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Doosri Baar I LOVE YOU- by amrit02


Green Room

It was a beautiful evening..Priya clad in a yellow coloured chiffon saree stood in the balcony watering the plants..She had a huge grin on her pretty face..These days she was glowing like anything..Her life seemed so changed..so new..so special..And all this had happened due to one person..someone very special for her.actually the most special..and he was none other than her dashing husband..Ram..for her he was her Mr Kapoor..The man who changed her life her way of living..

They started on the lines of compromise..then a bond of friendship..and now life has taken a beautiful turn...They have fallen for each other..deeply truly and madly..she never thought she would fall for him...the perfect punjabi desi ghee man...but what can be done...his heart and care won her...

One week ago they moved a step ahead and took their beautiful relation to another level...They became one a week ago on 12th March..and the memories of that wonderful night are still alive in their hearts..


Priya held the railing and looked at the outside world..It was noisy and so much active..But she was calm and composed from within..She smiled broadly and started humming a song

Tose Naina Lage Piya Saawre
Nahi Man Mein Ab Ye Jiya Saawre
Mohabbat To Ek Jaaveda Zindagi Hai
Tose Man Jo Laaga Mili Zindagi

She entered the bedroom...and sat on the edge of the bed..She thought of making a call to her husband..But somehow she couldnt

Her eyes fell on his photoframe kept on the side table..she picked it up..

Priya-Aisa kya dekh rahe hai aap..dont think that I am missing you..wo to bas aise hi..Apko ek secret batau Mr Kapoor..apse ek pal ke liye bhi door jaane ka man nahi karta..dil karta hai bas apko hi dekhte jau aur apke bhot kareeb rahu..you mean the world to me.kitne khaas hai aap mere liye ye main shaayad kabhi aapse keh naa pau par I hope aap zarur samajh jayenge..Its been one week Mr Kapoor..last week apne mujhe I love you kaha tha pehli baar..aur uske baad...she kept on blushing..


She kept the photoframe closed to her heart and laid down on the bed..and again started humming the song...

Kapoor Industries

Ram Kapoor..dressed in black suit and highly polished Italian shoes was trying his best to concentrate on his work but he couldnt..The reason was..his beautiful wife Priya..he was missing her badly..

He took out his phone from his coat's pocket and kept on staring at the wallpaper..It was of Priya..
His lips curled into a broad smile..

Ram-I miss you Priya..kya tum bhi mujhe..call karu tumhe...kar hi leta hu..

He called her..she was still lying on the bed hugging his photo..she picked her cell phone..It flashed Mr Kapoor..her happiness knew no bounds..she answered his call

Ram-hi..kya kar rahi thi
Priya-main..she realized her state..and immediately got up and sat on the bed..kuch bhi nahi book padh rahi thi..and bit her tongue

Ram-oh so I disturbed you..sorry you carry on
Priya-nahi..last page tha ho gya mera padhna..


Priya-ap kya kar rahe the
Ram-nothing just thought of calling you
Priya-nice..aj ka mausam kitna acha hai na Mr Kapoor
Ram-hmm priya hum drive pe chale aaj
Priya-han sure ap aa jaiye
Ram-main aata hu bas abhi aa raha hu
Priya-i am waiting come soon

She got up and moved to the wardrobe..she took out a red saree that Ram gifted her two days back...she didnt like red but Ram loved Red

so today she wanted to dress for him look the best for him she wanted to surprise him...


Next Half

Priya stood in front of the dressing table..clad in a blood red chiffon saree with backless blouse dressed to kill Ram with her looks today..Red was now symbol of love for her..she was in love so she accepted red...after all this particular cloth was gifted by her darling husband!

She wore red bangles and red bindi..was applying lipstick on her luscious lips..just then her man her husband entered the room..His quick and noisy footsteps were a proof of his desperacy and eagerness to see his beautiful wife..

He went to the changing room and his eyes were glued on her..he couldnt take his eyes from the view...

She saw him standing behind her through the mirror...her heart skipped a beat! And lips curled into a slight smile.. His eyes shone with contentment..and his heartbeats started pacing like anything!

She turned to face him..he looked at her from head to toe..and folded his hands across his chest and gave his killer and deadly smile.
She got confused and moved her hands on her saree


Priya-aap aise kyu dekh rahe hai..kuch gadbad ho gayi kya..

Ram stepped forward..
Ram-let me check..bindi lipstick chudiyaa saree..red..hmm tum to Dirty picture ki Vidya Balan lag rahi ho..and he giggled

Priya was shocked-what! Saari jaan laga di maine aaj ready hone mein and mere pati mere hi saamne mujhe dekh kar kisi aur aurat ko yaad kar rahe hai..hadd hai Mr Kapoor..jaaiye main nahi jaungi aapke sath kisi drive pe!

