5th Dec 2013 WU

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Posted: 2013-12-05T21:21:10Z
Amma coming home from the market and seeing the puppy. She asks what is this doing in our house. Ishita says relax, he won't do anything. Amma says this animal can't stay in my house. Ishita convinces Amma and tells her about the consequences that can happen if she drops the puppy on the road. She says I will do anything if you keep this at home. Amma says yes, fine and makes Ishita agree to her. Ishita says you want me to wear punjabi suit tomorrow in the function. Amma says yes, we have to listen to me.
Mrs. Bhalla is making the arrangements for the Barbeque party. She asks where is Ruhi. Ruhi is with Ishita keeping a name for the puppy. Ruhi asks do you know my Papa. Ishita says yes. Ruhi asks when will he come. Ishita says did he not tell you, don't worry, I will find out and tell you. Ishita asks her to go home now. Ruhi leaves. Ishita smiles seeing her and thinks about Mrs. Bhalla's words about Raman's website.
Mr. Iyer comes to know that Mrs. Bhalla needs the keys of the terrace as they have a party. Amma says its our terrace, they always spoil the terrace, we won't give. Amma sees Ishita surfing on the computer. She says maybe Ishita likes some guy's profile, so she is checking the website. Amma gives the keys of the terrace saying I m giving this as I m very happy for my daughter. Amma takes the puppy for a walk. Ishita smiles.
Ishita sees Raman's profile. Mrs. Bhalla and her guests are on the terrace having a party. They have a laugh together and Mrs. Bhalla asks everyone to eat food. Amma comes back home and the puppy runs upstairs. The puppy spoils the Bhalla party and eats the food. Mrs. Bhalla sees Amma and says so this dog is yours. Amma says yes. Mrs. Bhalla says we are having a party. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue a lot infront of the guests.
Ishita hears their arguments and goes upstairs. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla gets into a heated argument. Mrs. Bhalla taunts Amma about Ishita's broken proposals. Ishita and Mr. Iyer are shocked. Amma says how dare you tell this about my daughter. Ishita says let them say, don't talk to them, come with me, calm down. Mrs. Bhalla says they have spoiled my party. Amma is angry as Mrs. Bhalla has hurt Ishita. She comes to Ishita and sees she slept.
She sees Raman's profile on the computer and says Raman Kumar, CEO. She likes the profile. She says I don't know who you are but the Bhallas have insulted and laughed on my daughter, Ishita got interest in you, once Ishita's proposal is fixed, I will throw the wedding card on Bhalla's face. Amma says tomorrow is a important day, I will take Ishita in a changed avatar.
Amma calls her sister Soumya and talks to her. She asks her that what is CEO's post in a company. Soumya says yes. Amma asks about CEO's salary, what will it be like 5 lakhs or so. She says I will talk to you later with complete details. At some place, a puja is being done. A couple talks about Ishita coming here. They talk that we hope he is not coming. The man says he won't come, he is in Chennai. Mr. Iyer sees Amma and says did you talk to your sister. Amma gives him coffee. He says I think you were nervous. She says there will be many people and our Ishita.
Ishita comes there and hears Amma talking. She says Amma, we are going to Akka's house. Its ok with me, really. She says lets go, else it will be late. Amma leaves the tap open and leaves from the house.
Amma, Mr. Iyer and Ishita come in the function. They are shocked to see Ishita in punjabi dress and says you are looking good. Ishita's jiju talks to Ishita and says you are looking beautiful. He jokes with her and makes her smile. Ishita asks where is Akka. Ishita tickles him and they laugh. He says I like the change. His son Shravan comes and Ishita hugs her. Akka comes and hugs Ishita. She asks are you fine. He says she is looking awesome. Akka says I have much work, take care of Shravan.
Mrs. Bhalla invites guests as she is keeping jagrata tonight at her house. She says I m keeping this for my son and I won't let anything go wrong. Rinki comes with Mrs. Bhalla's brother and his wife and meets Mrs. Bhalla. They ask when is Raman coming. Mrs. Bhalla says he will reach tonight. Mrs. Bhall is shocked to see the water on the floor.
Mrs. Bhalla gets irritated by the Iyer family and thinks they have left the tp open purposely and she won't let the jagrata spoil tonight.

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Posted: 2013-12-05T21:30:14Z
Divyanka looks so different and yet as pretty as BMTD
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Posted: 2013-12-05T23:52:14Z
Big smile  Thank You So Much  Big smile
Big smile  Big smile  Big smile So Shruti Bapna Makes Her Entry, Really Nice And Good To Watch Her Embarrassed Embarrassed Wink LOL 
 Big smile  Big smile  Big smile  Good  Big smile  Big smile  Big smile 
Big smile Big smile Big smile   Big smile Big smile  Going  Big smile   Big smile Great Big smile   Big smile   Big smile

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Posted: 2013-12-06T00:09:37Z
^ Thanks much for the WU dear! Smile
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Posted: 2013-12-06T03:12:16Z
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Posted: 2013-12-06T05:09:17Z
thanks for the update fenil
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