My take on the current scenario..updated part 4,5,6.(last update)

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Hi friends
By mistake while editing part 4 part 1 got deletd ...kindly give me some time to paste part 1.
thanks and regards
Here is the part 1
Hi everyone predicted how the future scenario will b of BALH even i tried my bit how the scenarios will be...pls do comment so that i will come to know how u ppl liked it
The scene starts with the same perfume bottle where priya tells ram that  how his  taste has changed in the last seven years...then juhi enters and tells that  perfume is for sid and by mistake it has come here and if ram wants it or likes it he can definitely use it...then ram leaves to change his dress ...then priya hands over the perfume bottle to juhi and tells her to b careful hereafter in throwing her things which were brought for her sid...
Pihu bedroom
pihu was talking over the phone with some boy called rahul and at the same time priya passes through her room and hears her conversation and enters the room and questions pihu who is on the phone but pihu as usual lies to her mother and tells that she is talking to renu instead...then priya immediately asks her to show her phone where pihu hesitates ,but priya snaches the phone and checks with whome she was talking to,then she will come to know that pihu again lied to her and she was talking to rahul...and the argument starts between pihu and priya where pihu point out her mother for interfering in her matters and she no more considers as her mother and for her juhi maa is her mother and she would b happy to see her in coma instead of interefering in her matters where in juhi maa always supportd her and she also burst out that  if she would ve been in coma by this time juhi maa would legally ve become of dads wife and she would be very happy to see her like that...with that priya gets a huge shock of hearing the news of juhi and rams marriage ..immediately she shouts at her and tells pihu to mind her words but at the same time juhi enters and about to say something priya says her to stay out of their family matters and at the same time ram overhears their convo and tells priya to hold some respect for juhi as she has looked aftr their children as their own mother in her absence...with that priya feels very hurt and leaves the room
Raya room
priya sits on the couch and recollects all the incidents which took place for the last two days where she feels very lonely without the support of ram and helpless as her own blood is taking her life in a wrong she decides one thing to tell ram ...ram enters the room knowing priya must ve felt bad on his support to juhi.. and tries to come near her tell her not to stress which is not good for health...but when priya hears rams foot steps she goes to the changing room and comes after some time and tells ram that she needs some rest and mental peace and she wantd to go to her parents house...ram thinks that if she needs some mental peace better send her to her parents house..he says ok then priya leaves for her parents house...
At night raya room
Ram is walking here and there in the room waiting for priya...and takes his phone to call herto find out when she will come home so that he wanted to go and pick her back to KM..he calls her but he hears her phone ringing in his room only that means she did not take her phone with her...he calls land line of sudhir ji ..when the phone was lift by nuts she tells him that priya is sleeping and they thought of not disturbing her tonite ...ram feels rest less as she left her medicines in KM..but nuts says him not to worry she will take care of her...
later that night sharma house
Priya wakes up and hve some dinner and says sudhirji that she wantd to sleep here itself...sudhir says her that ram phnd her and tells her to inform ram about her stay here..but priya hesitates to do so..immediately nuts comes and tells priya that she has already informed ram about her stay here...
that night both ram nd priya could not sleep
ram was missing priya very much as she did not even speak to him that day not even on phone...he felt some restless ness..
priya on the other hand could not digest the words frm her daughter pihu and ram and most importantly about ram and juhis marriage..she gets up and comes in the balcony...tears were rolling down frm her cheeks...then at the same time one hand comes and stays on priyas shoulder..tht hand is of nuts...when she turns back she sees nuts n she could no more control herself and hugs nuts very tightly and cries..nuts very much understands her position as she also gone through such phase...later nuts consols her and priya tells her everything and she even doubt juhi for making pihu and other children spoilt...nuts agrees with priya and narrates each and every incident of 7 years to priya ..and even tell her how pihu forced ram to marry juhi and later incometax ppl and how conveniently juhi told them abt her livein relation with ram and transfer of shares in her name everything..with that nuts also told priya that ram loves only priya and he can not imagine anyone else in his life..more over how sure he was that his priya will come back one day...with that priyas heart felt sad and more love for ram...but she wantd him to know about juhis plans and how she has spoild their children...priya asks nuts her helping hand in sorting out her problems and in collecting the proof and make ram to realise his mistake of believing cunning fellows everytime..
Next day morning
ram was ready and did not want to ve his breakfast without his as soon as possible he wantd to see his priya and tell her everything which he thinks that was not cleard by him personally...and by now he is feeling guilty for making priya feel stress and he personally wantd to bring back his priya ,decides to go to sharma house..
sharma house
morning priya and nuts get up with a plan to do something and goes out to collect some information..after they leave ram enters sharma house ...he knocks the door thinking that his priya will open but unfortunately shipra opens the door and tells ram that both nuts and priya went somewhere ..and she does not know where did they go...ram becomes annoyed and thinks that they must ve gone to hospital and calls suhani to find about priya but to his surprise suhani says priya maam did not come to ram is in a worry and eagerto know priyas where abouts...he calls nuts on her ph
Rajeev(juhis ex husband)office
priya and nuts are waiting inthe reception area waiting for rajeev...when rajeev comes they were called inside his cabin..then priya starts questioning abt his and juhis relation and break up..then rajeev tells them that frm the day one of their marriage juhi wantd rajeeve to become successful businessman and to earn lots of money...rajeev in the  early stages of his marriage was not a successful businesss man as he lost so much of money in business and juhi did not like that ...everyday she has one demand to be fulfilld which was not in his slowly they startd to fight everyday...and finally one day juhi has come up with the proposal of divorse which he was dead against...but he was forced to give her divorse as she told him that he can ve the custody of their daughter naina...but after some days when she has settld in the KM ,she sent me court notice for the custody of our naina..rajeev was shockd and came to know later that she convinced ram in such a way that for the sake of naina he agreed to marry juhi...juhi is such a bitch ...rajeev reveald the utter truth of juhi to priya and nuts its their turn to get a shock and to know the clear intensions of juhi and how she tried to b in the good books of ram by making ram to feel that she has really taken good care of his children in priyas absence...with this information priya was feeling very sorry for ram and wantd to teach juhi a lesson which was very much imp...

ram on the other hand tries to call nuts but as her phone is in silent mode she did not hear rams call...

Pls do comment to know whether to continue or not...
Thanks and regards
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You are the only one who wrote things in a sensible way without getting biased to particular char
Cont soon
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Posted: 2013-11-09T11:08:06Z
Loved ur update...!!!

Hope all these hppn in serial too...!!

Pls do contn..!!
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Posted: 2013-11-09T11:21:43Z
Very good...
Hope this track goes as u predicted..,
Continue soon...
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Posted: 2013-11-09T11:26:28Z
continue sooon.keep writing more.
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Posted: 2013-11-09T13:52:20Z

Part 1
really diffreant story from others & intersting enjoyed it a lot do post next soon will be waiting to see if u can...

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Don't mind dear but i think u should not continue with this foolish story because i think Juhi is a good person..She does not want to come between Ram and Priya...She just loves her daughter and wants her safe..That is it...Juhi's Character is positive and after watching the latest promo i truly think that Priya talked with Juhi in a surly way.It was very unpleasant and Priya should not talk like this...Juhi loves Pihu like her own daughter and Priya is jealous of Juhi...So i am in Juhi's side but don't thinkthat I am a juhi fan...I am a pure RaYa fan...But i am judging Juhi by being neutral...I am just saying that Priya is wrong.I am not pointing Sakshi...Priya's character is now soo different than earlier...When they took 9 years leap Priya's character turned into a typical Indian Maa..She always suspects at Peehu which i not goood.Plz dear not continue..
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