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Hello friends , this is a small write up on the current situation , hope you guys like this and give your views on same...

Thank You.Big smile 


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Part:6- Page - 21


Its starts from where it all ended for love birds. When priya comes to know about the truth she got shattered as her all trust on her beloved husband broke in just few moments. She still couldn't believe that she is leaving in a fake world around her. Her mind continuously playing the thoughts that, not only her husband but her papa whom she trusted blind folded and without whose advice she cannot move a step also has also lied. Her mom , The first word, first time a new born speaks is "Maa" , and she also kept her in illusion. Her Husband hasn't told her truth and now she doesn't want to listen him. It's all times play , first when Ram has chances to speak up all the truth and can explain her the matter calmly as why he has taken such decision, he hadn't speak up to her and now when he wants to explain her she doesn't want to listen. It's not that she is angry on his decision but yes at corner of heart she is hurt as a wife and a lover but most importantly she is shattered because her husband has not bothered to tell her the truth, she trusted him at every step even she tolerated his changes of small choices and in divorce matter she just asked him that are they divorced when her husband had cutted the corners of truth and serve her with that he loves her and at heart they are not divorced, she trusted him then also without even once asking for the reason as she knows that her husband may have some important reason behind this and she trusted him blindly and see what reward she got in return , her husband hide the truth, broke her every single trust on him and on their sacred relationship.  


Ram waited whole night outside Sharma house , expecting at least once his wife would listen to him and he will get back and take her to his home, their home, he slept in his car whole night , just waiting for his beloved wife to come to him.  The dark night of their life which created a tension between husband and wife is slowly converting in the new morning with new day's beautiful orange sun rising slowly in the sky spreading it's bright warm arms to whole world inviting them for hug. As sun's charm fall on ram's face , he slowly opens his eyes and immediately  ensue   to his surroundings , he directly looks upward to glance the SH window and found priya sleeping in sitting position near the window.

He comes to SH and rang the bell, in fly blown condition, he sees his father in law standing in front of him, and both looked each other without words as both are understanding the seriousness of the issue, ram requested him to allow him to meet his wife and let him have a talk with her. His so understandable FIL allowed the same. Priya on the other hand , half sleeping, listen ram's voice and opens her eyes. She came outside and both ram and priya's eyes met, lot to say to each other, heart wants to listen but mind not allowing heart to step ahead and move out of control and go on the path which it thought is a fake world where all people are residing who lied to her and broken heart into pieces which are now difficult to gather. She doesn't want to listen him and tries to move from their but ram stopped her by calling her name. He requested her , to at least listen to him once but priya ignoring his every plea just moved inside. Her father requested his daughter to please listen to her husband once but she making her mind on one path draws herself inside her room and shuts the door. She stands still staring at the floor. A tear drop escape from her eyes but she holds herself. If any other person would have been on her place, she would have scream, cried and may have done something wrong to herself, but she is really a strong plus matured lady and haven't done anything like this but as her heart cries, tears go against her minds strong will and escapes from her tranquil eyes. Once more she controls her emotions and starts her daily chores of morning. Shudhir ji asked him to have a seat and they discussed about the seriousness of the matter once more, Meanwhile,  Shipraji brought a cup of tea to ram asked him to have it as he would be tired and hungry as he has not eaten anything from last night. Sudhrji asked him to have something and eat it,

As his in laws offered him breakfast ...

Ram (now sitting on sofa, looking to his in laws and in concern voice): Priya has also not eaten anything...

Shipra ji and sudhirji looked at each other and then shipra ji says him that to priya will have it and she take breakfast to her but asked ram, meanwhile it to have it, Ram refused it and told them he is not feeling to have it and asked them to have their breakfast , Priya standing inside her room while wearing a blue slwaar suite this time she haven't wear her vermilion and Mangal sutra this time , standing near the dressing table she caressed her MS by her right hand fingers , her eyes speaking all the pain she is going through but she closed her eyes and decide to move outside, while the voice outside is making its way to her ears, after got ready   priya came in hall, now she not even bothered to look at her husband and from hall ways steps into the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea for herself which will relax her.

Ram and her parents along with Natasha stare at her , they glance to her calmness and her pair of tranquil eyes are easily portraying her pain. No one has courage to speak up to her, Ram wants to speak to her and decided he will not lose this battle at any cost and will bring her back in his life. She on the gas knob and is going to put vessel on the flame when ram comes near her and once again requested her that she wants to explain her everything,  but she just concentrating on her work and not even glanced at him. Natasha and shipra ji came to her and wishes her, priya only replied to natasha's wish by wishing her back, shipra ji asked her whether she's fine, she told them yes she is fine and not to bother about her, they both  asked her to sit and they will prepare something for her but she refused and asked them that she can take care of herself as she totally fit and fine.

