Os : How Pihu's truth will come out....

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Hi guys,

This is a imaginary work that I'm presenting here and an idea of how Pihu's truth will come in front of Ram and every one, a small guess of how pihu's truth will come out and what will be Ram's reaction after that. Guys this write up, I have written it in one go and posted here , in fact I my self have not read it even once, so I am sorry for all spelling and grammatical mistakes; also because I have to finish this OS in one go that's why I have not properly written it with dialogues but just presented a rough idea that how the bitter truth will come out.
Hope you all like this and enjoy reading and give your comments on the same...
Thank You...Big smile    

Priya will come to know the truth of pihu's marriage and that how it's had been called off. She will come to know the exact and true reasons of breaking of marriage that pihu herself asked her friend to say such things to manmeet so that he himself will call off the marriage. 

Priya will be hurt to know that pihu has lied to her father also and broke his trust also when he himself doesn't know about this. She will get angry on pihu that 7 years back she broke her trust and now she has broke her fathers trust and is fooling him also, this thought will enrage her anger.

In front of all family members priya will ask pihu that the reason behind her marriage being called off...all family members will be shocked to hear priya that she knew about pihu's marriage. Ram will try to give priya explanation and try to make her understand that those people are not good and what they demanded from him and what manmeet bad mouth about their daughter and that's why they have called off the marriage and he and other members are happy by his this decision.


Priya will look at him seriously and will ask pihu to answer question as she has asked the question from her and not from her DAD or from other members and will ask her that to give her the true answer and reason why her marriage was called off.

Pihu will understand that she have come to know everything and the truth behind her marriage break off. Pihu will get little bit scared and in that anxiety she will stammer and tell priya that Ram has forced her in this marriage...This Lie of her will stun every one present there and Ram will be hurt to hear this from her daughter. Priya's Patience will break and she will give a tight slap on her face. Priya will ask her that how dare she lie to her father also and how dare she has put such blame on him. Ram will step in and ask priya to relax and not to slap her, he will ask pihu that when he has forced her in this and has he not asked about her wish about this marriage and that is she is happy or not with this arrangement...

Pihu will say that , she agreed to it so that Ram will marry juhi but Ram asked her to marry first and that's why she got ready for this.


Priya will ask pihu that enough is enough and she broke her trust 7 years back and now she broke her father's trust, she will say that she hide her lie from everyone and from her father as she wants to give her a chance of becoming a good person and she wants her to see as a hard working and successful person and for this she has kept her husband's trust on hold for her and for her better future's sake but now time has come that truth should be out to all when she is stubborn to be like this.


Ram will ask priya what truth has been hidden from him ...Priya will force pihu to confess her marriage truth first that her marriage was called off because she asked her friend to tell those things about herself to manmeet so that he himself will call off the marriage...all members will be shocked after hearing this and Ram will be hurt even more after knowing this truth of her. Then priya will ask pihu that to confess her 7 years back lie, Pihu will cry in front of her but now Ram will also ask her to tell all the truth and then pihu will confess it and it will leave Ram all stun and shocked. He will straightly move to his room without uttering a word to any one and priya will see his condition and will follow him while other members will go back to their rooms one by one while they are shocked by these truth of pihu. Pihu will remain their standing while crying.


Ram comes to room and seats on his sofa all shocked and still not believing that his daughter can do such things and can lie to him, priya will come and will keep her hand on his shoulder , he without seeing her will say that he has failed as a father and failed to give them a good upbringing , he will say sorry to priya and then looks at her , priya will seat on her knees in front of him and say that not only him but she has also failed as a mother seven years back, she will say that she trusted pihu seven years back when she lied to them first time and the result was that a life had been murdered because of her one lie, she will also ask sorry from him for hiding such a big truth from him and will tell him that on the day of her accident, she comes to know about this truth and that's why she is calling him continuously to tell him the whole truth of their daughter and also inform him that when he has not picked up the call she herself decided to take pihu to police station to take back the false complaint but on the way when she is trying to call Ram and the phone is not picked up by him then  the inspector's call came and informed her that varun has committed suicide, she will tell him that this news shocked her that moment and she looses the control on the car and the accident took place , Ram will be more shocked by her this piece of information and will be hurt that because of their own daughter they become apart and she fall in coma for seven years...He get rage that this much has happened but pihu had put her mouth shut and even did not told him that she is the reason that her mother was in death's mouth from last seven years. They both will shed tears as they both realize that they have failed somewhere as parents. Priya will also tell him that what robin has told her about pihu and her nature of having boyfriends and leaving them after playing with their emotions. Ram will get stunned by this but also believe that after knowing so much truth about his daughter , now no reason is left that he will not believe priya. Priya will ask him that their daughter needs help of psychiatrist and they both will help their daughter to bring back her innocence and will make her a good human being and her better future...and they will do this as this is their challenge from destiny and pihu is their love symbol and she believes that they both will bring their daughter back same as she was when she is 5 years old. They both promise each other that they will do this task even it's being difficult and will now prove to be good parents by bringing a good human being in their daughters.

They both hug each other with wet eyes and giving strength to each other to fulfill their this promise which they have made with themselves and with each other .

The End.Big smile

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Lovely update
Thanks 4 pm
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It was good one and seriously want that Pihu truth should be Come out n front of ram and all family members Priya did right by slapping her
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Lovely updateClapIts realy nice but  CV never show this  happen so smoothly and without RAYA misunderstanding.
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very nice os...wish something sensible like this happens in actual also
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very nice khash ye hota to accha hoga 
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superb part dear
very nicely written
thanks for pm

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nice update
thanks for pm
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