9th Dec 2013 Written Update

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Posted: 2013-12-09T20:49:36Z
Bhalla family having lunch together. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is coming after so many days and I m keeping this jagrata only for him. Ruhi asks something to Rinki but she is busy and leaves without answering her. Mrs. Bhalla hides the wine and says there are so many guests at home, keep such things away. Mr. Bhalla says sorry. Ruhi comes to Mrs. Bhalla and talks about puppy, whether it floats or sinks. Mrs. Bhalla thinks she is talking about the dog. Mr. Bhalla says if it is small, it can sink. Ruhi gets worried. Rinki takes Ruhi with her. Ruhi is happy to see Ishita taking good care of the puppy.
Its night, Mrs. Bhalla is getting ready. Ruhi comes there and Mrs. Bhalla says your dad is coming today, he will be happy seeing you. Ruhi is happy. The jagrata starts and some guy comes on a bike. Everyone talk to him. He is Rummi and he eyes the ladies and walks. He greets the girls and introduces himself. Rummi and his gang are like men after girls. Rummi hugs Mrs. Bhalla. He asks where is Raman. Rinki says he might be on the way. The puja is done by Mrs. Bhalla.
Everyone say jai jai and the song of jagrata plays. Mrs. Bhalla introduces Ruhi to the guests syaing she is my Raman's daughter. She ties a red cloth to Ruhi's forehead and asks her not top remove it. Mrs. Bhalla says its tied to whom we love. Ruhi takes a similar cloth and goes to Ishita. She asks her to come with her. She ties the cloth to the puppy and says I wish the Lord takes care of you. Ruhi talks about her mum. Ishita looks at her.
Ruhi ties the cloth to Ishita too and blesses her. Ishita thinks how can that man be leaving his daughter lone and making his wife cry. Amma is getting disturbed by the jagrata sounds and is unable to see her tv. Rinki takes Mrs. Bhalla with her and says Rama is reaching soon. Mrs. Bhalla says go and ask the band people to start playing the band. Amma is irritated by the noise and thinks of doing something. Rinki asks the band people to start playing. She sees Raman. She comes to Mrs. Bhalla and says Raman did not come, he came. Mrs. Bhalla says who. The police comes there and asks everyone to stop playing the band.
Mrs. Bhalla thinks the inspector came to welcome Raman. The inspector asks them to stop the music, and says 10.30 is the deadline and your neighbors have complaint about you, stop all this now. Raman comes there and claps. Mrs. Bhalla and her family is happy to see him. Ishita is watching all this. Rama says I agree, its my parent's mistake. He says they are happy as I came after a long time, if you give me five mins, I have some important guests, your ACP. The inspector is shocked. He says is ACP really coming here. Raman says I don't lie.
The inspector says ok, carry on, do the puja, do the jagrata, play the music, its fine, I am going. Raman says fine, if you giving me permission, he gives him some money. The inspector leaves. Ishita sees Raman and is annoyed with what he did. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman did you call the ACP. Raman says I know him but I did not call him, I just manipulated the truth. She says it means you lied, why did you bribe him. Raman says money matters, everything can be changed by it. Ishita makes a opinion about Raman that money is everything for him, he is full of pride.
Mrs. Bhalla introduces Raman to her friends. She shows him the jagrata and people dancing in it. Rummi comes to him and hugs him congratulating him. (Rummi is Raman's brother) Ishita asks Ruhi to go and meet her dad. Ruhi is happy and asks Ishita to come with her and meet Raman. Ishita says later. Ruhi goes to Raman and falls. Ishita care for her and asks her to go slowly. Ruhi sees Raman and Ishita comes after her. Ruhi holds Raman's hand and smiles. Raman is happy to see Ruhi.
Raman says Ruhi and sits down to see her. Ishita smiles. Raman sees the mole on Ruhi's face and is annoyed. He stops loving her and Ishita watches them. He gets up and turns. Ruhi is after Raman but he leaves. Ishita thinks he is meeting his daughter as if he is meeting a stranger. Ishita is going to her clinic and meets Raman. She hears him talking on phone and sounding arrogant. Ishita says nothing is more important than an ill child, no one can see their child ill. Raman hears this and looks at Ishita. She leaves till then. She changes his opinion about his employee who was taking leave because of his ill child. Ishita turns and looks at Raman while he says their mentality can't match, never.
Raman meets Ishita in the morning and borrows her newspaper. Ishita looks at him while he leaves taking the newspaper.

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Posted: 2013-12-09T21:06:57Z
thankxx for WU..
loved 1st encounter of IshMan...
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^ Thanks a lot for the WU dear! Smile
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THankyou so much Smile
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Tfs fenil..

Cute Thank You

Sweet Thank You
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thanks for the lovely update fenil
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