~FF Awards Part One!~

Posted: 6 years ago

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*Jot examines the mic confused*

Jot: What do I do with this? Ermm

Radha:D'ohYou talk into it you idiot.
Jot:NO WAY! Shocked But.. I don't need it? I'm so confused. Stern Smile
Radha: Forget it. You're useless. Fan Fiction Forum members, welcome to the 2013 Fan Fiction Forum Awards presented to you, by your Development Team! Cool
Jot: Oh yes! Let me continue Jadha. Big smile This is part one! Cause there's so many awards and stuff? And I think, this part has the One Shot Awards and the Member Awards. Ermm
Radha: *pats back* Good job! She's proved herself to be useful.. slightly. Approve Uh, the credits for this thing? Will be posted at the end of the second part so a big thank you to the sig makers right now. Hug
Jot: And now.. we get this show on the road! Party
[FLASH WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=30]http://www.freewebs.com/dillmillgayye/Example/player2.swf?trackfile=http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/p6c3n1o4md/sun_raha_hai_na_tu_aashiqui_2_karaoke_piano_cover_on_psr_s910.mp3&title=FFAwards2013[/FLASH]
Song: Sun Raha Hai Na Tu from Aashiqui 2
FF Awards Text: Jot
DT Text: 18Shabbo
NOTE: The number of total votes for each winner vary because some members chose to not vote for certain categories.
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Posted: 6 years ago

One Shot Awards
Radha: I have this thing for small stories. I hate long stories.
Jot: *rolls eyes* One Shots?
Radha:That's what they're called? Huh..
Jot: I'm sure you like horror one shots. *snickers*
Radha: Oye. Stern Smile I can be a funny person when I want. I just don't like YOU. Hmph.
Jot: Sure, whatever you say. Silly But I do know of a funny one shot!
Best Funny One Shot
Where's My Tie?
Jot: *jumps up and down staring at the script* OMG. OMG.
Radha:What the hell? What are you doing? Stern Smile The entire forum is staring at us. You're embarrassing me.
Jot: Oh but the next award is just so.. exciting! Big smile
Radha: *grabs the script* Ooh! It is! Shocked My god, I'm in love. Blushing
Jot: With the one shot or the award itself? Shocked
Radha: Oh shush. Let me announce it.
Best Romantic One Shot
Marriage Night
Jot: The next award just reminds me of Aashiqui 2.Broken Heart *grabs a tissue*
Radha: *shakes head* Well, you see Jajo, that's a movie okay? This, is a fan fiction.. One shot, whatever.. Stern Smile
Jot: I'm sorry. I'll compose myself. *starts sobbing*
Radha:I'm sure that's not what 'composing yourself' actually means. D'oh
Best Sad One Shot
Splintered Rainbow
Member Awards Below!
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Posted: 6 years ago

Member Awards

Jot: Jadha...
Jot: What do clouds wear under their shorts?
Radha: Jajo, clouds don't wear shorts. Stern Smile
Jot:They wear thunderpants! ROFL ROFL
Radha: Oh god. I should've just done this awards show on my own. D'oh
The Most Active Participant (In Forum Activities) Award
DUGGUlicious. (28 votes)
Radha: My foot is stuck. I wish I hadn't been so adamant on wearing these tight heels. *tries yanking the heels off again*
Jot: Ohmygod. Do your feet hurt? Here, let me help you!
Radha: Oh, you wanna be helpful now? After you told me I should suck it up back stage!
Jot: I just.. *sigh* Whatever. *pulls the heels off violently* There.
Radha: No thank you. Stern Smile
Jot: Well, you're not welcome! Stern Smile
Radha:Cause I didn't say thank you. Now, shut up. I have an award to announce.
Most Helpful Member
Angel-Jot. (37 votes)
Radha: Explain to me how that happened. In what way, are you helpful? You rigged the awards. Stern Smile
Jot: Hawww. *hugs award tightly* It's mine, rigged or not! *runs away*
Radha: Where the hell are you going you retarded kid? We have the awards to do! *sighs shaking head* Fine, I'll do it alone.
The Fighter Of The Forum
Krani (46 votes)
*Jot runs back*
Radha: What are you doing on stage again? Stern Smile
Jot: The awards! Shocked
Radha: Yes, I can do them alone. You're not needed. Goodbye.
Jot: I'm sorrryyy. Unhappy
Radha: *sighs* I wish I wasn't such a softie. Fine, whatever. Stand there quietly now.
Most Active Member
Appy_indy-KD (24 votes)
Jot: I'm so impressed by these sig makers. They do such a good job.
Radha: It's hard work. Making sigs.*nods head* They should be awarded.
Radha: D'ohI wanted to drag it a little more. Grr. You ruined it. I wish you had an ounce of my brain. Geek
Best Official Graphicer
Maria.& 18shabbo (21 votes)
Radha: Okay, we're finally at the last award for these members awards.
Jot: But the readers and authors categories are also member awards - technically!
Radha: Oh yeah. D'oh*groans* More time with this girl today. God, please help me.
Best Development Team Member
Angel-Jot. (58 votes)
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Posted: 6 years ago