Ram ( with concern in his voice): Priya tum abhi bhi tikh nahi ho... Please let them do the same... And I want to explain you...

His sentence left in mid as the door bell rang ...

Listening to the voice all looked to the door as wondering who has come but priya still continue to do her work as if she is now not bothered by anything and any one's presence.

Sudhrji who is standing near sofa makes his way to open the door, as he opens it he founds Siddhant and Pihu , he understood their motive of coming here , Siddhant and pihu glances  at priya and found ram and other two ladies standing near priya, they makes their way towards her , Siddhant looks to his bhai and ram looks down as if informing them about the situation and that she still upset  with him  but then looks to sid and pihu , requesting from his eyes to explain her and request her to talk to him.  Siddhant started first, he requested her to come back home , and further requested her  that  to gift him this as his wedding gift, priya this time looks up to siddhant and wished him congratulations for stepping in new life. Siddhant again requested her  to come back and now along with siddhant's request pihu also requested to her mother to come back or else she will think that she has not forgiven her , Priya very calmly said that when she doesn't have any relationship with the man because of whom she was having her relationship with them, then their exist no reason of coming her back and why should she come back when there is no trust left. Ram listened her each word, her declaration that she is not having any relation with him pinched his heart once again , when she said same last night to him , it pierced his heart umpteenth times and is hurt to listen those words from her mouth ,  siddhant and pihu once again requested her and now ram also requested her to please come back to home, but no use she in reply requested siddhant and pihu to relax and go to their home back and she requested siddhant to that his marriage is just happened  so he should be at home and not here as her newly wedded wife would be worried for him and should enjoy his married life now and to take tensions at this time of his life phase. All look at her very disappointedly as she walked back in her room after finishing her conversation and ram asked siddhant the same think as priya told him to do, he also asked pihu to go back home and not to worry and asked her to tell her sisters that he will bring their mom back soon. Pihu and siddhant took leave and siddhant assure his bhai that not to worry and he can take as much time as he wants to be here and not to worry about home and office as he and vikram will take care of it in his absence, Ram gives a light smile to him and hugged him proudly as he has really changed and has started to take responsibilities. Ram asked pihu to send some his cloths here through hands of some service, pihu nodded at him as he said that he will not come back  without priya.  Siddhant along with pihu bid a good bye to them but they are sad at heart as they fail to convince priya.

Sudhir ji asked him to freshen himself, he nodded and went in another room for the same. After his daily morning chores he again came in hall and asked about priya from her in laws, Natasha  replied that she is still inside the room and has not taken her breakfast yet, ram asked her to get her eat something as she will fall sick,  Natasha assured his bhai that she will but first he also has to eat something or else he will not be able to woo priya back as he will also fall sick like this, After hearing the word ' woo her' his in laws smiled and he goes redden with little but full of worry and concern smile on his agitate face. Natasha knocks at priya's room door, and asked her to open it, priya who is going through some magazine but  not concentrating on it,  her minds playing games, magazine is in front of her to divert her mind but it goes again and again on her husband's thought and on their current status, she hears natasha's knock following with her voice and opens the door , Natasha who is standing with tray containing two cup of tea and some eatables steps inside immediately and asked her to come and some breakfast while placing the tray on the bed.  Ram and his inlaws are still in hall as they don't want to disturb priya in her breakfast now , she really needs something to eat as from high time she has not done the same. Priya came inside the room without locking the door but shuting it slightly and leaving it open a little, she come to Natasha and sat on the bed , Natasha hands her a cup and asked her to drink it , and give her scores how she prepared her adrak wali chai' , while she took another cup of herself . Priya hesitates to have it, she is very well aware that Mr. Kapoor has also not eaten anything from last night and now also he hasn't took his breakfast yet. She asked from Natasha whether maa papa has eaten breakfast or not, Natasha immediately understood the question and tell her that maa papa are having their breakfast in hall and she came to her sister to have same, priya gave a faint smile to her reply and looks downward but still holding the cup in her hand and not drinking the contents of it, Natsha this time says that bhai is also with the parents and having his breakfast, priya promptly looked at Natasha as she smiles a little and again asked her to have it otherwise it will get cold and priya will cut her scores without her any mistake, mistake' she hears and says...

