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Since the current episodes of Metti Oli are not interesting, let's write the past episodes and make it as interesting as possible. We tried this once earlier and it was a lot of fun. Depending on the number of responses (and not the number of views), I will continue this thread.

Remember, the episodes have to follow this cycle (most of the times):

Someone gets slapped
Rajam/Ravi koothu
Religious thingy (temple visit, BP, naming ceremony, 60th b'day, coming of age...)
Someone needs money

Once we get sufficient people to contribute, I will lay out new rules to make it even further interesting. Game, everyone?

Note: For the first 50 episodes, go to and click on 'Nakkal Updates'.

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Episode i51

Preamble: (this is getting to be tough since lots of characters are big already– I don't think I can do this anymore) Young neckless couple are praying – as usual loudly – in front of God. They thank the Gods for blessing them with a son, and hope they could be good parents. Voiceover: Guess who?

Once again they repeat the last few scenes of the last episode, where M swaps the babies, the nurse hides and Kamatchi Paati looks at her from a distance.

Rajam coughs and stirs, and M shows lots of concern and pats her, thereby waking her up. Rajam asks if he ate and says "Vazhap pazham…", and he asks her not to worry, and she turns and looks at the baby (Meena's) and with a sigh, goes back to sleep. Don't know if she sighed about the banana. The nurse uses the cough as an excuse to come in, and asks M to leave the 'patients' alone so that they can rest. M leaves in a huff, and Kamatchi hides from him, and peeps inside. The Nurse now swaps the babies, pats them and says a short prayer – yes, aloud – to 'Ende Guruvayoorappa'. Paati chews her tobacco as she watches in horror.

Forgot to mention: Add Dhum…Dhum…Dhum…

Kathir's house – another forgettable koothu.  Kumar comes back with a sad face. Eswari + hands comes forward eagerly and asks him why he looked so down, and he replies – 3 years is a long time for a couple to be separted. Eswari starts crying and says where did Mama go away for 3 years, and Kumar realizes that they were talking about missing Lax. He blinks for sometime and asks them if they had reported to the police station, and she says that they were waiting for him to return from his fact-finding mission. Muthu asks if anybody realized that there was nothing to eat at this house. Once again Kathir speaks too late and asks Eswari to come with him to the station. Muthu clears her throat, and Kathir asks Kumar sternly to take care of cooking.

Jeyamani intercepts the nurse and asks her if he can go and see his son. The nurse shudders briefly, and he asks her for the reason. The Nurse has a flashback:

Rajam is in labour pain, and the nurse & lady doctor ask her to bear a little longer since the baby seemed to be in the way. The doctor exclaims that the baby seems to be adamant not to come out, and asks the nurse to fetch the other doctor. Nurse asks Rajam if a male doctor was okay, and she replies that any munda kannan was okay. The Nurse returns with the male doctor, and the child is born in no time. The lady doctor picks up the child who slaps her face.

End flashback.

Jeyamani: Ada Kadavule, is this also possible? Nurse: Don't worry, your son did not give any problems. J: But I see so many mischievous kids at school, none like this. N (as she walks away): I haven't seen a baby like this in so many years.

J is in deep thought for a minute, and then realizes that the Nurse didn't tell him if it was okay to visit Meena & kid. He paces for some more time.

Dhum…Dhum…Dhummm: Paati looks around with a lot of trepidation and goes into the room.


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Posted: 2005-05-19T06:49:53Z
due to the power of editing, it will be that J & M have not aborted 2 girls - that will happen in the future - it won't be shown and it would've happened in the 1 year that has whizzed by. ss & Lady sivasami - surprise!
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Posted: 2005-05-23T18:53:00Z
Ramesh that was fantastic -  dont tell me that the constable  will make another infant swap -  namba update padikkaravanga mandaiyai pichindu odanum!!! enakke apdi irukke!!! will wait for u and MO to set this right  and stabilise - kathir + eas + hands - i really liked that !!!
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Posted: 2005-05-24T04:20:57Z

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Had to log in 7-8 times. AngryAngry

Barney/Barley, 'go somewhere' in his career'? Ramesh, you went somewhere! I think your flashback fitted in very well.

Don't know if I will have time for a nakkal update today. Haven't got time for the regular update yet (and edit out Ramesh's Friday update - which was of course, super).

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Posted: 2005-06-01T01:53:53Z
aiyoda sami - intha thread open panrathukkulle rendu kannum thaniya veliye vanthachu pa -  waiting for the next one from MO.
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Posted: 2005-06-08T23:26:52Z

Fat, short man
is on the phone yakking about his wealth - Anna, we are a well off parambarai, are you sure you want to give your only daughter to this family? Have you seen the way the old man is shaking all the time? The son does not have any job and has thiruttu muzhi. Their son-in-law looks like he just swallowed a can of asafoetida.
Voice over: Guess who this man is.

Kamatchi is talking to Jeyamani about the raasa and the nurse walks by for no apparent reason. J asks her if he can see the boy, and the nurse shudders once again. Kamatchi starts to asks why, and J silences her with a wave of his hand and shifts his weight. The nurse sighs and says he can see his baby, but without disturbing the mothers.

C comes home and issues a heh heh heh at the milkman who gets up reverently and says kumbiren aiyya. C says that this oor mannu was his biggest love and that all the people were like his family. Milkman starts 'my buffalo' and C says even the animals from AK are close to his heart and he prays for their welfare everyday. The milkman's face lights up and says that his erumai had problems, and C cuts in with his porumai advice and says it will bring the milkman perumai. The milkman is concerned that his beast will undergo torture in this household, and looks helplessly at Bose. C carries on...

[quote]Note: baby switches so far:
M - switches babies, nurse watches
Nurse swaps babies - paati watches (back to normal)
paati - swaps babies - constable watches.[/quote]

J goes into the room with a big smile and Rajam says thoo and turns her face. J kinda hesitates, then eagerly walks up to Meenakshi. They look into each other's eyes for some time, and he asks her to take complete rest. While she sighs and smiles, Rajam facing the wall mutters that how can people take rest when mullamaries barge in and disturb everyone. The kid near Meenakshi kicks his feet angrily, while the other kid smiles at J.

Lax is at home, exagerrating his troubles to Eswari and Gopi. Muthu comes over and asks them to wrap it up, and check if Kumar needs help with the samayal.

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Posted: 2005-06-09T00:58:13Z
MO I can understand the effect of saro's " thoo" in the last 2 episodes - now rasam can claim that she said the word much before saro did and so this sirukki didnt find any new word!!!  The nurse's shuddering is good - the woman hater baby can cause that in anyone i guess - good touch. Muthu did a good job of shepherding her brood , sad that she died soon and left Kathir to shake around for everything. is this episodei53?
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