Reader Awards
Radha:Let's begin with the readers. Kill those authors a little more. *evil laugh*
Jot: *gulps* You're scaring me. Those poor authors. Unhappy
Radha: *rolls eyes* They'll be fine. They can wait some more.
The Laziest Reader
..hrideyy.. (8 votes)
Radha:I wonder how these readers read so many stories. Especially those long fan fictions. *shudders*
Jot: Some people love to read. *dreams* Like me.
Radha: Yeah but apparently there's people out there that'll read.. anything! Any genre!
Jot: NO! Shocked Who?
The Most Versatile Reader
dumas (20 votes)
Radha: Why do we have so many reader awards? *sighs* I have places to be. *blows on nails*
Jot: No you don't! All you wanna do is sleep. Stern Smile
Radha: Jot. Stern Smile Do your work. And your work isn't to be throwing remarks at me.
Jot: *pouts* Fineee.
The Funniest Reader
Anupama. (9 votes)
Jot:You're precious to me Jadha. Blushing
Radha:Oh. Uh. Yeah, you too. You're precious to me too Jajo.
Jot: Awww. Gosh, you're so adorable. *runs to hug*
Radha: *backs off* No no! No hugging. I have an image to maintain on IF. I'm supposed to be the scary Channel Moderator. Stern Smile
Jot: Meli liked hugs. Unhappy
Radha: Well, she's not your CM anymore so.. get over it. hmph.
The Precious Reader
Pari-KC (9 votes
Radha:Ah! At last! The last reader award!
Jot:And then we have the author awards! Big smile
Radha: Oh goddd. I just wanna go. I'm so done with this. Stern Smile
Jot: We'll be quick! *jumps up and down*
The Most Popular Reader
_disha_ (19 votes)
Author Awards
Jot:I just absolutely hate it when I'm reading a story, and I fall in love with it.. But the writer stops writing it midway and just disappears. Unhappy
Radha: Now now Jot. Be mature. Those writers have a life and there must be a big reason for them to leave a story they worked so hard on, midway and just leave.
Jot: *sigh* You're right Jadha. It's not fair to blame them. But hey! We can let them know how much we miss them right? Well, one in particular..
The Missing Author
GodsEye (Madhu) (35 votes)
Radha: But on the other hand, we have authors that are extremely quick to update too! Authors that hate keeping their readers waiting.
Jot:Yeah, they're really sweet. *nods* I mean, all writers are sweet. Big smile
Radha: Yes. But what I was about to say was.. we have an award for authors like that..
The On-The-Go Author
Jot: Bhula dena mujhee, hai alvida tujheee. Tujhe jeena haiii, mere binaaa.
Radha: That's in no way, relevant. Stern Smile
Jot: I like singing.
Radha: Even though you make others' ears bleed?
Jot: UnhappyI'm sorry I made your ears bleed.
The Most Versatile Author
Jot: We also have a lot of newbie authors don't we?
Radha: Yup, that we do. Big smile Let me introduce you to a newbie writer that I personally like.
The Best New Author
Semanti (11 votes)
Jot: Ooh! We're gonna promote authors?
Radha: Not really.. Just going to recognize the author that should be more known than he or she already is..
Jot:Oh.. okay..
The Underrated Author
Semanti (38 votes)
Radha:The last awarddd of the night! PartySing all you want Jot. I'll even join in. Dancing
Jot: I don't wanna sing anymore. I make your ears bleed remember? Unhappy
Radha: Whatever. Then I can get out of here faster. Big smile
The Most Popular Author
lazyleaves (36 votes)
Part two of the awards will be posted very soon! Congratulations to all the winners.
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Posted: 6 years ago
congos for all winners
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Posted: 6 years ago
haila me is the laziest readerwa
i expected it...
coz i am the laziest readerwa...
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for voting me people ji :D

Congratz to all of you ji Jotu, Nabz, Koeli, Maria, Semanti
Edited by DUGGUlicious - 6 years ago
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Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners :)

- a little occupied at the moment. But will come back later :)
Edited by lazyleaves - 6 years ago
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