Priya: ( lost in thoughts and looking downward with cup of tea in her left hand) : mistake', so simple word yet difficult to understand, some do mistakes knowingly and some unknowingly , some have many reasons and some after having reasons also are not able to defend, who is correct who is not , who have to decide this...she stops in middle as she gets aware that what she is saying and looked at Natasha who is listening her gingerly,  priya smiles faintly and then Natasha also , as priya sips the tea she tell her that its perfect and ten out of ten is the score that she gets, both smiles at that.   

After having breakfast ram inform his  inlaws that he is in the car outside as he don't want priya to get upset again, his inlaws asked him to rest in the room for some time as he is also upset and not taken sleep properly, he in return ask them that he is absolutely fine and requested them to take care of priya and if anything happens then just inform him as he is right outside the house. Parents nodded and felt sad for their children as they are in pain and they also form part in hurting them and giving them this pain.

The lunch , dinner went similarly as of breakfast , ram comes in house expecting he will see priya and have a talk with her, and priya after preparing food and helping her mother and sister in law in other works goes inside the room and Natasha  as usual took tray of meal to her and have their meals, at night she sees him sleeping in car and in morning her husband found herself sleeping in seating position near the window. Four days passed like this , priya has not uttered a word about her relationship with ram, and ram tried every move to talk to her but failed. In these four days, every day phone call comes on her cell phone from her kids and mother in law but she refuse to talk and kept her phone on silence, so her kids and MIL calls on landline and her parents about her health and used have discussion on various plans as how they can help ram in explaining her. They also calls ram and asked him to take care of himself and priya and he assured them for the same.

After Four days: -

Priya (early in morning when Natasha is leaving for her fashion house or showroom): Natasha will you please give me a lift and drop me to the child ashram'.

Natasha is happy that first time in four days she is stepping out , in these four days she asked her to come with her to park , but she refuges and was drawing herself in dark, but today she is happy for her sister as she believes that this is her first step of coming out of darkness...

Natasha : of course and I'm very happy that you are moving in life and steeping out in the world once again.

Priya gives her faint smile and they both inform their parents and come downstairs, when ram sees priya he immediately steps outside from his car and come towards his wife, she glances him and then look downwards as Natasha looks at what's happening and inform priya that she will go and bring the car meanwhile they can have a talk, he asked her to talk to him and since last four days they have not even seen each other properly, she refuges and turn herself to go but this time he clasp her wrist tightly in his right hand and tells her that she have to listen to him, she wring her wrist under his powerful clasp to free it but failing to do it and ask him to leave her hand and he ask her to listen him first, meanwhile Natasha comes with the car, and sees them, ram asked her to leave for the shop and he take priya where ever she wants to go, priya refuses instantly that she is not coming with him anywhere,  he holds her wrist more firmly, and ask Natasha where priya wants to go with her, Ram eyes are telling his pain and concern  for her but this time his dark brown eyes are reveling one more emotion , emotion that is called anger , he is angry that why she is not even willing to give him a single chance to explain and more over why she is not talking to him, he can't live without her , he lived first five years without her and then in these seven year, she is with him but is not able to walk along with him. He is scared very scared that what he will do if she leaves him, no no , this thought is so horrible and he will not be able to tolerate this so he decides that he will not think this thought again and will woo her back at any cost.

Natasha first looks at priya then at her bhai and then inform him that they are going to child ashram' , without wasting any more minute he thanks her sister and tell her that he will do the same now and he drags her to his car , she continuously asks him to leave her and and to create any scene here, but he is no mood to leave her and brings her to his car, opening the door with his free hand he makes her sit in the car front seat and shutting the door ,locks it, coming to driver's seat he put himself on it and started the engine. Priya protested as he is forcing her  but he again held her wrist and ask her to calm down while he continue his drive controlling steering wheel with one hand and keeping his eyes on road while keep glancing her in between .

He asks to calm down and listen to him now , he over voices her and starts  her explanation as in what circumstances he had taken such decision and his in ability to tell her the truth, he continues his talk whether she listens her or not because he very well knows that in that close proximity as they are in car she will listen to him whether she wants to or not. After some time she becomes serene but her tears are flowing continually from her beautiful eyes. He finishes his explanation and requested her for forgiveness, but she was quite and still crying, he stops the car near the footpath on the road as they arrived to the ashram, he now sees her and embraces her face in his warm palms, she closes her eyes while still crying and he puts her lips on her fore head and she opens her eyes and found ram is also crying with her. She hate tears in his eyes so as he in her.

Ram (crying): I love you...please trust me...


Glimpse of next part: They  walk in ashram and after some time when they were talking fire broke up due to electric shock.

Will continue soon...Big smile                             



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