OS- A few more Random Scenes..!

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OS- A few more Random Scenes..!



Hola dearies...Am back after soo many days with some more stupidity! *So jhelo ab*


 Hello guys I am here again..i know i am a silent one and very much rare here as u know Student so exam time stuck me..

but waiting for ur comments dearies 




After the birthday celebration...Ram n Priya come back to their Royal Green Room! They get changed into their night clothes...! And planning to sleep...Priya taking her pillow and duvet to the couch...Ram stops her... Priya...what happened just now you said everything is solved between us then...why this couch game once again??? Ram questioned her with a puppy face and twinkling eyes! Calmly she replies...Everything is solved but still we are not married Mr Kapoor and sharing the same bed...I dont think its okay...Please understand...!! Ram like a ziddi cute boy...Cmon Priya...we will get married soon...I promise kal hi hum mandir jaake shaadi karenge *_* But please yaar itni strict to mat bano...please please please... *winks* she keeps on looking at him... How could she say a no to him... Ok but on one condtion...



Condition??? Now what yar...Priya replies..you wont touch me...He opens his mouth but she cuts him short...Promise me Mr Kapoor ...Ok yaar...hadd hoti hai...ab chalo bhi...bhot neend aa rahi hai...



Later in the night...Ram is in deep slumber...And Priya has not slept yet...! She keeps on looking lovingly at her Mr Kapoor..who is at the extreme point of the bed !!! He turns to her side..and his hand touches hers...her heart skips a thousand beats...! But she doesnt remove her hand...bites her lower lip and closes her eyes!!




Scene-2After the party gets over Ram and Priya come back to the GreenRoom...After changing...Ram asks her...to hum ab bed pe so sakte hain na...! Priya replies...did I say that..I mean...mera gussa thoda thanda hua hai aapki sazaa nahi *uff* aap neeche soyenge and main couch pe...! And she rolls her eyes...! Ram keeps on looking at her...what is wrong with you Priya...theek hai jaao so jao waha main neeche hi sounga.. *aww*



She tries to stop him...areey I was kidding Mr Kapoor..Hum bed par soyenge... *dies* but golu had already taken his on the floor...! But main mazaak nahi kar ra...tumhe tumhara couch mubaarak ho..! Good night...He shuts his eyes tightly... Priya murmurs...I know how to handle you Mr Kapoor... She too goes on the floor and slips besides him...He opens his eyes...and is dead surprised to see her so close to him! Aise aankhein faad faad ke kya dekh rahe hai...and keeps her head on his shoulder!! Am too sleepy...good night Ram... His lips curl for a smile ...Hmm good night! He covers her with the duvet...and dozes off!!!



Scene-3(How I wish something like this was shown)



Its Pihu's birthday..Priya goes to wish her...! At the door she sees her angel standing in front of the wardrobe deciding on what to wear in the morning...! Tip toed Priya enters the room... She keeps her hand on her shoulder...Pihu turns around...Mumma...Happy birthday Princess... *teary eyed* Priya wishes her..Pihu is surprised to see her mumma there to wish her...she has been missing this from the past 7 long years ! Thanks Mumma...thank you so much..She hugs Priya..Main apni Pihu ko sabse pehle wish karna chahti thi jaisa main humesha karti thi.. Pihu gets *senti* pata hai mumma har saal papa mujhe sabse pehle aake wish karte the...!! Fir hum dono ek sath aapse milne hospital aaya karte the...A lone tear escaped Priya's eyes..Ab mumma aa gyi hai na...she places her hand on her cheek..Han mumma am so happy today...Priya smiles to bata Pihu aaj mumma se kya gift chaiye...



Promise karo mumma you will give me whatever I ask for..Tu maang to sahi...meri pihu 7 saal baad haq se kuch maangegi...mujhe to dena hi hai..Pihu speaks..Please forgive papa..please muma..He loves you so much he has always loved you...Wo kabhi juhi maa se shadi nahi karna chahte the..but I couldnt see him in so much pain...I forced him for the marriage...Doctors said you wont come back to us...He was all broken mumma upar se Naina ki custody...Agar sazaa deni hai to mujhe Dijiye mumma...but papa never did anything to hurt you...Please forgive him...Priya had nothing to say...Main janti hu tere papa mujhse kitna pyar karte hain..par Pihu...sab kuch..Pihu cuts her...mumma please you Promised me...Main koshish karungi Pihu..! Shaayad kar bhi rhi hu...dheere dheere things will come back to normal...she assures her...Theek hai mumma..but always remember...aapke bachon ki khushi aap dono ko sath mein dekhne mein hi hai..



Aur tere mumma papa ki khushi..tumlogo ko khush dekh ke hai...Both hug...!!!







One Fine Morning...At the dining table all are gathered for breakfast...Ram and Priya are sitting next to each other..!!Priya's spoon falls down...She bends down to pick it up!!! (Ab Hook aa sakta hai to ye to aa hi sakta hai *_*) Ram holds her hand...!!!! *thud* and pretends to focus on his food...! Priya looks at him and rolls her eyes...Kya hua Priya he asks her naughtily...Kuch nahi Mr kapoor...Hmm...okay...! *Chodiye na Raam* she whispers...! Kuch kaha tumne..! The chillars and juhi sid look at Priya... Priya nods a no...nahi to I didnt say anything ...Kya baat hai Priya aaj Breakfast mein tumhara man nahi lag raha...any problem...! He grins broadly! Juhi smells something fishy *wacko* she coughs..Sid immediately gives her water *kill me plz* I beg of you Mr Kapoor...! He smiles and leaves her hand...!!! She mimes a thank you...!!



Mazaa hi aa gya aaj to Breakfast ka... *very tasty* he winks at Priya!





The end...to my stupidity!!! As always joota tamaatar patthar daaru bottle andaa all more than welcomed!!!!Amrit

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Posted: 2013-12-07T06:20:13Z
good scene was well written ClapClapClap
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Posted: 2013-12-07T06:49:15Z
Awww Beautiful scenes .. Amrit .. you should write more often .. :) :) :)
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Posted: 2013-12-07T07:34:53Z
cute and lovely scene want to see these scene in balh
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Posted: 2013-12-08T18:11:28Z

what ever u say to it ur stupidity or anything else but i really liked it a lot it was really nice & intersting to watch I enjoyed it a lot dear was really sweet & cute small updates... do write more if possible...
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Posted: 2013-12-08T20:53:53Z
NIce one...I was expecting os after the friday scene...thanks
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Posted: 2013-12-09T05:09:19Z
hehehehe awsome amtittt... 1 2 scene jst awieeeLOL

scene 3 : kaash aisa hota Shocked mai bhi aisa scene dekhne ke liye taras gayi hu Unhappy bt
hamari pihu Angry

scene 4:  thud thud.Blushing.jarur hogaDay Dreaming

all over again good job Hug
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Posted: 2013-12-09T07:54:36Z
Aww so sweet..beautifull scenes Amrit.. Big smile
Thank u
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