SS: Hamesha, Hamesha Ke Liye!

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Dear Friends,
Some of you who might have been on this page for a while may remember me. I wrote a few stories a few months ago and am back. I would like to share with you the best thing that happened to me in the recent past. I am the proud grandmother of Nirav, who is two months old today.
I am back to writing and will try my best to be as regular as possible. Sorry for leaving my last story (Tears of Joy or Sorrow) incomplete. I will try to finish it but the story has moved on so much that I don't know how to. Hope you like this new story and do drop a line or two. Your comments are very valuable and hope to hear from you all.
Part 2 ...Page 4
Part 3 ...Page 5
Hamesha, Hamsha ke Liye!


When Priya heard from Juhi that the stalled marriage was with Ram and not Sid she was shocked. Her head began to spin and tears welled in her eyes. Did she hear right? Was it her Ram? Was it true? Why did Mr. Kapoor hide it from her? Was there any other reason behind the marriage? Did her Ram not love her anymore? Was she unable to read the truth in Mr. Kapoor's eyes anymore? Was he lying to her? The questions seemed to be resounding in her head while all the incidents of the recent past after she came out of her seven-year coma whizzed past her eyes in quick succession - Naina referring to Mr. Kapoor as "Dad"; her own children calling Juhi "Ma"; Juhi rushing to Ram when he burnt his hands during Diwali; the wedding hall booking in the name of Mr. Ram Kapoor and not Siddhant; the court summons where Juhi had to lie that she had spent the night with Mr. Kapoor; the strong fragrance perfume that he was using which was very unlike him in the past; the divorce papers - all seem to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle; yet something was missing. They didn't fit altogether, yet felt complete. She walked up to her room - their room; the place where their awkwardness turned into friendship which later blossomed into a bond of trust culminating in their growing so close to each other that their love made them inseparable. They could read each other like an open book - their feelings and thoughts were written all over their faces. Had all that changed in the past seven years? She seemed to be in a daze with a lot of questions swarming in her brain causing confusion and chaos to her senses. Was Naina the real reason behind them wanting to marry? Was there something else going on between them? She walked to the bay window on the other side of their room and unconsciously sat down looking out of the window. The tears that had filled her eyes were now overflowing like tiny rivulets down her cheeks.

In the meantime, Juhi called Ram and told him about what transpired between her and Priya and asked him to come back home immediately as Priya walked silently into her room and did not respond to her. Juhi was worried that the shock might prove dangerous to her life. She was not willing to face Priya alone. Or, was she really worried? Somewhere in her face was an evil smile forcing its way around her lips? Was this done intentionally? Did she have other plans?

Very shortly Mr. Kapoor rushed into his home and looked at Juhi who signed with her eyes that Priya was upstairs in their room. She tried to walk towards him, but he simply brushed her aside and hurried up the stairs two at a time. He reached his room which was filled with darkness. It took him a couple of minutes before he could see through the dark room as he made his way towards the wall and turned on the lights as he looked around searching for her. He finally spotted her sitting on the bay window huddled up with her arms around her legs below her knees drawing them as close to her body as she could. She was still staring emptily out of the window. He called out to her softly and getting no response he called out a little louder as he ran towards her. He stopped as he reached the window and sat down facing her. He called out to her again and held her arms in his hands as he shook her gently trying to force her out of the trance.

Ram: Priya, Priya, please look at me. Say something Priya. Are you alright? Please say something? He continued to shake her gently. He bent forward and wiped the tears on her cheeks when more overflowed from her eyes to take their place. The tears didn't seem to stop yet there was no reaction from her. Please look at me Priya; we really need to talk. I'm so sorry for keeping this from you but I didn't mean to. Please let me explain everything. I promise I will not hide anything from you now. Just look at me one time Priya and I promise I will make everything okay. Please say something.

Priya slowly turns her head and looks at Ram. They look into each other's eyes - she as if searching for answers to the hundreds of questions in her head; while he is trying to calm her down assuring her that the love they share is very much there and that she should trust him. Their eyes make silent conversation for a few brief moments when she lowers her gaze and shuts her eyes as she heaves a deep sigh and tries to move away from Ram grip. He tightens his hold on her arms so that she cannot get away from him.

Priya looks into his eyes again: Mr. Kapoor why were you going to marry Juhi when I came out of coma? Why didn't you tell me about this earlier? Are ...

Ram put his finger across her lips as he shakes his head from side to side: Please let me talk now Priya. Listen to me and then if you still have questions I will answer them. I am so sorry from the depths of my heart and I really mean it jaan; I am so sorry for the way it all came out. Suhani asked me not to say anything to you that might affect your recovery, so I was waiting for the right moment when I could explain everything to you. I love you very much and will love you till my very last breath. There is no one else in the whole world that I every loved, love or will every love the way I love you. You always say you can tell if I am speaking the truth or lying by looking into my eyes - so please, please look deep into my eyes and tell me if you see any untruths. He takes her hand and puts it on his chest: Listen to my heart and tell me what it is saying to you. I cannot live without you and had no intention to hide anything from you. I was just waiting for Suhani to give me the green signal before I told you everything. Things are happening to fast now and I am not happy at the way you came to know the truth.