Ram moved closer-you sure
Priya-han 100% sure..and was about to leave the place

just then Ram held her through her shoulders..and made his grip tighter on her..
Priya-chodiye na Mr Kapoor
Priya-please jaane dijiye i have to change
Ram-tumna paagal ho poori..
She looked into his blue eyes
Ram-tumhari saamne Vidya ka naam le raha hu ye yaad hai but ye bhool gayi ke tumhare ek baar kehne par dauda bhaaga aa gaya tumhare paas...he looked at his watch..12 minute me aa gaya..jaanti ho kyu because i so wanted to see you..tumhare paas aana chahta tha yar...


Priya had tears in her eyes-sach keh rahe hai ap
Ram-tumhe chookar jhoot bola hai kabhi..
Ram thought-kitna kuch kehna hai tumse priya par tumhare saamne bolti hi band ho jaati hai
Priya-kaha kho gaye aap
Ram-nahi kahi bhi nahi
Priya-am i looking like a dumbo
Ram-are you mad..main bata nahi sakta tum kitni sudar lag rahi ho..ye saree maine tumhe di thi na and you said k koi special din tum isi pehnogi..
Priya-ji aj ka din bhot khaas hai hum dono ke liye isliye ye saree..and she shyly looked down
Ram-acha ji to kya hai aj
Priya-haww main kyu batau..aap bataiye aaj kya hai
Ram-haha dont test me darling...Ram Kapoor hu main sab kuch yaad rehta hai mujhe..

Priya-to bataiye na main apke muh se sunna chahti hu
Ram shyly smiled-thik ek hafte pehle priya tum maim i mean hum humari dooriya..
Priya turned red-han han bas..apko yad hai thats more important for me..ab chaliye dinner ready hai khaana khaakar chalte hain...

Ram-nahi usse pehle kuch kehna hai tumse priya...


Ram-Priya wo..and he stopped
Priya-kya boliye na
Ram-today i missed you alot Priya..i know its sounds very funny and wannabe lover types but still yar..aaj kaam me mera bilkul man nahi lag raha tha sirf tumhara chehra hi nazar aa raha tha har jagah..i could sense your presense around me..tumna meri aadat bigaad rahi ho Priya..tumhare bina kab kahi man hi nahi lagta hai..ye pata nahi kya ho raha hai mere saath...tumse pyaar hone ke baad kuch nazar hi nahi aata hai..

She kept on looking at him with love-i too missed you so much Mr Kapoor..and believe me jo bhi ho raha hai bhot khoobsoorat ehsaas hai..its pure sacred and special

Ram slipped his hand under her bare waist and pulledher closer..there was hardly any gap between their bodies..Both looked deep into each others eyes

Priya-Mr kapoor ye
Ram kept his finger on her lips-I love you Priya...i love you so much..Tears appeared in hereyes-kya kaha apne
Ram-wahi jo tumne suna..and please yar aaj 3 times repeat mat karana..and winked..


Priya grinned-ok aj repeat nahi karaungi
Ram-bhot bhook lag rahi hai i'll change and come
Priya-ji everything is ready

Ram changed into white shirt and blue denims..and came to the bedroom
Ram-khana kaha hai Priya
she came to him and held his hand and pulled him to the balcony

Priya-dinner is ready

A round table was laid in the balcony lit with candles..
Ram-nice..am suprised..thankyou
Priya-you liked it
Ram-i loved it
Priya pulled a chair for him..he tookhis seat..she too took her seat..

Ram got a bit emotional-you know Priya...saari zindagi maine sabke liye kuch na kuch kiya hai..and today you did all this for me..i cant express my happiness Priya

She smiled and kept her hand on his..Good times have started Mr Kapoor for both of us..and from now onwards there is no looking back..humara aaj bhot khoobsoorat hai and i am sure humara aane wala kal isse bhi kahi zyada sundar hoga..

Ram noded a yes-jab tum kehti ho to vishwas ho hi jaata hai


After the dinner
Ram-chale Priya

In The Car
Priya-ye to bataiye hum jaa kaha rahe hai
Ram-ye to muje bhi nahi maaloom dekhte hai kaha tak jaa sakte hai..and smiled
Priya-kitna badal gaye hain ap Mr Kapoor..is ek hafte mein mujse ek baar bhi jhagda nahi kiya apne meri har baat maani hai apne..kya baat hai..aap to bhot ache pati bante jaa rahe hai

Ram-haha..wo to main hu and kabhi complaint ka koi mauka bhi nahi doonga tumhe..har khushi dunga jo tum deserve karti ho..samjhi madam

Priya-baaki sab to pata nahi but aap par bhot trust hai mujhe and i know ap mujhe bhot khush rakhenge koi choice nahi hai na rakhna hi padega..eklauti biwi hu aapki..har nakhra sehna padega

Ram-han han chalega..
Priya-dekhte hai

Just then she saw a pani puri center..
Priya-stop the car
The car came to a sudden hault
Ram-what happened
Priya-mujhe gol gappe khaane hai
Ram-noways Priya..its too unhygenic..nahi tum nahi khaogi
Priya-Please yar mera man kar raha hai...


