Yeh Hain Mohabattein Written Update - 11th December 2013

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The Episode starts with Ruhi coming to ishita and taking the puppy with her..Ishita sees some plants fallen and takes care of them when Ruhi comes back upset and hugs Ishita. Ishita asks what happened and if she took photo of her dad with the puppy. They see Raman going.Ishita consoles her saying all fathers are the same.. Ishita comes inside the house and greets Bala and Vandu. Bala apologizes on his mom's behalf and also asks about Raman Kumar.. Ishita says a devil, he is not human, he is a terrible father.

Mrs. Bhalla calls Raman but he doesnt answer.. Mr. Bhalla asks her to be calm when she asks him to talk to Raman as he isnt worried about Ruhi.. Mr Bhalla asks her not to talk about Raman to him and they have an argument..Mrs. Bhalla gets angry and leaves.Mr Bhalla brings wine for her and cheers her saying it was his mistake.. they have a laugh and Mrs Bhalla asks him to control for Ruhi is sleeping

Raman comes home late at night and goes to Ruhi's room. He sees her sleeping but Ruhi is crying in her sleep. Raman sees her crying & asks what happened. She says I have pain in my tooth. He asks why did you not tell Dadi. She says she was sleeping.Raman comes to Mrs. Bhalla and tries to wake her up, but she is sleeping. Raman says I don't know where to go as I don't know the place. He calls helpline and gets Ishita's clinic address. Raman calls Ishita and he says my daughter needs help, please come soon. Ishita asks for name and address and realizes its Raman Kumar and its Ruhi who is in pain. Ishita says I will come there as soon as possible.

Ishita comes and treats Ruhi while talking to her..Ishita is telling Raman when he walks out and is seen talking to Mihir telling he cant finish project on time as Ruhi is in pain and he cant see her like that and that he will have to stay with her.. Mihir says he'll handle and asks if Ruhi knows how much he loves her.. Ishita sees Raman on phone and again makes a wrong impression of him.. Raman comes in and Ishita is questioning Raman about Ruhi but is busy on his phone and doesnt answer..

Amma sees Ishita missing in her room and wonders if she left to clinic for emergency.. Amma finds Raman's photo and also a note on which Raman's name and number is written and wonders if she's gone to meet him and if the matter is moving ahead.. Amma wondering what to do calls the clinic which Raman picks as Ishita is treating Ruhi.. Amma cuts the call happily thinking that it must be Raman but to confirm she calls on Raman's mobile saying she's calling from a bank but he asks if this is time.. Ishita says something and Amma hearing her voice cuts the call and thinks Ishita went to cure Raman's toothache and is happy..

Raman and Ishita leave from the clinic with Ruhi. Ruhi is crying. She says I don't want to sit in the car. He says how will I drive if you don't sit. Ishita takes Ruhi and says we are going to the same complex, so don't worry. Raman says what about your car. Ishita says it will be here, I will take it later. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays.. Ishita sits in his car with Ruhi and they leave

Mrs. Bhalla calls Rinki and asks where is Ruhi and Raman but rinki says she doesnt know.. Mrs. Bhalla sees the puppy outside the door and Amma comes to Muttu's rescue. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma have an argument again. Ishita and Raman hear them fighting. Raman says its my mum. Ishita says its my mum too. Ishita says be here till I take my mum inside. Raman takes Ruhi from her.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma to say her sorry. Amma says you should say sorry to Muttu. Ishita comes and asks Amma to end the fight. Ishita says sorry to Mrs. Bhalla. Amma asks did you go to the clinic. Amma agrees with Ishita so that she can know about Raman. Amma goes inside the house. Raman is waiting down. Amma asks Ishita where did you go. Ishita says I went to the clinic to help someone. Ishita signs Raman to come up. Amma sees Raman and gets happy. Amma does not see Raman with Ruhi. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays.

Ishita talks to Raman about Ruhi. She says Ruhi is a lonely child, I don't know about her mum. Raman says enough, I know how to manage my daughter. Ishita says I want you to... Raman says I don't want your advice.


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