Priya smiles weakly: Mr. Kapoor, I trust you completely and understand the reason behind your hiding such a big truth from me; but I still felt hurt when I heard it from Juhi and not you. I was shocked beyond words and didn't know what to say. I understand that Juhi took real good care of you and our family and for that I will be indebted to her for the rest of my life. It is just that the past few days have been very overwhelming for me and you have also been very busy with work that I keep feeling left out - more so because I don't seem to know my own children and with you not there, I feel left out. It hurt me immensely when I was trying to say something to Pihu and Juhi came in between us. I understand that she knows her better, but I want to get to know my children and deal with their issues in my own way without anyone interfering. I know I was very rude to her but was even more hurt at your words when I lost my cool with Juhi.

Ram: Ever since you have come back I am so happy that I feel that you were with me the past seven years. I am not neglecting you or upset with you consciously. I am sorry. Now I have so much to talk to you about what happened the past seven years - there is a lot that I have to share with you and I think this is not the place for us to have the conversation. Can we please go out and I will tell you everything. We need some fresh air and I know of just the right place where we can sit and talk things out. Just promise me that you will not misunderstand me and be angry. I cannot bear you being upset or being away from me. I alone know what I went through the past seven years; but somewhere deep in my heart I was very confident that you were going to come back to me as there is a lot more of our lives together and that was not the end.

He gently helps her get up and wraps his arm around her shoulders: Are you ready to go out on a date with me?

Priya looks into his eyes and shuts hers as she slowly nods in agreement. They both come downstairs and the entire family is standing around looking worriedly at them. Ram looks at them and smiles while still wrapping his arm around her shoulders: Priya and I are going out and will be back when we are done talking. Please don't wait for us as we might be late.

KK steps forward (she is not in a wheelchair in my story) and takes Priya's face in the palms of her hands: Please take care of your health Priya. We all love you very much and I know how much Ram missed you all these seven years. Don't worry about anything and just remember that we all love you very much. That is the most important thing you should keep in mind. Go beta and be happy.

As they are about to leave Suhani comes in and insists on checking Priya out so that she is assured that she will be fine. She is worried, yet relieved to see her.

After she is done checking her and making sure that she has taken the necessary medicines she is comfortable with her going out: Sir, if there is any problem while you are out, please don't hesitate to call and talk to me. I am concerned about her health and do take care.

Hearing her, Pihu and Sammy exchange glances and she shrugs her shoulders as she walks away into her room. Naina glares at Juhi while she tries not to make eye contact with her daughter.

Priya and Ram walk out of Kapoor Mansion with the rest of the family looking on. Each one has a lot going on in their minds but right now RaYa are all that matter for us and let them go to sort out their issues and start life afresh - Aur ek Nayi Shuruwat!!

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Hi Sandhya ji

Congratulations ..i knew you during the time when neel di was ill you asked us to pray for her together.i am still thankful to you for that
welcome back to IF
Lovely update it was typical RaYa heart to heart talk i wish this is how cvs planned in balh without shouting on each other and mostly the confrontation should happen only between these two
No 3rd person
waiting for next part
once again congratulations for NiravSmile
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Posted: 2013-11-18T05:44:06Z well written and implemented...i really love to read sensible rams talk in every of the ffs ss...and really wish that in happens in the serial too...but that is a lot too much too ask by the viewers...btw really really loved the beginning...and gess welcomeee backkk...and congratulations as well fr ur grandson...and yess plsssz do continue ur pending ff tears of joy or sorrow...will love to read it...continue this as well soonest...thnxxx
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Posted: 2013-11-18T06:05:45Z
priya came to know the truth but ot hurts her more that ram didn't tell her hope priya understand him and forgive him
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Posted: 2013-11-18T06:12:23Z
What a pleasant surprise Sandhya..Thanks a lot for this and welcome back.
ThankGod one of my fav writers is back..I love to read ur work its always sensible and the way you present the story is far far better than what they are showing.Keep up with that and please take out your time for us and do update regularly.
Coming to the story..Its awesome and i loved every word and every line especially that how their relation moved ahead from awkwardness to love.I so so love it to hear Jaan from Ram's mouth..RaYa are lost somewhere in the soap but in your story we have them as loving as ever..Hope it will be so in the serial too.
Thanks once again and Loved it.
My love to Nirav.
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Posted: 2013-11-18T09:25:12Z
Hiii my dear Sandhya Jiii ...Tongue
Wowww welcome back to the IF ...Big smile
Iam so glad to see you back ..Clap
But a bit angry that you didnt reply to my PMs ...Confused
Hmmm but after hearing about Your NIRAV,im  ok..You have to take care of the baby ...Wink
By the way how are you is your heallth ...Smile
God bless him with good health ...
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Posted: 2013-11-18T09:26:16Z
you have portrayed priyas feelings very well. loved this story and waiting for the next part
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Posted: 2013-11-18T09:28:40Z
 Coming to the story ...
First thing ...she was not in shock but the way her emotion was very well potrayed ..aww loved it ..
i can so imagine priya and Ram in that situation ..
and the best way both are going to sort out their isuues..
And suhani is great help by checking and assuring her ..
Krishna ji was not on wheel chair LOLGood one ...[i really dont knw why CVs are showing her in wheel chair ,so many old ppl  can walk even in 80 s]
naina expression as well as pihu sammy expresion ...really you havennt left anyone in this story ..
Superbly potrayed ...I so loved it darling ..waiting for more...
Thank you so much for the story ...

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