Yeh Hain Mohabattein Written Update 3rd December 2013

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The Episode starts with a devotional song playing. Ganesh idol is shown and a devotional song plays in the background.. It is a fresh morning and the Mandirs and the Kali Mata idols are shown. Lightning strikes and Ishita(the female lead) narrates a story about Krishna. Animated story is shown in the scene. She narrates the story while it plays on her tv, she does this to distract a little boy so as to remove his falling tooth  morning 5am. The boy's mum thanks her for giving her time. Mr Iyer sees the junk thrown outside the door of his neighbour. His wife prays and does a puja.

His wife talks about the newspapers telling that it is great. Ishita's dad tells her that Ishita went at 5 am to care about a boy. She replies that she always asks Ishita to switch off her phone and sleep, but people keep troubling her. Meanwhile,Ishita talks to the little boy sweetly. The lady tells her that she is very good with kids and asks her how many she has. Ishita says many, as who ever comes to her are her's. She gets her mother's call  just then. Amma(mother in tamil) asks her if she forgot that they had to go see someone about her horoscope. Ishita tells her that she would be coming home soon..

Just then,Ishita bumps into someone's car and is tensed. Mrs. Bhalla,a neighbour I guess, comes there and asks her to give her Rs. 16000 cash  for damaging her car. Ishita is about to pay but her mother comes there and argues with Mrs Bhalla for having parked her car wrongly. Ishita pacifies them and pays the amount.She reminds her mother about their meeting and makes Haldi milk for her.. Her mother asks her to recite the Gayatri mantra and not be nervous. Ishita calms her down and says that this is not the first time they are going ..Her mother asks them to get ready soon.

Someone rings the bell just then and Mr. Iyer gets annoyed with the Bhalla family who are his neighbours. It is night, the Iyer family reaches the Parichay Sammolan event venue and Ishita fills the form. Ishita gets dressed in a traditional saree . Amma asks her to go and wait for her upstairs. Mr. Iyer says that Ishita is doing the right thing and asks her to fill the form completely and not hide anything. The announcements begins and it is about unmarried people meeting each other on this platform and getting married. Some men give their information on the stage. Ishita and Amma see Mrs. Bhalla at the venue and thinks maybe she came here for herself. They gossip about her. Amma says that she thought she saw her husband.

Amma adds that she doubt on her character because she (Mrs Bhalla) hadnt dressed properly ! Ishita laughs seeing her. Mrs. Bhalla gets up and goes to the podium and says that she is wanting a bahu for herself. Amma is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says my son lives in Mumbai and he is a divorcee and he will shift to Delhi soon. She gives some information about him and says he is a successful businessman and he is a CEO. She adds that he is very handsome and praises her son a lot. Raman's introduction scene is shown next while Mrs. Bhalla is talking about him on the stage. She tells the crowd that she wishes to find a girl for him. 

Mrs. Bhalla taunts Amma indirectly by saying that they do not want their neighbour's daughter. Next comes, Ishita's turn. Amma and Mr. Iyer wishes her all the best. Ishita gives her information on stage and tells them that she is a dentist belonging to a middle class family, her dad is retired and she works well.. Meanwhile,Amma sees Mrs. Bhalla eating non veg.. 

A guy meets Ishita and talks to her saying I think we have many things in common. Amma tells him about Ishita's horoscope. The guy asks Ishita if she believes in love at first sight. Ishita says no. He says that he does after having seen her. Ishita tells him that I want to tell you something. Amma and Appa smile seeing them. Ishita is happy. Amma gets a call just then and after attending to the call,tells Ishita that the horoscope people said that their kundlis are not matching, so there is some problem. Ishita replies that she did not attach her kundli with the form  but she told him what her mother did not write in the form. Amma is shocked.

Appa says that it is a good thing that she wrote the truth. Amma says I thought this would not matter. Ishita says its not a small thing that she cannot become a mother ever, no one can ignore this hence no one can love herOuch. She says Subbu loved me and since she(her mother) herself said that they are made for each other so no one can separate them but he could not accept this truth. She rues that she cannot expect this from someone else and adds that she only goes to these functions for your happiness. She continues that she can live her life alone and that marriage is not necessary.

Ishita is on the way to home. She sees a small puppy in the middle of the road and sees a little girl going to save it. She tries to stop the girl and asks her to move back. She sees a car coming towards the girl and saves the girl and the puppy. Many people gather there. Some people praise Ishita and thinks she is the girl's mother. They ask her if she is.. Ishita looks on and smiles. She tears up thinking about Amma's words and thinks her words were true and she met the girl who felt as if she was her own daughter.

Raman meets someone and says that he is thinking of going back to Delhi.

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Posted: 2013-12-03T11:27:38Z
Thanks a lot for the WU, Abhi! :D 
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Posted: 2013-12-03T11:31:24Z
Thanks for update Abhi!
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Posted: 2013-12-03T11:32:21Z
I loved the first episode...

It was simply love at first sight for Ishu... Hope daddy agrees too..! ;)
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Posted: 2013-12-03T12:01:01Z
thanks for the WU ..will catch the repeat soon Smile
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Posted: 2013-12-03T12:07:13Z
abhi good to c u here..Hug...lovely update for 1st epi..Thumbs Up

heres my take on aaj ka epi,vich i just posted in another thread too...

i must say INTERESTING beginning EK managed to do with THE FIRST SCENE..i ws surprised as to y begin a show with a cartoon show n tht too Lord Krishna's birth story?but by the time epi ended i completely understood.. Ishita had said at the end of the cartoon show to lil kid tht not just Krishna ws born BUT two mothers were also born... Ruhi is goin to be Krishna and Ishita is goin to be  Yasoda and v saw the by the last scene of todays epi itself..StarStarStar...

The base is set..families r at loggerheads...leads r also goin to be at Ruhi is THE link which is gonna bind all these..

When Ishita's mom said as per astrology someone will come to her life today n she will literally giv her life to tht... I thought oh Karan's entry... but wow EK took me by ws Ruhi's entry and Ishita did put her life at stake for a moment...And tht SHEER HAPPINESS Ishita had when she touched Ruhi's face by rememberin her mom's words-that ws THE BEST MOMENT of aaj ka epi for me...ClapClapClap...

so lik ALWZ EK managed to give good start to her new show lik she did with YHM..Big smileBig smile...

waitin for Raman-Ishita first meet...Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2013-12-03T13:57:14Z
Good Episode... thank you Abhi Hug
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Posted: 2013-12-03T14:09:39Z
Thanks Abhi for the WU , seems its a good start , going to watch it now 
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