with him . raman s confused and looks at mrs iyer through d Window. he wonder who s she and thinks that he hate lies. epis ends on him.

precap : raman is combing ruhi's hair . ishita s putting diyas infront of het house and looks at them
raman hears ishita's mom talking abt him and ishita and is shocked.

p.s : forgive for any mistake. ..
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thank u so much for d wu...
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Ishita ki mummy band bajaake ke hi chodegi LOL

Tfs for the written update!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 2013-12-12T19:02:17Z
^ Thanks much for the detailed WU dear! :D 
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Thanks so much for the WU. Embarrassed
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Ishita's Mom please stop playing Matchmaker.

Thanks for the update.
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Posted: 2013-12-13T03:57:50Z
thanks for the update mariyam
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