OS-monday's take

Posted: 2013-11-02T23:24:53Z

its on request of Nilima ji ..

again challenging one..yaar i dont want to separate Ram and Priya ..but let see ..at the last what is waiting...

starting with precap scene

Priya cladded with a blue saree..sat at the mid of the room..down her head ..

Ram entering happily in  his world now..as priya is there ..

Priya bache kaha hai?

Priya who was lost  in her thought .

Ram  went close to her ..and kept his hand on her shoulder..R u ok? tabiyat to thik haina tumhari?

ya firse  meri chasme k liye koi natak kar rehi ho..

dekho u can do everything what u r want but aab ye natak mat karo plz yaar ..mera to jaan hi nikal jata hai ..

Priya calmly removed his hand from her shoulder..but still now she is in her same posture..

Ram was little bit of confused with her behavior..but as a caring husband he is more worried about her health..and suddenly he remeberd his conversation with suhani..that no stress for Priya ..to ligtening her  mood Ram asked : kya huya Mrs.Kapoor ..apne Mr.Kapoor se gussa hai aap?

this Mrs.Kapoor was enough  for Priya to burst out ..

I am not Mrs.Kapoor..i am not at all..

Ram in disbileve: what?

showing the divorce paper Priya asked: humara divorce hogaya hai ..Mr.Kapoor? boliye na ..r we divorced now..one silent drop of tears rolled down from  her eyes ..as well as Ram's too ...

Ram realized what a mistake he had done ..but this is not the time for realization..this is the time for rectification

Ram closed his eyes  with all courages he uttered ..dekho Priya ..the situation was different ..u have to understand all first ..

Priya  is back in her mood..as a wife  she is hurt ..and as a woman she is  ashamed herself..she was the one who felt guilty to share some moments when Ayesha was his wife though legally she had the right on Ram..but now the situation is totally different one..she has no right on Ram..her man.her Mr.Kapoor..what ever the reason was Mr.Kapoor snatched her right from herself...still unknowingly she is sharing same bed..she kept fast for him on kc..which is a very sacred rituals for a married woman..and she is not married at all ..and was keeping fast for her ex husband.. Ex ..never ever in her life time she imagines that she has to use the ex prefix before the husband word for her ..Ram was,is and will be her husband only ..but ex..no  she cant imagine still now..

Priya : i just answer from u ..am i divorcee?

her question pinched Ram's heart..though he did a great mistake but even he cant bare the question from Priya..PRiya is his love..only love of his life ..for whom he can leaeve his daughters behind..

but in his second thought ..he composing himself ..realized the situation that ..he has to be calm for PRiya ..and whatever she is asking ..she is very much right in her way..

Ram clatched her hand..and kept it on his chest just on the heart,, at the right place  which beats only for Priya ..even Priya can feel the unspoken words of her Mr.Kapoor by these beats..

dekho Priya kuch ristey kagaj ki hoti hai ..kuch dil ke ..ha..ye sach hai ..k  legaly aab hum divorced hai..but tum khud mere aakhon me dekho and dilse pucho ..kya tumhe lagta hai ..k hum divorced hai ..

Priya was numb..no words came from her..as she  is confused.confused in between her heart and her mind..her mind was wandering with all the chippy words of Rajiv..and her heart says ..Ram is only  hers..no one has the right on him,..

flash back

Rajiv: hi Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor.

Priya: aap kaun?

Rajiv:main...aapki friend juhi ki...bohut aacha frind hu..

Priya: wo nice to meet u..

Rajiv: hmm..same here .btw..juhi to aap sabke sath hi rehti hai na .

Priya: ha kyun?

Rajiv: nehi aisa hi..uski ek beti bhi hai..wo bhi bohut sweet hai..to soch raha tha ..uski husband kaha hai.

Priya was feeling uncomfortable with his presence she tried to move from there ..but suddenly she said to him..dont worry uski husband matlab hone wale husband bhi humare sath hi rehta hai..and...

Rajiv: aapke sath...aabhi bhi Ram KApoor shadi karne wala hai kya? and smiling badly

Priya : was shocked what ..what r u talikng ..have u any idea baout that ..

Rajiv: yes Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor.oopss sorry ..now u r only Priya ..Miss Priya .

Priya : u r disgusting ..u dont have any idea ,,what u r talking,,

Rajiv gave her the divorce paper..and said i did not say lie to ..just have a look..

Priya looked at those paper and shatterd ..only heard Rajiv's some more words..

not only that Juhi admitted herself that ,,they r in a living relationship from seven years ..hope u do understand they r means Ram Kapoor ur ex husband and juhi..( friend to be very frank ..first time my hands r shiverung to write something like that )

asap Priya left the place..

Ram: did  u hear me ..do u understand what i wanted to tell u..

Priya : sach kahu mr.Kapoor ..married hall k bahar main jo bhi baat kar rehi thi..wo sare teaasing this...i did not mean a single bit for u .tears r rolling down from her eyes..coze i trust u ..i have faith on u..more over i have faith on my love..

Ram: to priya why r u behaving like this way ..

