Second Hand Jawaani #28(Members Only) Mission Moving On

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Posted: 8 years ago
THIS page is reserved for the SHJ cc!

For stalkers...
The hot man above is AR...oh No! Not Arnav Raizada  but Altaaf Raaja exclusively for YOU,,,,,,singing out "tum tu tehre pardesi, saath kya nibhaoGAY"Silly

For the Members, the above  hot pic indicates that  " This thread is going to be about MOVING ON, i.e from one Hotwa to another Hotwa"ROFL 

Yep ,,,as i promised long ago to Beena,,,I had to come back to open this thread. But its worth your attention!

"Every time I walk away there's always something that reminds me I should stay" - unknown

Yes  when we bump into any kind of  Dori,,,,sigh,,,,

it reminds us of ..Ouch

The following pic may remind u of the device used by the great...boohooCry

When you witness something n utter...

(btw,,,,their entire career they did that! LOL)

and certain stupid jokes ...

Santa: Jalebi Bech Raha Tha Magar Keh Raha Tha
"Aalu Le Lo Aalu".

Banta Bola Yeh Jalebi hai.
Santa : Chup ho Ja Warna Makkhiyan Aa Jayengi.

Reminds you of certain special sweet..

and you go all emotional & sentimental!!!!

whoa,,,,,then I am afraid my dear! You need help!

So...TIPS to move ON!

Do's and Don'ts

Do not watch VMs
Do not read FFs
Do not watch re-runs
Do not use the word "Hamesha"

you can try and change the spelling ...ermmm like it would remind you of something else

Never watch or listen to these two songs


Now we shall also try a little therapy!

Very very important for Mission "Move On"

When you come across the word "HOTWA"

try to think about something else or try to relate it to real hot stuff!

like...Hot Dogs,,being grilled on a hot grill

I mean, thats really an innovative grill!LOL Chee  dirty minds,,,thats food! Dead

like this is a SALAD!

or may be the real Hotwas of Bollywood!

Now all that must really lead to the combustion of emotions and rub away the Rabba ve

Not yet?

Try this!!

The man of Expressions!

Oh no!  don't be scared! RELAX! Gehri Saans lo!

now do u think ke kuch log ho, ya na ho,
kuch karo , kuch kaho,,
humien issey koi farq nahi padhta!

This is how we all have moved on...

Thus few things are impossible in life
like smiling wide without showing your teeth
So don't even try it!

So u can smile and cherish all the 32s you have been blessed with

Before you all and mods catch hold of me,,,I am just going to

Verdict: chap gaya hai dil pe , ab nai mitsakta,,,,,

So after  one whole year with out this man in action, with out our Arnav &  Khushi, with out our dear show how much did you move on?

Priya ( Honeypriya)
Kalpana (smashitup)
Shweta (Shwetachauhan)
Anjali (Nandalala)
Suvi (amisuv)
Anu (Mouramen)
Archana (arch_nat1112)
Ishii (Ishii99)
Subha (subiscs)
Maddy (Sunshine80)
Khushi (jakhushi)
Soni (soni.b)
Nishita (Nishita)
Sejal (sejket2)
Sudha (sudhanya)
Shalu (Shybabe)
Zoha (ultimatebarun)
Gandhari (ganbarunfan)
Divya (Divi1503)
Beena (beena14)

Now seriously no more extra members ...sorry to be rude but we have to make this place sweet and small...more the merrier will not work Wink ROFL

Not required LOL



Keep it healthy. There is a difference between a discussion and a fight. Which brings me to bashing. No bashing. None at all. If you don't like someone/something, stay away from it, bashing/insulting will not be tolerated at any cost!

- This thread is invites only. So if you're not invited, it means you cannot post here. Violation of this rule will lead to your being reported.

- Do not leak the personal details of any member, anywhere without their explicit permission. A member talks about personal stuff with a certain amount of trust, don't violate it.

- Read the IF code of conduct and abide by it. Also read the guidelines of this forum and stick by them, to make this thread peaceful.

- Any problem with anything related to this thread or the club...PM me without any 
hesitation...I will look into the matter myself...asap!!!!

Do remember have fun and make this thread as active as possible with all the crazy antics that we do at the crooners...
bas jagah badli hain...pagalpan nahin


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Posted: 7 years ago
will be back crazy sweet girl you Hug

"You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation;

 trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you

 can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the f**k on." 

Tupac Shakur

A big thank You for opening the cc Hug   I know you have moved on and sympathize with the agony you had to go through to come up with this ROCKING CC.LOL First in foremost sweetheart hats off kya topic chun  ke nikala  Clap 

The subject , material top notch ...never liked hot dogs so will not miss them ek hi kafi hai LOL Now salad is another story penning down my thoughts will definitely be cc closure will discuss privately. Stalkers ke liye bhi gift , seriously you have moved on LOL

IPK ki ek alag hi duniya hai ...for me this was it don't think any show will come close to what IPK meant to me. I have moved on for sure you know that right Wink

Hubby got me a MAC PRO ...missing the expert today , Anjali wish you could tutor me.I am lost ConfusedOuchhave no idea how to post a gif Ouch  G , ka dimag khaliya kaal LOL Oh well ...

