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GOTW: Make it wacko!

Posted: 2006-08-19T12:11:26Z

Hi my dear friends!

I hope you'll are doing fine!

Welcome to this week's Game!

How to play:

1. The first persn has to mention 3 words, out of which one HAS to be a person (celebrity).
2.The next person has to use these words and try to make the wackiest, wierdest and funniest sentence possible
3. This person then writes out 3 more words.


- There HAS to be one human being among the words
- No vulgarity or offense will be tolerated
- You cannot post immediately after your own post
- It has to be one sentence only! use commas, dashes, or anything, but NOT a full stop.... except at the end LOL


Person1: Kal ho na ho, Preity Zinta, globe(?LOL)

Person2: ummm........ Preity Zinta, while on shooting for kal ho na ho, refused to act until Karan Johar bought her a crystal globe... (I know it's lame, but u guys are better!)

Next: Rani, clock, mouse
and so on......

Let's start with that, then


Well, what are we waiting for? Let's start!!!

Posted: 2006-08-19T13:48:37Z
oo that's cool!!
let's see..
(plz tell me if i'm playing wrong!)

Whenever Rani's alarm clock rings, the mouse comes to get cheese. (lol..that was reallyyy lame!)
Posted: 2006-08-19T15:36:19Z
hehe, nice...post the next 3 words! Smile
Posted: 2006-08-19T15:54:38Z
oh oops! thanks Puja!

Hrithik, watch, lamp LOL
Posted: 2006-08-19T16:15:43Z
hrithicks,watch has a lamp atached to it.

lamest eva! LOL
nxt 3 wrds
kareena, cat,black
Posted: 2006-08-19T17:23:03Z

Kareena's cat is always cuddled onto her black sofaLOL

Next...Kajol, monkey, witch

Edited by fariha17 - Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 5:23 PM
Posted: 2006-08-19T19:16:42Z
kajol has a cat that is a witch

priyanka , hat, bird
Posted: 2006-08-19T20:24:06Z
priyanka looks like a bird but she has a hat on...lol LOL LOL


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