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Posted: 2013-10-16T05:05:41Z

hi friends this not my write up one of my very close friends wrote this ..and want to share it here ..plz read and comments 

Priya, come we r getting late. We have to leave.  Trust me the place we r going is a place u will love there is no hate, no greedy its only peace and there is no live and love. Will get peace there. Come with me leave all this terrestrial belongings I came to lead to the  new nation where  there is only peace.  Aghasted priya stood still. She uttered NO'. I cannot come with u. why whatis baffiling u? niharika asked.  All priya could utter is RAM', maa  I love him, I was guilty I cant leave him now.  After a deep sigh , go  see how things changed , come back I will wait for u  but remember am here for ur ans.

She stepped ahead towards critical care unit. There  she saw her most precious jewel, her love, she  saw the same light  came over him. There is a special calmness and a feeling of joy she saw him.  She called him,  mr. kapoor. Her eyes flooded in tears,she saw him after many years, she remember the last time they met, an informal  promise he made and he left, the desperatness to call him to tell him the truth about their loving daughter. Yes , varun! Does ram knows about pihu's  false acquisition of the boy. She murmured  sorry varun.

Aunty... A boy called her.  U have very limited time. U have to go. Varun, how come u are u alive?  Beta am sorry!.  How can u hear me if am alive aunty, am not and don't feel sorry u were right in ur way. I got my punishment  for what I have planned but u don't deserve this u suffered for ur child u were still guilty of my death . I could tell u becoz of which u were hanging between life and death. Now its hight time  leave the bondage, free urself, I warn u will be shattered to see things around ur life less body. Pihu's truth is not out.  The figure faded out leaving priya in confusion.

She went near him touch him, but she cannot. His soul responded to her voice. She sweetly called him ram, his soul left his damn body, he  saw her  he hugged her tight with no realisation it was not her in body but her soul. Yes his soul  responded to her's. the words he wanted to hear, her voice her smile. He thought she is back.  She broke the hug, looking at his lifeless body he follwed her sight, yes , its not u mr. ram kapoor.  She cupped his face wiped his tears,kissed his forehead utter those magical words- ILOVE U RAM.

Ram .. shall we go she asked,  where?  Where she wants to take me?   He thought.  Ram, its enough  now u had  face a lot, u don't need to do this, I have to go, I don't have  energy to   fight, am already in guilt, because of me  his bright future is lost because of my blind faith, they lost their son. Because of me u were living a life that has no worth.  Haa I was hanging just for u. I was not allowed to come back, but see  now were face each other , come with me ram. Will go away.  Maa is waiting for me. MAA.. he wondered. Yes it was his  step mom.

No , priya u come back to me, we have kids! Everyone is waiting for us. U have to come . see she is ur daughter pihu, she is alone, after u she took care of me n her little sisters.  We cant abandon  our  kids like this be selfish. They needs us. We have to go back to our life. Priya's eyes moisted seing pihu  weeping beside her papa  saying " papa, wake up I need u both, mom is sinking. Please tell her to come back papa". Look at her priya do she deserve this at this age. YES she deserve this, after what she has done to varun  priya said.

Ram  listen only one thing that kept me alive is U, just u, am away  from all these  bondings since 7 years, u say she is my pihu  but I cannot relate her same wil be the case with myra pari. Haan kush, where is he. I heard him crying  many times. May be maa is right  things have changed  which I cant relate to  am leaving whether u come or not.  Ram saw pihu running away from the room n juhi came In  the wedding dress. Sat calm in the stool beside him tears rolled down her eyes.  Mr. kapoor, am going. Was expecting ur answer. 

Ram , wake up ram. Priya is unwell too, we all need u  plz  wake up  ur priya is sinking, u can t leave us like this. Juhi spoke.  See priya they need us  u come back to me. Excuse me Mr.kapoor, juhi is here n  this dresss! What is going on? They need u not me, it is time I leave.  She turned back to leave.  "MATH JAVO, PRIYA I LOVE U" She stopped, fisted her  hand to get out of the emotional bondage with ram. She failed she turned around  came running towards him hugged him again, before she could utter those words, Ilove u so much ram, - juhi said ,kissing his forehead. Priya is shattered she broke the hug. What is she saying.. Juhi... she cannot speak a word. Pihu came in rushing along with the doctor,  doctors attended ram pihu , "JUHI maa... am sorry, I have to do this I wanted dad to move on with u but mom is sinking,  am sorry to call dad from mandap. Priya is  shattered, ram her ram could do it. She saw him. He hung his head down

 Priya saw every one  consoling juhi, she saw 2 teenage girls hug her and cried out aloud. Priya wiped her eyes, and stepped back , maa is right mr .kapoor no one needs me, why am I feeling abandoned,  ur silence s saying there is something,  everything is right I was hanging only for u  all the 7 years because I love u, I am scared how will u be if I leave u. once I did the mistake, but I promised my self never I will leae u. now its time, I have to space out from ur lifes, perhaps I have been a trouble in ur lifes,  she smiled and said MOVE ON mrkapoor. She saw ram nodding her head negative, and is going back, the light faded slowly. She walked out slowly she heard him cry,PRIYA, DON'T LEAVE ME.


