FF: Chashme Budoor: Part 34 pg 107

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Hey guys
Another FF for you. Once again Credit to the original writer.

Mumbai, 8 : 15 am

Dear Ram,

How are you? Me and your Mom are fine and enjoying here. UK is great and i must say despite my apprehensions your mom has taken to UK like fish to water. Inf act i even convinced her to try some wine and i can safely say that wine will no longer be a taboo in our house.

I hope you are not over exerting and taking proper care of yourself. Just wanted to discuss a few things with you. Your mom, me and sheetal were discussing about it and as usual i am entrusted with the task of putting this across to you.

So beta, what have you thought about marriage. There are a couple of proposals we would like you to consider. We know your focus is career right now but whats the harm in looking a prospective brides. Give it a thought and let us know...

PS: I am trying to get your mom to try non veg too..:-)

Ram read and reread the email slowly and carefully. He knew his dad well enough, he wouldn't have broached the subject if he himself was not convinced of it. Still...marriage...he hadn't really thought of it.. Ram hit the reply button then suddenly deleted the draft. It would be better if he thought about it and gave a reply. He stifled a yawn and glanced at the clock, it still showed 15 mins before he could pack off and go home.
Ram thought of getting some coffee then decided against it, that would kill his sleep. Ram stretched himself in his chair and looked over to the window. The morning sun had since long illuminated the beautiful city. He could see people swarming like bees to get to their destination. The city that never sleeps Ram thought with a smile.. Although he hated to work this shift but he still loved that while people around him were heading for office he went home and slept. Besides that his parents being away to the UK to be with his sister he could talk to them at their time. The thought of his family brought him back to the mail from his dad, he made a mental note to reply to it later in the day.

Ram shut off his system , took his keys and mobile and moved towards the door. He pressed his thumb against the cold glass of the fingerprint machine. The machine duly registered his check out time and off he was to his home. As he kick started his bike, Ram thought of the house he had rented. Although he could live with his parents, he wanted to have the experience of staying alone. So he had rented out this apartment or rather in his mother's words a pigeon hole. Ram laughed to himself as he remembered the expression on his mother's face when he had first shown her the place. She had been hysterical and tried everything from Chicken Tikka his favorite food to emotional blackmail and even plain threatening, but he had been adamant. Initially it was a struggle but he had sailed through and now a couple of months later he was happy he stuck it out. And now..his family were thinking of getting him married off...Ram brushed off the thoughts from his mind as her entered the parking lot of his building. As he walked towards the elevator he was consumed by the thought of the blissful sleep that he would be having few moments from now...

Ram got off the elevator whistling a tune...As he reached his apartment he stopped in his tracks...Sitting right outside his door was Gautam..his oldest friend... Gautam stood up as soon as he saw Ram...

I need your help Ram...please please do me this favour...

Ram: Good morning to you as well...come inside and tell me your latest problem...Ram looked at Gautam and shook his head...He was always in some kind of problem ...everyday a new problem would greet Ram...This time the problem seemed serious otherwise Gauti would not have come so early that too to his house.

Ram sat down on the sofa and leaned back waiting for Gauti to start.

Ram i need you to rent this apartment for a few months...Gautam spoke casually...

Ram looked wide eyed at Gautam...Gauti...you do know that i am myself living on rent here..

Gautam : I know yaar..but there is this friend of mine who desperately needs a place to live...and i have no one to go to...

Gauti..yaar..if the landlord finds out i would be in big trouble...i don't think...

Gautam: Please Ram...do not say no...i have all my hopes on you... I assure you that its just a question of a few months...6 at the most...by that time i would have arranged for another place...please dude..do me this big favour...

Ram looked at a pleading Gautam...whats the harm in helping...Alright...but 6 months ok?

Gautam: Thanks so much bro...do not worry...6 months it is...Thanks so so much...Can you give me a spare set of keys, i ll give it to her...

Ram walked across to his room and pulled out the spare key set and handed it over to Gautam...

Thanks ...Ram Bye

Ram: Bye...Ram closed the door and literally sleep walked to his room...Ram changed into comfortable clothes and slipped into the bed...He would have some company for 6 months..he thought..No sooner had Ram hit the bed he got up with a jerk...What had Gautam said...Can you give me a spare set of keys, i ll give it to her..The last word spun around his mind like a tornado...her???? Did he say yes to share the apartment with a girl?

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Oh wow...A new FF...Superb...Loved the first part...So now Priya will b living with Ram in the same house...Superb start...Thanks to the writer and u...Please PM me the next time u update if possible...
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Originally posted by kaparikh1

Oh wow...A new FF...Superb...Loved the first part...So now Priya will b living with Ram in the same house...Superb start...Thanks to the writer and u...Please PM me the next time u update if possible...

Sure.. i ll pm you :-) 
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Posted: 2013-10-15T06:19:33Z
the story seems interesting, a nice rather refreshing start, Ram Kapoor here is not a business tycoon, huh! sounds good, plz go ahead and if possible do PM me next time
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Posted: 2013-10-15T06:50:36Z
superb strt...!!
very new...!!!

ram and priya to share an apt. !!???

contn soon...!!
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Posted: 2013-10-15T06:52:36Z

ram is totally a diff kind of person...
Its interesting...
Hey do pm me next time
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Superb start..its looking very interesting..
Poor Ram got shocked realising what he agreed to just now.. LOL
Cont soon..
Thank u to writer as well as u for another story for all of us..
If possible pm me whenever u update..
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It's probably my lucky day! Not only I got your previous FF back and aur bonus mein Ek aur bhiWink. So Priya is coming to live with Ram...that is AWESOME! Can't wait for the next chapter...tooo ExCited! Please thank the  original writer for the stories and also a big Thanks to you for posting themClap
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