PRiya : yes i have faith that's the only reason i am discussing this with u..nehi to main kab kapoor mantion chd ke chali jati..kaun hai meri  ..7 saal Mr.Kapoor sath saal baad jab main coma se bahar ayi ..i got to know that ..i lost my memory ..i was  worried about myself..yes i was worried about urself too..but aapki pyar ne mujhe dilasa di k koi ho ya na ho mera pati hai mere paas..apni hi betiya ..mujhse dar rehe the ..they were scaring..though one of them was the sole reason for all that ..firbhi ek maa hone k naate main maaf kardi sabko.. fri bhi main seh payi sab kuch ..coz u were with me..at the end of the end..aapki pyar mujhe sab bhula diya ..as a husband u were caring bout me..but as a husband..? we r not in this realation..tell me na Mr.Kapoor kya relation hai hum dono ki ..tell me na ..priya burst out in anger ..

Ram trying to console her ..keeping his hand on her shoulder..Priya dekho aisa kuch nehi hai..

Priya removing his hands..: kya nehi hai ..hum dono aab shadi suda nehi hai ..to kaunsi ristose aap mujhe aapne hi room me rakh rehe hai..kya hu mai aapki jindegi me.?

Ram: priya i love u ..u have to understand my condition..

Priya : what condition..i never doubted on u that u were in a living relation ship with juhi..never ..itna varosa to aap hai meri..

Ram: what? what r u talikng..

Priya: ye s u heard right juhi said this in police station..but i dont doubted on u in this matter ..aapki aankhen..apki dil ki dhadkan kabhi jhut nehi bol sakta hai..and it shows that u loved and love only me..but i want my dignity..why we r in same room..we r not husband and wife now so why we r   and tried to move from there ..

Ram clatching her wrist .where r u going?

Priya: main guest room me jaa rehi hu ..

Ram: why u doing this Priya..why?

Priya: removing her mangal sutra from her neck..ye bohut sacred chiz hai ..sirf ek shadi suda aurat hi ise use kar sakti hai..main nehi keep this with u Mr.Kapoor..

and left the room..

Ram was shattered too..but he made some calls..

the night was sleepless for both of them..Ram sent medicines..and dinner in the guest room for her ..but Priya refused to take a single bit..

at morning when all r in breakfast table..just Ram and Priya were missing..

one lawyear came

juhi was thinking that he came only for her daughter custidy case,,again she is pleased with Ram's caring nature ..and increases  her  love for Ram..

Ram was headind towards the lawyaar .

Ram: wo aap aagaye..and thank u very much to arrange all this in a very short notice..

lawyaar: no sir its only for u ..( the power of buisness tycoon)

Ram: with a farm voice ..Peehu ..guest room PRiya hai ..jus call her ..main bula raha hu ..and its urgent ..

all were shocked to know this Priya is in guest room..

and juhi was  little bit pleased and confused too..she does not have the idea what isoing to take place now..

Priya was coming from guest room..juhi trying to ask him..

Ram ye lawyaar ..acanak..

Ram: r u my family member ? r u  a meber of kapoor family..no right ..u did  enough for us juhi..and i am gratefull to u for all these ..in sath saalon me tumne bacho ko dekhi..is  kapoor mantion ki har ek ki help ki ho..really i am thank  full to u..but tumne Priya ki place lene k ki baad bhi nehi sochna..never in ur dream..aur mere life me to nehi..i dont know bachhe tumhare bade me kya sochte hai..but for me ,u r just Priya's friend nothing more that ..agar if u want un leave this place i will arrange for u and naina some where others as an employee of KI..and Naina for u ..dont cll me dad again..i gave u this oportunity that u were a kid ..but ur activites no ..not at all like that ..u r just like ur father ..

ok let it be Priya sign this paper.

Priya who was in tears..: kya hai ye?

Ram: u said na u trust me..so u cant give ur signature for me..

Priya signed those paper..without reading a single word there ..coz for her Ram means trust and trust means Ram..

aftr her signature ..Ram signed the paper too..and clutching her hand firmly he said

from today and on wards ..u r my legally wife..u had a problem na with this..now not a single paper can separate us..

and took mangal sutra from his coat pocket ..tied this on her neck..it is sacred and symbol of my well being ..my right on u..i never gave this to any one not even think so..our relation is sacred priya dont punish me like that by removing it..i want to see my Priya just in this way ...

I lo...  and seeing the sorroundings that all eyes r looking at them only..

room me chalo...

tada..hope u will like @nilima ji..

and all of u plz   comments de do ..

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Posted: 2013-11-03T00:02:31Z
Very very good.  Just superb. 

 Kash show mein bhi Ram aisa react karein!  But dont know what we are going to have.  Please cvs it is high time that we viewers want Ram to act in a sensible way.  Dont make the character this much dumb.  Thak gaye hum.

I was just thinking whether there will be an OS from u for this Monday.  Thank u for giving it.

Thanks for the pm.
Edited by lalmadhu - 2013-11-03T00:01:11Z
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Posted: 2013-11-03T00:06:33Z
wow drling too too too good.just awesm i liked it vry vry much..mujhe sach mai bohot bohot accha laga a os.n thanks for pm.Edited by sampa123 - 2013-11-03T00:07:05Z
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Posted: 2013-11-03T00:28:12Z
do uthink if this happen darma is end Wink
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Posted: 2013-11-03T01:33:34Z
fantastic OS Sanju, bt room me jane k baad kya hua ye to bolo ?????thx 4 PM
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Posted: 2013-11-03T01:33:37Z
Super duper... damn good yaar... Tongue
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Posted: 2013-11-03T01:16:05Z
nice atttempt Smile
it was very goodSmile
i hope k cvs bhi kuch aisa dekhayeSmile
thanks for the pm Smile
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Posted: 2013-11-03T02:40:47Z
Wow... Its awesome. U wrote very well

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