Hmm, priya it is life. The truth  change is natural, the one only principle of the creation. Come  with me, she walked down the corridor wher her mom is standing, ram ne tik nahi kiya, he divorced priya and made my beti alone u go away from me sudhir it was u who signed it  for ram to marry juhi.she weeped. A stab peirced her heart, she heard a male voice aloud, priya this the reality as a body we never knew,  be strong. U have given my son everything am here to escort u there. He is amarnath kapoor, all her life she saw him in the form of a statue. She uttered papa!. Beta , leave before  somethinghurts u more. They took priya away.


Maa , can we stay here somemore time ram will open his eyes. No amarnath said. Priya pleeded.  She saw nuts stood alone weeping in a corner and walked towards priya! There she saw rajath weeping .nuts went inside ,priya come back  they were all fools,they don't know bhai, it was only u who can  take things normal,  u both are one always, it was never juhi. Please come back. Nut weeped holding her hand.   Seeing all the things  priya decided she will leave, before she leave she will have to see ram  happy. His happiness is u priya, but it is ur fate u have to move on now and let him move on amarnath said. Papa let me see ram once.she pleaded

She went near his ward , only juhi was there. She walked out talking on phone.  Priya saw ram breathing, waved by to him  came out,  there she saw a brilliant light, a path. Niharika and amarnath  were standing inviting her, she walked  along with them .. till her soul disapear  in the white light.

She turned back as she heard. " yes , marriage ended, as this emotional fool ram ran off.  What can I do, he dint even care to inform that priya is sinkingn he is running off now this fatso is in danger too. He has to come out. Yes he divorced her, according to the plan I gave a statement to the income tax department that we were in relation, but to get what we want I have to be his wife and that shares were not yet transferred in my name.  he has to come back to finish the task in order to  protect naina. He does not know it was all my plan. As ram his daughter is one more fool and my missile, am her juhi maa.. she laughed. Anyways, I guess this time priya will surely die and we can  take over kapoor industries soon.  I love u too rajeev. Bye and don't call me.

Wickedness all the way  priya walked back,  to see the face it was no other but juhi. Soon she ended the call juhi consoled neha,   with a wicked grin  on her face. Like always  ram is easy to be manipulated. What else he can do with out u priya? Niharika asked her.  Priya turned back, we are not here to take u,  priya  he all urs  if ram is only  for priya, ram cannot live if u leave him see what kind of things happened behind u,  ur kids are in trouble. Ram needs u more than any one. He deserve u.  u were not hanging it is his love for u that  made u alive all this years. Don't give up,only u can make things right. He needs ur support, ur kids needs u. go back . Both amarnath and  niharika waved bye.  She walked back to her room, her soul went back in place into her body,

Pihu suhani came to priya,  don't worry ur mom will be alright. Have faith. Rajath came and consoled pihu. Suhani priya got her donor I suppose, sir..  that .. before suhani speak he silenced her , pihu be brave  mom will  be fine.  She thanked him. It was a new to suhani, Pihu has faith her mom will come back.  Ram opened his eyes saw juhi beside him he dint speak a word at least, he  felt he heard her, he felt her presence, he talked to her, she can feel him , come to me priya please, I feel u around me , I feel like I heard u , I love u, come to me. Baby... Come to me.




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Posted: 2013-10-16T06:03:33Z
nice update...!!Thumbs Up
all supernaturals...!!Big smile

acha hua...!!
i seriously dont understnd the chrctr sktch of juhi...!!
bt ye wala acha tha...!!Big smile

tnks fr the update...
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Posted: 2013-10-16T11:57:20Z
it was nice imaginations of urs
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Posted: 2013-10-16T14:10:02Z
it was nice to see all things was supernatural but i enjoyed... Juhi showed her true color i wish they show Juhi's true color soon... TFS... well Priya will be back by tommorow so happy for that... hope to see something more from this writer if there is naything else to post her will be waiting to read...
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Posted: 2013-10-16T23:38:34Z
awesome os
hate juhi character..

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