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Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by Raila1014

La was what she was and never pretended to be someone else, except maybe when she tried to be the daughter in law that the Raizadas were craving.  She was a real person who wore her emotions naturally unlike Kushi the ever suffering heroine.  I think this is why many liked La over Kushi, because she was a real person who did see the goodness in Kushi when they became friends and who had the grace to cut her losses in a relationship that was not meant to be.  She knew she deserved better and had the guts to end the relationship and moved on in search of the better.  I am sure she found it too.  The truth of the matter is no one has to change who they are to be accepted in a relationship.  She bent over backwards and realized it was not enough and like the modern girl that she was, she ended it.  You captured her spirit beautifully!
Wonderfully put, I feel Lavanya was far more genuine and honest than both Arnav and Khushi put together. She did give the whole "bahu training" a try because she thought the guy she was involved with it was worth it. One does not sit up and like Archimedes exclaim "Eureka" and think and act in an intelligent manner. Humans are flawed will act and think the way it suits them, no right or wrong here.
If RB captured Lavanya's character beautifully in her OS, you made so much sense in this comment understanding what RB wanted to say about her.
Posted: 8 years ago
This was brilliant RB.
You have captured the nuances of Lavanya's charavter beautifully.
Loved the way you have written about how she saw Arnav changing gradually and his attraction to Khushi.
She preferred to pull herself away than to hold on to Arnav. 
That was the greatness in her character.

Posted: 8 years ago
You gave the enigmatic dusky bombshell a depth I never had anticipated her to hold. Sure she is a snob at times but at the end of the day who isn't? Most of us possess these darker thoughts but we don't usually implement them. Then, no one's head, not even Khushi's, can be clear and free of such darkness. 

You described that 'letting in' part of those dual thoughts so marvelously! And that the realization was not sudden but crawling up and in like a familiar ache, it unfurled potential the show hadn't explored at all. I LOVED the shoulder analogy and the way you so deftly explained to us what could possibly have passed through La's head. Of the hurt, pettiness, love,  jealousy and mawkishness which was more real and comprehensible than the mawkish emotions Khushi expressed.

It reinforces my belief that Lavanya and Arnav were always the more sensible pairing. 

If only reality hadn't been such a whimsical bitch, too.

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Posted: 8 years ago

This was a fresh insight into Lavanya's head. It was strangely clinical, and not what you expect from ... Lavanya. The emotions are certainly from the right, but the words are from the left. It presents an interesting puzzle, like checks, white and black... and you'd think that it wouldn't work, but it does. It just does.

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Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by opsyellow

you did again! awesome.

Every time I see Joshua Jackson in your DP, I am reminded to put my grown up pants and watch Fringe Season 3 :=) The thought of him ending up the same girl from different universe is just...sad.
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by -3raser-

I am so glad I stumbled upon this one shot. The character of Lavanya always held a soft place in my heart, perhaps more than Khushi ever did. In the beginning I hated her because she was cruel with her words and dumb to a certain extent. However, the transformation that took place in her was comendable. The way she grew as a person in that little time she spent at RM made her journey much more connectable. Her past was never shown but it felt as if something happened in her life which may have changed the way she was. Like someone pointed out, Arnav got Khushi but he lost Lavanya. And when he broke up I thought about it...maybe Lavanya and Arnav would have been able to work out. She had evolved and could have been his companion throughout his life if Khushi hadn't been there.

Coming to the OS, I loved  it. Your vocabulary is versatile and far-fetched, making the read more enjoyable. The way you captured Lavanya's thoughts and her essence was just brilliance. The little hints you used through out, like the mention of Khushi's bag holding a lot of weight, was very well thought out. The last part was my favourite with Lavanya's conclusion on the dilemma. An amazing OS.

Lavanya evolved during the show from a vain narrow minded person to a nice girl. Its ironic that when she became what she became, I didn't have any reason not to see her with Arnav anymore. Logically she makes the perfect companion to Arnav but she understands that attraction doesn't work that way and steps aside.

Posted: 8 years ago
That was...amazingbsnd brillliant in their most superlative ness...
Peeping into lavanyas mind.. very good very good...

Am always a fan f ur writing
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by AquaSandhya

It is the thought process of a human that differentiates people. But there are people in this world who do not think too much. They merely act. I'm trying my best to not generalize here.  I'm also trying my best to not judge those who give less time for their thoughts than necessary. It is merely an observation and I know I maybe totally off in my approach.

Once again, brilliant writing Thumbs Up

I do believe that there are great deal of people who impulsively delve into action without giving due diligence to the thought process behind the said act. But that's just the way to deflect possible negative action coming their own way. It's a defensive mechanism of sorts. Lavanya isn't impulsive and all her actions do have her own good as primary motivator behind them. When she slings hurtful words at Khushi, she does with full intention of hurting the woman.


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