Ram-tumhe kisi 5 star hotel me khilwa dunga yar but yaha se nahi
Priya-yahi se khaana hai matlab yahi se ok..and she stepped out of the car
Ram-ye kya hai yar..and he too came out of the car

Priya went to the center and spoke to pani puri wala
Priya-bhaiya pani puri khilaaye to
Bhaiya-ji madam saahab bhi khayenge
Ram-nahi nahi ye sab main nahi khaata
Priya-arey khaayenge ye bhi main dekhti hu kaise nahi khayenge

Ram softly-just look at him Priya isne gloves bhi nahi pehne hai..yucky
Priya-stop making faces Mr Kapoor saari India me Panipuri famous hai and aap hai ki..
Prya took the plate with the pani
puri and ate the first one-hmm its yumm...kya banaate ho aap bhaiya bhot badhaiya
Bhaiya-shukriya madam..and gave the next one

Priya took her hand with pani
puri to Ram-aaa kijiye..aur gapp se khaa lijiye
Ram-nai mujhe nahi khaana
Priya rolled her eyes-arey open your mouth
Helpless Ram had no other option,he opened his mouth and Priya fed him...


Priya-kaisa hai
Ram-acha hai shayad tumhare haathon se khaakar aur zyada yummy ho gaya hai
She turned crimson red
Ram-kya ho gaya tum to puri laal ho gayi ho itni blushing karogi to kaise chalega han
Priya-aap nahi samjhenge Mr Kapoor apki kahi hui har baat ka kya asar hota hai mujhpe

After a few more pani puris..Ram made the payment and both left the place..

In The Car
Priya-thanks Mr Kapoor
Ram-kis liye
Priya-for everything..jo bhi aap karte hai sab kuch ke liye bada wala thank you
Ram smiled-you're welcome Mrs Kapoor..
Priya-jab aap mujhpar haq jataate hai meri parwaah karte hai to bhot acha lagta hai i feel so special..

She looked down and was about to cry..He kept his hand on hers..and held it firmly-main humesha tumhare saath rahunga Priya..tumhara saaya bankar tumhare saath chalunga..

She looked at him and mimed a thankyou

Just then his eyes fell on something..and he brought the car to hault!

Ram-gaadi se utro priya
Both stepped out...


Ram-udhar dekho
Priya looked to the other side
There was an old couple sitting on a bench sharing one kulfi and laughing..

Priya smiled looking at the couple-kitne ache lag rahe hai dono ek saath jaise aas pas kya hai kaun hai kuch farq hi nahi padta

Ram-itni umar hone ke baad bhi dono me kitna pyar hai ek doosre ki kitni parwaah hai un dono ko

Ram-you know what Priya
Ram-tum wo ho jiske saath i want to grow old...tumhare saath boodha hona chahta hu..jab mere hair grey ho jaayenge jab main dentures use karne lagunga jab mere ghutno me dard hoga tab mujhe kuch nahi chaiye...sirf tumhe apne saath dekhna chahta hu..apne kareeb mujhe sambhalti hui meri Priya..bas yahi sapna hai..and i know Priya main chahe jitna bhi mota ho jau you wont stop loving me...tum humesha mere pas rahogi and jab main apni aakhri saans lu to wo bhi tumhe dekhkar..

Priya was in tears-dont say like that...i will always be with you
no matter what happens...


Ram took her in his embrace..and wrapped his arms around her..
Ram-pakka na
Priya-ofcourse koi doubt ho to nikaal dijiye apne man se is janam me to kya agle 7 janmo tak peecha nahi chodne wali hu apka

Ram looked at her and moved closer to her lips-to kisne bola han..and moved more closer..
Priya kept her finger on his lips-yaha nahi ghar chaliye fir..ok..
Ram was disappointed-your wish is my command darling...chalo

The End..

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lovely os...
season 1 ki yaad agaye
do write more

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rayalicious.loved it
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Posted: 2013-11-06T03:49:23Z
wo hooo wowClapClap after long time I read an update which is exactly we wanted like season 1 episode nok jhokWink as if the characters were playing in front of me...thank you so muchHug we will be so overwhelmed to read OS like this thank you so much for this updateTongue keep writing ...really very nice I loved it Clap
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awesome os...!!!!Embarrassed
so much like season1Smile
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it was so cute ram love priya so much and care for herl
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Originally posted by 123fiza1

lovely os...
season 1 ki yaad agaye
do write more

thank u
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Originally posted by bpatil3

rayalicious.loved it
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