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Posted: 7 years ago
Zo I really move on from being one of these

disney (5688) Animated Gif on Giphy

 for this guy ...

to  your delectable AR, and your other Notwas, oops I mean Hotwas...
and some other ones Dead  on TV/ BW 

I tried ..

excited (1172) Animated Gif on Giphy

but it came out more like...

so after long  year long introspection, dissection, remote-action ...
just accepted the self-prescribed therapy :
 get up every morning...
open laptop...
google "Barun Sobti" or " IPKKND" 
click on images, browse through the images ...
and open in another tab...
play with Barun..
the edit features...
upload it in photobucket...
browse through library...
Day Dreaming

I accepted  the diagnosis of chronic and incurable disease: 
once a Barun fangirl is going to be a  Barun fangirl ...
Himesha...( see I'm trying LOL)

Great job Hun!! Clap It took me a while to control my laughing after reading your post and stop the tummy acheLOL. You're so creative and an original thinker.

p.s you officially spoiled hot dogs and salad for me.EmbarrassedROFL
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Posted: 7 years ago

MOVING ON ko itna HOT and Sizzling banaayegi karke...I never thought

Altaaf...Himesh...Sexy Shakti n Ranjith...

hain mein kis kis ko naa dekhooLOL

And upar se grilling and salad

Humneih bunbun ke izzat kamaayi SHJ ka...and tune uska phaluda banaadiyaLOL...
u can only come up with such a thing and say we cannot move on..ROFL

About me moving on

This is my condition and conclusion I came up with is
I love to stay where I am...zindagi mein isse jyaada kya chaahiyeLOL...starts and ends with below


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Posted: 7 years ago
Res for shy Heart

When the pro makes a I really need to say anything...Embarrassed HATS OFF!!

Shy luvs you ZoHug

I apologize hun..I couldn't be here...sooner...I know I need not explain...u know everything...but my activity here has reduced drastically...I don't know when I will start feeling good..

As for moving on...I think I have done a great jobLOL...this thread will definitely do itLOL

The biggest problem...for me is laughing at the humor...LOL so my stitches hurt...I can't are one of the most brilliant girl I have known...your wittiness and sense of one can even come close...of always there with you...LOL

But, you have changed the concept of hotdogs for me...LOL...HIMESHAA!!LOL

And those pics of Ranjit and Shakti KapoorROFL...where on earth did you find it...I have to take more than 2 get rid of that image from my headLOL

Hello to all my sisters here...Apologize..haven't been here for a long long time...I need to get and feel better before I make my frequent visits here again...

Hugs to allHug

Edited by beena14 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago

OMG...OMG...OMG...just a brief glance n I see ranjit n shakti posing...zoi only u darlin...OMG cannot wait to read the whole post...will come back later...LOLLOLLOL
Posted: 7 years ago
WOW!!Clap Clap Clap Zoha di! u r awesome!

My first reaction after seeing the very first pic:

N abt moving on,I'm trying

It's already been an year! 
sad batman

Posted: 7 years ago "Face of The Year" (Male) & The Winner Is...

Here Is The Result Of The Poll Conducted By "Face Of The Year" on 23rd Nov-1st Dec 2013, In This Time Frame Of 7 Days We Received Around 550,000 Votes Including Votes From All Four Platform - Twitter, Facebook,Mail & Website...And the Winner With 117543 Votes In None Other Than Your Very Own Barun Sobti Aka Arnav Singh Raizada ... Yes You Heard It Right Barun Sobti Grab The Title Of "Face Of The Year" Followed By Dashing Eijaz Khan Aka Vikrant   (Punar Vivah-2) With 89021 Votes...

But Not To Forgot That We Have 5 Popular Faces This Year As "Face Of the Year"... & Now The One Who Is The Cool Dude Of Indian Television & Who Succeed To Grab 3rd Position In Our List & He Is None Other Than Your Own Viren Ji Aka Karan Tacker With 36098 Votes . But Our List Doesn't End Here You Must Be Wondering Who Are In 4th & 5th Position, So Not Taking You Much Time Revealing Our 4th & 5th Position Winner .

In Our 4th Position Is None Other Than Gautam Rode Aka Saras ,We Here Want To Mention That Gautam Got Maximum Votes From Our Neighborhood Country Pakistan.Gautam Got 34587 Votes

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So At Last We Here Want To Thanks All Our Reader Who Voted For Their Fav. Celebs & Want's To Congratulate All Top 5 Winners.

-Anjali Mallik

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