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Pulkit Samrat Competition-Task 1*Extended

Posted: 2006-08-22T22:32:20Z

The Competition:

What is this competition about?

Each month I pick a actor/actress and give you different tasks to do throughout the month. It proves how much of a fan you are of that particular actor/actress.

How does this competition work?

In one month you go through three tasks. I may put some tasks up for voting or I may not. At the end of the three tasks I judge them and I come up with three winners (first, second, third place). And each of them recieve a prize.

Where does this competition happen?

Right here in the Celebrity Fan Club Section! Sometimes I ask for the entry's of your tasks to be PMed to me in case that does happen, I will tell you.


1. If you do want to participate in these competitions then participate in ALL 3 TASKS. Or you wont place in the top 3.

2. If you do not place in the top 3 then DO NOT post messages saying "Why did I not place?" "I hate you" etc. If I see these messages then I will not start these competitions again.

3. Please do not swear or use coarse language.

4. Please do not be disrespectful to myself or to any of the other members participating in the competition.

5. Have FUN!

*If you have any other questions regarding this competition then PM me.

Pulkit Samrat Competition - Task 1

~Writing a Letter~

**PM the letter to me (popkurn)

In this task you will be writing a letter to Pulkit. This letter can either be a love letter or a normal letter. You can include anything youd like in this letter. Your feelings, your thoughts, etc. Anything youd like! You can make it plain and simple or formal. This is your letter which means you can include your thoughts of how you adore him or how you like his acting. Be funny or serious. Be creative!

Each letter will be put up for voting! 

Note: This letter will not actually be sent to Pulkit. BUT do write it as if it was to be sent to him!


Task ends  - Tuesday, September 5th 2006.

*If you have any questions then do PM me, dont hesitate*

*If you want an extenstion in the task, PM me*

Anyone can participate!

I hope to see a lot of enthusiasm in the letter and lots of participation!



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Posted: 2006-08-23T13:29:47Z
wow, this is cool! I might give it a tryTongue
Posted: 2006-08-23T14:00:16Z
wow!dis is very creative! Clap Clap
Posted: 2006-08-23T14:29:08Z
Oooh! Kewl-O! Will definately participate!
Posted: 2006-08-23T14:44:55Z
Great one Priya! Can we make it on like collage, siggy when writing his letter or does it have to be like Text? Smile
Posted: 2006-08-23T19:16:32Z
AHH!! a contest for my hubby!! howww awesome! i will DEFINATELY take part!!
Posted: 2006-08-23T20:41:05Z
Yes Jenny anything goes. Make it however you would like but make sure I can read itLOL
Posted: 2006-08-24T08:27:23Z
aaa!!...wow!...thx!...i might take part!

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