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FF HugSirf Meri Ho ,  FF  ... Heart Ishq Heart,

FFSmile Prediction ,  SS Wink Love Journey,

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Message from the writer :
Welcome to thread-3 of Sirf Meri Ho .
First of all i want to thank you each one of IF readers[active and silent ] .Loved to see your comments your requests,even your suggestions .I just started this FF ,afterall this is my first write up in english .When im bored with australia honeymoon time in the serial ,I have started this , and than it gradually incresed the readers as well as gave hope to write other stories too .
I started other os and ss [which i finished ] other ffs like ,ISHQ,PREDiction after yesterday , custody ...i got amazing responce .. sometimes i have given the updates very late bcz of my busy schdule but Neel used to bug me give one update atleast small one .. 
She is my best buddy and she always wants my best . for her i used to update on regular basis ..when i used to read your comments i myself felt ki oh my god ,my writings are reading by these many .. i was just astonished .. 
Now when i turn back and see ..
Sirf meri ho thread 1 views 1,03500 VIEWS
Sirf meri ho thread 2 views 50,250 VIEWS...
isn't it amazing thing guys .. love you so much and Hugs you all .

I actually dont know how to surf properly in IF LOL still ..Because of Neel i learned to do now..

I wanted to tell few things to my readers over here:
..I was so depressed when my Neel met with an accident , that was biggest shock in my life ,some of If peoplepersonally called and messaged to me when she was in coma..I was so regret i was not there with her ..But you people has given me stregnth That praying God ...can happen everything ..I know how many of you prayed her well being and all .Im thank ful to every of you and you will be in my prayers as always ... Thank you so much and love you from the bottom of my heart.

Another thing ..I started another story for helping some one or things [i dont want to reveal the names here ] but uncertainly so many things happened in my life at that time even i dont know exactly who are doing that .but atlast i felt betrayed as well as i faced alot of troubles ..eventhough the issue is very personal im least involved ..but it affected me very badly ... Via net we can do anything that some people might forgt But luckily they saved my time and taught a good lesson.. we should not for go helping others blindly ... 
Lol you may not understand exactly but its just my agony  i wanted to share ..

Coming to the stories:
I  just dont want to stop any of the story in between but i really dont have time and worried for Neel when she wasn't feeling well .. But right now the naughty girl is back with us and even though im busy i want to complete the stories as soon as possible .. 
so continuing one by one so easily i can complete ..

Iam extremly sorry for not being regular but hereafter i will be regular iknow how many of sent PMs and mails ..That was so understandble and i hope   i can make it for you guys ..Love you all once again ..Keep reading and shower your comments and views regarding the updates..
Once again love you all will try to post next part soon..

Clarification for some of my readers questions..I have already given but posting here again..
My stories will have evrything love, ego,trust ,companionship,relations, Romance, sad,bitter paths, laws ,everthing i will write from i have seen the circumstances or read some where like books etc..
But its all fiction whatever it is iam presenting good only ,,Its not hurting anyone and i dont want to hurt people .. 
From custody you all asked one can love a person that much .. 
Ram love towrads Priya .. My answer is yes .. Some husbands are there in our world .Husbands look after their wife like a queen In whatever they are having .
Some wifes dont knw that their husbands love ..how extent but one of the fine day they will come to know how extent he loves .. 

and from sirf meri ho .. 
you asked why this much naught The Ram character is .. 
Lol .. truly i too dont know but the flow of writing became Ram like this .. 
and to be frank .. i always reminds this character one of my friends husband , she always compliants her husband being romantic .. 
lol..still she will complaints ..But they are happy together .. 
So some of the pairs will be more romantic than usaul .. 

And hope iam not bored with very long post .. plz do read the future updates and leave a reply .. 

Thank you so much for your love and support .. 
Yours writer .
Girija .. 

The all credit goes to these wonderful couple .. 

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From ME aka NEEL :

What to tell ... except thank you so much for your love and blessings my dear readers ...Its just surpriced to see 1,50,000 views on our story .. 
its just a great feeling .. Thank you so much ..  present im at office holding bunch of work in my hands when i will free i will try to give preview than update .. 
update is on the way .. so plz co operate .. love you all 

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Posted: 2013-11-27T00:56:56Z
congrats for new thread, its ok di when u r get time u update
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Posted: 2013-11-27T01:22:40Z
congratulation for the Third ThreadParty
waiting for the next part
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Posted: 2013-11-27T01:24:40Z
First lemme congratulate u two for thread no.3 for this story..your first one na..obviously it will be special forever n am happy ki this is sooo successful.Keep it up gals.
Wanna share few things..Urs is the first ever story i read on ff..and thats for Neel purely but as I loved the writing style n story i became a fan n regular reader.U rock...Go ahead gal wish u good luck.

Neel...I dunno without seeing/talkng one can be soo close to us but dear u came soo close to my heart.U r such a sweet gal ki people will love u always.U post the stories and its a great favour for us coz they entertain us always.Thanks darling for all the pains u take to post a story..
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Posted: 2013-11-27T01:41:51Z
Congratulations for new thread...
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Posted: 2013-11-27T01:43:13Z
Originally posted by Dsudipa

congrats for new thread, its ok di when u r get time u update

Thank you so much dear ... From mobile its difficult to post .. thats why tking time..
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Posted: 2013-11-27T01:43:30Z
Originally posted by sandhyasn

congratulation for the Third ThreadParty
waiting for the next part

Thank you dear ... will try to post soon,
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