~The FF Awards Part Two!~

Posted: 6 years ago
Part Two
*Hershi (Smileyface) runs in*
Hershi: Ohmygosh, I'm late aren't I? I'm so sorry guys. Unhappy
Jot: *rolls eyes* Buddy, we haven't even started the Awards yet. We are now. Cool Welcome shelcome to the 'Fan Fiction Forum Awards 2013 - Part Deux' ladies and gentlemen! Approve 
Hershi: Yes, that's right! And here, we present to you the final set of awards - the Fan Fiction Awards!
Jot: And in case you guys are wondering.. who's this weirdo? I mean, who would have the username 'SMILEYFACE' for crying out loud? *shakes head* This is my new co-DT, new baby viewbie of the Fan Fictions Forum! *claps vigorously*
Hershi: *glares at Jot* Whatever. I don't like this girl anyway. Thumbs Down Okay FFians, let's get this show on the road shall we? Credits are posted at the very bottom but let's get to the awards first! Big smile

[FLASH WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=30]http://www.freewebs.com/dillmillgayye/Example/player2.swf?trackfile=http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/83f9vn3l2h/prabh_gill_ft._desi_routz_-_hassdi_nu_lyric_video_.mp3&title=FFAwards2013[/FLASH]
Note: Part One link has been posted in the Archive Thread.
Song: Hassdi Nu (Prabh Gill)

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Hershi: I'm just going to announce the award..
Jot: NO WAIT! We have to do some bakwaas first to waste time. Geek
Hershi: Oh acha. Let's sing that Campfire song SpongeBob sings?
Jot:..No thanks Hershi. You go ahead and embarrass yourself. I'll just announce the award..
My Prince Charming: ARHI FF
Hershi: Did you know that I'm a big fan of ARHI too guys? Big smile
Jot: Yeah, I think we can all tell from your avatar. Sleepy
Hershi: What's your problem with IPK Jot? Stern Smile
Jot: My problem? With IPK? Ermm Let's not talk about it in a forum filled with IPK lovers. LOL
Destroyed - ARHI FF
Jot: Woot! I love Z. Blushing
Hershi: That's called partiality Jot. Stern Smile
Jot: What is? Stern Smile
Hershi: What you're doing right now. Hmph.
Jot: Stern Smile *pushes Hershi off the stage* Jot doesn't follow rules. Cool
Careless Whispers
Jot: I'm getting so bored. And tired. *sits down*
Hershi: It's too bad it doesn't matter if you're tired or not. Everybody is kind of waiting for us to continue.
Jot: Well then, 'everybody' can come and do the awards themselves. Stern Smile
Hershi: Yeah, well.. now they're gonna call us the suckiest DT of IF.
Jot: Puleej. Everybody lubs me. Blushing

Let Me Love You
Hershi: Soo.. what's after these Fan Fiction Awards again?
Jot: The Popular Couples At The Forum Awards. Cool
Hershi: Why did you just type all that in capitals? Ermm
Jot: I have no idea! Shocked Weirddd. Shocked
Hershi: You know what else is weird? We both write FFs in the forum we moderate. Geek
Jot: Ohmygod.. that really is weird. Stern Smile ..and we don't even get time to update it so.. the thread is like.. lying there.. like a dead skeleton. Stern Smile
Hershi: Jot, skeletons are already dead.. Pinch Moving onnn..
Jot: So, I told Ravjot yesterday.. I'm like you shouldn't have taken VM buddy. And my god, Gur sucks at doing her DT job. Like, I can't believe she's GM.
Hershi: *looks around frantically* Jot, the mic is kind of on again. So.. STOP GOSSIPING.
Jot: Oh crap. Shocked I didn't say anything.. I love everybody. Hug
Hershi: Um, yeah. She does. I do too! OH LOOK! THE NEXT AWARD! Shocked
Married To The Best Friend
Hershi: I'm so sweet...
Jot: ..that you give people diabetes. ROFL
Hershi: JOT! That was NOT what I had told you to say! Angry
Jot:It wasn't? I heard diabetes. Otherwise, I'm such a acha bacha. Approve
Hershi:Grr. Whatever.
Married To British Raizada
Jot: Go Vani! Two awards in a row. Clap
Hershi: Phew! The FF Awards are done. Now, let's move onto the couple awards shall we? Big smile
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Jot: Man, I remember the good old shows. Unhappy None of the new shows can compare to the old ones. Like, Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai.. Blushing
Hershi: I'm a fan of Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai too! Big smile
Jot: Yay! Let's see which show won the Best Old Show Couple Award then?
Maan - Geet & Armaan - Ridhimma
(Geet Hui Sabse Parayi & Dill Mill Gayye)
Jot: Awwieee. Armaan. Blushing Armaan Malik Blushing
Hershi:Arnav. Blushing Arnav Singh Raizada.Blushing
Jot: Ugh, you just ruined it. Wacko Besides, no one beats Maan Singh Khurana when it comes to the angry young business man character. Cool
Hershi: Jot.. honestly. Stern Smile Announce the next award buddy.
Arnav - Khushi
(Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon)
Hershi: *dances* Well deserved!
Jot: *rolls eyes* Itna footage kyun kah rahi hai? Can we just announce the next awards and get outta here?
Hershi: We gotta bakwaas remember? Cool
Jot: Grr. I don't wanna bakwaas anymore. My Angad-Kripa didn't win the Old Show Couple Award, hence, I am unhappy. Unhappy
Hershi: Ohmygoodness Jot. Okay fine, I'll announce the next award
Asad - Zoya
(Qubool Hai)
Jot: YAYYY. This, I'm happy about. Sort of.. Ermm
Hershi: Sort of? You happy about anything Jotshot? Tongue
Jot:I'll be happy the day you shut up Oldie. Approve

Arnav - Khushi
(Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon)
Jot: OH! Before we leave, *pulls Hershi by her dress back onto stage* there's one more thing left!
Hershi:Which is? Hurry up. I'm hungry! Pinch
Jot: Geez. No appreciation. It's a surprise for YOU. Stern Smile
Hershi: REALLY? Shocked
Jot: Well, yeah. I thought what better way to welcome you to the forum than giving you a beautiful signature? Big smile
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Posted: 6 years ago

-Araina- (for sigs & vote counting)
gk_09 (for sigs)
starry.phoenix (for sigs)
appy_indy-KD (for sigs)
scarlet.moon (for sigs)
18shabbo (for sigs)
-.Preet.- (for vote counting)
lazyleaves (for vote counting)
-Alina. (for vote counting)
Maria. (for vote counting & FF DT logo)
AngelTeen (for vote counting)
-Chamkilli- (for vote counting)
Angel-Jot. (for organizing/writing up awards)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Congtats to winner
Arnav and khushi best couple all the time
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Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations to the winners Hug

And Jot *glares* I guess I need to work out the ABCs of the GM position especially for you :)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Please tell me why I sound like a blonde in here?!?!


ANYWHO...congratulations everyone!!! (WOOHOOO FOR ALL THE ARHI FANFICS THAT WON! And all the other ones as well haha) 

Arnav...Arnav Singh Raizada Blushing

I really should get back to writing my ff again LMFAO and maybe next year i will win something Big smile

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Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats to all the winners!PartyDancing
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