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Posted: 8 years ago
This was beautifully penned.  I love that time / era in Indian history and you described everything about it so well.  What a brave princess who stood up for her love!  I simply loved Payal and Shyam in this however brief their role was.   Of course our valiant hero who took the beating for his love was a real treat to read about.  
Posted: 8 years ago
Tere Karan Arjun aayege :P


Tere Karan Arjun aa gaye LOL

C, I read this sometime back and only today I got the chance to give a proper coherent comment (Mujhe sona hai! Cry)

I love history, especially so when it is well researched and the background is set perfectly and sprinkle ArHi magic on it and bam! It becomes a masterpiece!

This whole OS had an aura of grandeur and an old world feeling (I don't know how to express it in words Ouch) But the whole feel of this OS was such that when I started reading it, I was in the 17th Century and when I finished I was still there. It too me several moments to come out of that world only to grumble why was I pulled out so suddenly. Suddenly because yeh dil maange more Embarrassed

See, anyone would get mesmerized if he would remove his tunic like that and then get wet that would make anyone wet Wink I liked the fact that despite of being a princess, she did approach him, to be closer to him, to talk to him. I also liked the reality aspect you added to it - she didn't know who he was because that is how it is in a huge palace with too many people around Clap

And what a way to win over the heart of a princess - prowess on the 'battlefield' Kissi ka bhi dil aa jaaye aise mundey par Blushing and she being all bold was just too good! But then he knows that they belong to two different worlds when he lowered his gaze and stepped back addressing her with her true title. How true!

And his comment that she should be more careful had an underlying meaning to it because he knows the repercussions of such a scenario in which the elite falls for a simple man!

And then...sigh...you used...sigh...the diwali scene...sigh...sigh...some more sigh... Hayye. And finally in that moment he too gave in. And I applaud you for keeping Arnav in character. He is a warrior, he is always aware even though he may be otherwise occupied when he was alerted of someone's presence

Similarly, Khushi venturing out alone looking for Arnav is in perfect sync with her bold character which was seen throughout the story - be it her open affection for him or going down the dungeons on the eve of her wedding!

And finally one needs good friends and confidants in the palace and this time it came in the form of the couple Shyam and Payal - they may or may not face the consequences in aiding the escape of an 'offender' and the soon to be married princess but they showed where their loyalties lied by helping our dear couple.

Aise OSes likha kar Star
Edited by lazyleaves - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago

You know why I like your works Chaitu, because you do your research thoroughly before writing even a small fictional story - that makes your writing perfect. Nice story as usual, amazed with the details provided by it - I should come and ask you if I need details on any specific topic, because you not only present the details but in a way people want to read curiously and remember them all as much possible. Keep up the good work, all the best :)

Posted: 8 years ago
While i was reading the one thought that was playing on a loop in my mind was that Khushi is a Sarwaiya while Arnav was nothing, let alone a Raizada. The divide between them increased manifold by this treatment itself.

I was dreading an unhappy ending. Thank god it wasn't. Khushi's determination, Arnav's devotion, their love and Shyam and Payal's help ensured it Smile

Not only was the one shot very well written but also the attitude of the people of that age towards marriage of girls, the historical accuracy about such an alliance and the upheaval caused by Mughals added authenticity to the story.

The fact you Googled to get your background about the names, places and set up makes me want to salute you.

PS- Never thought of Payal and Shyam together...
PPS- Arnav Khushi and the payal scene is stamped on every IPK lover's heart
Posted: 8 years ago
very historical and beautiful love story with royal theme u have boosted the OS to a regal status
superb writing 
nice imagination 
Posted: 8 years ago
That was an absolute beauty and I am sorry for this late comment. 
Wow this OS was so wonderfully written and I loved the back drop of beautiful and colourful Rajasthan and I adore that song which went very well with the mood and the am of this story. 

Posted: 8 years ago
I have only one word for this Khushi - magnificent! Arnav is no fool to let go of this prize.He will cherish her and keep to his promises.
Congrats on completing a year - writing is a gift. 

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