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Posted: 2013-11-04T13:49:44Z
hey beautiful peoples how are you? i know i was missing for long while but the peehu track leaps had took on my nerves although i watched the show wasn't active on forum hope you guys forgive me
so here a small os on our loved Raya after todays epi what i felt it could have been hope it doesn't bores you
she saw the papers DIVORCE they mentioned
her life spun like a wheel all the moments flshed in front of her their friendship , their trust , their understanding and their love .
she was confused if it all was true if they had ended moreover he has ended the relationship how is it possible she can see the same love and care in his eyes
she was busy in her thoughts when she reached their room , she felt she was safe and she was loved but yes 7years is bit long and your family has moved on
she tried to distract her mind until he came and she talked she took some albums and the photos made her mind  more numb
she wasn't there it reminded wht she has missed in last 7 years
the photos of pari myra peehu naina and ram and juhi , she was watching a perfect family in the photo
tears rolled down on her cheek and she didn't even realised ram was there looking at her
he slowly walked to her and sat on the edge of the bed , she felt him her head shot up to look him into his eyes
rrr aaa ...mmm only her lips were able to speak or mumble through the sobs and hick ups, he gave her a glass of water and took her in hug
hhe knew words would just spoil she needed some assurance the topic can be discussed later whatever it was
she looked at him and asked  are we divorced
she expected him to panic about how she found out , she expected him to loo for excuse but instead she saw a certain relief on his face
his gaze still with the love and care and sparkle she saw every time he looked at her she was really confused now
ram took a long breath and just took her hand in his and placed it on his chest
look priya you know me better than me an you can just make it out If I a lying or saying the truth do you think the piece of paper can end our relationship just answer priya yes or no
she just nodded a no she was unable to speak anything a lump formed in her throat the moment he had kept her hand on his chest she knew he was hers in all manner she didn't needed any proof but she was inable to word it out and stop so she let him be
he started again priya naina was been forced to live with juhis ex husband I have treated her like our daughters only juhi helped me for 7years for taking care of our children peehu,pari , myra khush .
they were craving for mothers love for past 7years but juhi managed to make it little bearable
when custody case came siddharth and juhi were to be married in first place but siddharths backroung made it worst and nainas custody went to her dad and as I had suggested I felt guilty also peehu wanted e to move on looking at our condition and I had promised if she gets married I will also marry juhi
priya don't even think it was any kind of attraction or anything but I did that only to bring naina back as it was my fault she had to suffer
sudheerji and I discussed t I took your thimb impression but till last moment I was in dilemma whether I was doing it right because the paper cannot end the relation
for me you were mrs.ram kapoor and strangely we were in same hall I went and stood by the window asking you to help like everytime and you did I got a message you were critical and rest you know
I wanted to fil you with this as soon as you gained your memory but suhani stopped me believe me there was nothing else
she gently took her hand from his grip and stood on her shaky legs
he thought she is angry and is leaving
he knelt down and sobbed hard why was life so hard for him he got his love so late and fate played cruel game when they were together he never valued the time with her and then he almost lost her when she came back he lost her again
he was all busy inhis thoughts suddenly he felt her next to him
he saw she was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at him with tears beaming in her eyes and he saw that yes love was still there and there was pride
he was confused before he could utter anything she said in her cool voice ram get up and sit here this isn't the age to do all this your knees will pain
she had that mischievous smile on her lips
he sat next to her and was listening to what she said
ram I know you wont leave me even when death cannot break us apart how can the paper do I have faith in you the moment you kept my hand on your heart I knew I was there still and i only i will be there forever the reasons whatever may be but i know you wont do unless your soul gave permission and i know you cannot do anything wrong we are meant to be together destiny comes and tries our patience tests out love but we prove we were and we are meant to be forever
with that she leaned forward to kiss him she stopped when her lips were just touching his lips she murmured " i went to close the door its not good our kids find out that we were kissing like teenagers " before he could react on her words with shock she had sealed his lips with hers
ram was happy he was blessed with priya and now when he got her back he knew they will be together forever.
the kiss was just a way o showing how perfect they were for each other their souls were connected to each other ...
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Posted: 2013-11-04T16:39:17Z
Superb OS... Thank you
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Posted: 2013-11-04T18:21:29Z
Back with a bang !!
welcome back snehal HugHug
missed your writing 
awieee loved the way you put up the scene..just loved it
ram's fear of losing priya again was soo realistic...
lovely os Thumbs UpHeart
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Posted: 2013-11-04T19:35:17Z
awesome raya love and trust is fab
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Posted: 2013-11-05T00:51:33Z
lovely OS
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Posted: 2013-11-05T04:32:30Z

awww whome i seeing OMG Snehal u r back... i m so happy yaar just too gud... plz don't be sorry aur ab jaab aa hi gayi ho don't go anywhere yaar plz... & abt OS way too gud hai yaar just mind blowing i enjoyed each & every thing in this... Ram's fear of lossing Priya is so real just mind blowing i wish Ram had said all things to Priya but he just uttered half truth hope this don't demaged their relation in future... waiting more from u post them ASAP u can... aur plz ab kahin mat jana...
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Posted: 2013-11-05T09:25:16Z
OMG... Snehal welcome back girl. missed you babes.
Thanks for the Pm.
Coming to the Os. well well you have neatly penned down Priyas emotions and Rams explanation.
I loved the last one the way he kneeled down. our sherni went to close the door. Awww remembered March 12 th confession. loved it totally. thankyou once again. love you. Keep posting your works.
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Posted: 2013-11-05T10:51:48Z
did you notice u said about priya watching ram pihu myra pari naina and juhi photo together and it happened so today
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