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Hi friends, 
I am trying here to write a Os , This OS will contain different scenes, it will have element of fun and laughter in it...it too contains the touch of jealousy of love. But again I've written it in one go and didn't read it myself so sorry for all spelling and grammatical mistakes.
Hope you all enjoy reading and give your views on same.
Thank you Big smile    


SCENE - 1 - Page - 1

SCENE - 2 - Page -5

Scene - 1

All kids demanded for dinner so every one at KM went for dinner, Priya denied first but on insistent from maa and dadi she also went along with other but with no heart at all. She was between her family member but still she is feeling alone. Good music playing at the dance floor and sammy asked all kids to hit the dance floor. Ram sees priya expectingly . Kids went for dancing, some time later vikram neha too went and also taken Sid Juhi along with them on the dance floor. Now Ram and priya are alone sitting on the table. Ram steeling glances at her and then sees all are enjoying on dance floor...he started the conversation between them and asked her to look at dance floor that all are enjoying themselves...priya is sitting straight and not looking at him and still avoiding the conversation, still ram did not left his tries and continually talking her about small small things and silly things. She is still avoiding the talk between them. Ram gathers the courage and in smiling cutely, when he going to raise his hand towards priya for asking her for dance, suddenly from somewhere a charming and handsome man walks up to her and asked her whether he can have dance with her, Ram face becomes straight and he looks at priya and then angrily at that man thinking how dare he asked his wife for dance. In mean time priya said no to the man, first she thought to give the man answer that she is with her husband but then suddenly remind that they are no more husband and wife , this thought pierced and break her heart once more and controlling her emotions she just said 'No',    but that stranger again insisted her for the same and asked her for dance, this time Ram gave him the answer that he is talking to his wife while he was feeling a tinge of jealousy in his heart, priya straightly looks towards ram for what he said ' wife'...when the relationship is no more and he himself broke it...this thought made her more hurt and angry, She looks at the stranger and told him that she is single, Ram instantly looks at her all shocked. Man looks at her and his eyes fell on her Mangal Sutra and sindoor and he understood that ram is saying correct , he smiles and understood that the wife is angry with Mr. husband, he said sorry to both of them and for disturbing them. He wishes them good luck for happy married life. Again priya's anger grew and she said him in her sternly voice 

Priya : I told you I am Single...

Ram again looks at her all shocked and angry and not believing what she is saying...he was irritated...

Stranger( he smiles at both of them ) : I have just asked you for the dance...ok..if you are single then...can I have a dance with you...( he tries make the situation relax and funny)    

Ram ( in anger and irritating tone) : I told you she is my wife...

Stranger looks at priya...and smiles a little enjoying the battle between husband and wife...

Priya gives a small glance at Ram and looks at stranger ...

Priya ( still in anger but not showing it and her eyes showing her hurt of heart ) : Ex- husband...

Ram ( looks at priya all shocked ) : What...

Priya ( smiles a little in her anger and looks at stranger ) : I'm single...

Stranger ( offering his hand to her) : then dance... 

This priya agreed to him in her anger and gives her hand in his only to show ram her anger.

Ram ( He knows that she is purposely doing it in her anger, just to show him, In irritating tone and controlling his anger ) : Priya stop it...I'm telling you...its...between us...we are divorced , that doesn't mean you will do such foolishness...

Priya ( looking straightly in ram's eyes wile her own eyes are in anger, controlling her anger in her voice ) : Mujse pooch kar liya tha divorce? 

Ram ( still in irritating tone and controlling his anger ) : Priya please...we will marry again...but now don't create any scene.

Pirya ( in anger mood ) : It's my wish now , what I'm want to do, I'm free bird now...( she smiles in her anger giving sarcastic look to him ) 

 They both don't know when the stranger left the two love birds fighting and gone. 
Ram ( hearing priya this he is more angry on her ) : You are still my wife...and we will marry again soon...you are a free bird but still my wife ...don't cross your limits for creating foolishness...

Priya ( still angry and sarcastically smiles at him ) : Ohh...you want to marry again that too with me...well Mr. Kapoor I have no mood to do so, I'm enjoying my single hood...and it's my wish that I want to marry you or not ok...( she again gives her angry smile to him ) 

Ram ( he grins at her, In defending tone which contains element of ordering) : Well...when I've not asked you for divorce then why should I ask you for our marriage...its clear that we will get marry again...( he comes closer to her as he holds her left arm and pulls her towards him so that she faces him, they both look into each other's full of lovely anger red eyes, while grinning at her and whispers ) chahe tum chao ya na chaho...but we will get marry... ( In his clear cut tone and making her understand) : You are mine only mine and don't ever forget that...   

Note : Guys, I have thought the thought the situation till here only, but if you want me to continue then may be I can. Till then enjoy reading this.Big smile


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yaar i am shockedShocked itna achha kaise likti hoooLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL really.. i wanted similar scene and u give ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

i am just loving it i wish ram drags prya while other are busy and kidnap her in car and get married kitna achha hoga ram ne biwi ki uthakar(toda muskil hain par na mumkin to nahi naaWink just imagine ram scooping priya and taking in car kitna mazaa ayega) bagakar lekar gaya and got married.. priya will says  nahi karoongi and ram will say agar nahi karogi to kud javoonga in well and she will say omg poor well will get damaged and water all out and ram kisses herWinkWinkWinkWinkWink

liko jaldi jaldi likoooLOLLOLLOL

loved priya and ram fighting convo mujkar poochkar divorce liya kyaaaLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL wahi too ram agar poochkar divorce nahi liya too jaldii bina pooche shaadi karlo naaWinkWinkWinkWinkWink kitna mazaa ayegaa

continue soon ClapClapClapClapClapClap u r an wonderful excellent writerClapClapClapClap ek aur baat ye juhi and sid ko kahin dooor africa wale honeymoon bejdo na LOLLOLLOLLOL taki wo log kabhi bhi wapas na aye in raya life btw naina ko bhi bejdoo LOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 2013-12-02T07:16:37Z
nice update
continue soon
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2013-12-02T07:21:57Z
very well written...!!Clap

contn soon...!!!
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Posted: 2013-12-02T07:28:01Z
I really loved this concept of conv WinkLOLand Priya's anger and the strangerROFL...too goodTongue continue soonDay Dreaming Edited by anupam_dil - 2013-12-02T07:22:38Z
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Posted: 2013-12-02T08:20:19Z
I m liking their fighting part so much dev, I think should continue funny lovely anger wala fight loveLOLLOLLOL
In dono k jhagde khtam honge tabhi teesre ko chance milegi na, iss janam me toh in dono ko hi time kam pad rha hai jhagdne k liyeLOLLOL
Continue fight, happy fighting tom n jerry
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Posted: 2013-12-02T08:37:17Z
it is nice enjoying raya fight continue
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Posted: 2013-12-02T09:48:32Z
Superb job
love RAYAs sweet nokjhok
please continue
and thanks 4 pm
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