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hello everyone, here am again with my new OS on RaYa, this is very different from what I have written earlier, and this one is very close to my heart, don't know the reason but it is, I hope you all will like it. This will be in four parts, the entire story will be in flashback, I hope you will enjoy reading this as I have penning it down. This particular OS will be a matured one so if anyone has any problem with the content then do revert me back.

tere bina zindagi se

mamma...mamma...mamma...mamma..., a sweet little voice of a child is echoing in the halls of this large bungalow which belongs to Mr. & Mrs. Ram Kapoor in the posh vicinity of the city. Today is the birthday of their 5 year old daughter Peehu. She is apple of her papa's eyes and heart beat of her mother.   

Peehu - mamma...mamma...while calling she came in the kitchen and tugged the saree of her mother.

Priya - kya hua meri princess ko?, apne abhi tak taiyyar nahi huye bachha, school ke liye late ho jayega na

Peehu - mamma dekho na papa ne kaise mera pony banaya hain, saying this she made Priya look at her hair by pulling it.

Priya smiled looking at her and said achha theek hain main bana deti hoon, aap pehele breakfast karlo

Peehu - mamma mujhe aloo paratha chahiye                                 

Ram - mujhe bhi

Priya looked at both of them, the two most precious persons in her life. She smiled and said, aap dono pehele beytho mamma abhi aati hain

Ram forwarded his hand, Peehu took his hand and both came to the table and sat on the chair.

Ram - toh aaj meri rockstar ko aloo paratha ke ilava aur kya chahiye apne birthday par?

Peehu - mujhe na papa bohot saare chocolates aur ice creams khaani hain

Ram - aapko koi gifts nahi chahiye?

Peehu - nahi

Ram - aap na bilkul apne mamma pe gayi ho

While Ram was having conversation with his daughter Priya came out with the breakfast. She served both of them aloo paratha and sat with them for having breakfast.

Ram while munching on his paratha said, Priya aaj shaam ki party ka sab arrangements ho gaya hain na?

Priya -haan Mr. Kapoor, its all done, main school se aane ke baad sab decorations kar lungi aur Neha bhi aa rahi hain mujhe help karne ke liye.

Peehu was having her paratha and was listening to her parents convo and said, mamma mujhe na bohot saare balloons chahiye aur colourful ribbons bhi.

Priya lovingly caressed her cheeks and said awww! mera bachha, theek hain lekin aap pehele apna breakfast khatam karo phir aapke pony main theek kar deti hoon.

Ram was looking at his two most lovable ladies of his life and was smiling in his heart but said in teasing voice, areee maine kitne ache se mere rockstar ke baal banaya tha

Peehu - papa apne bohot tight bandha hain, mujhe dard ho raha hain.

Seeing Peehu's facial expression Priya smiled and said, sach hain Mr. Kapoor aap se na ek kaam nahi hota hain.

Ram understood the teasing and said, haan waise bhi mujhe kahan adat hain aise inn sab cheez karne me?

Priya - haan aapko toh sirf kholna aata hain, bandhna nahi.

Priya said this in casual way but Ram looked at Priya and Priya understood what she said; she saw the desire in his eyes. She didn't say anything and all completed their breakfast. Priya was making Peehu's hair in her room, after completing that she said,

Priya - Peehu yaad hain na apne class me sabko tum chocolates dogi aur apne teachers ko bhi dogi.

Peehu - haan mamma yaad hain, par mamma hum sab ko chocolates kyun dete hain apne birthday pe?

Priya - woh iss liye kyun ki hum chahte hain ke sab humare birthday pe khush ho jaye aur hamare liye pray kare, taaki hum aur bhi happy ho jaye.

Peehu - kya sach me sab mere liye pray karenge?

Priya - of course, sab aapke liye pray karenge, agar aap sabke liye achha sochengi toh sab aapko bohot pyaar karenge.

By now Priya has finished making Peehu's pony and she told her to go downstairs as her mamma is coming in minutes. Peehu gave a kiss to Priya and came downstairs. Priya came to her room and found Ram is there, she came and was about to collect the packet when Ram pulled her in his embrace. Priya looked at him with wide eyes.

Priya - Mr. Kapoor chodiye mujhe, Peehu neeche wait kar rahi hain aur aapko office ke liye der ho jayegi...

Ram - hone do, tum neeche kya keh rahi thi ke mujhe sirf kholna aata hain saying this he clutched her more tightly.

Priya - haan jo sach hain maine wahi kaha

Ram - achha, saying this he started untying her blouse dori

Priya baffled and tried to come out from his embrace but Ram has tightly embraced her.

Priya - plz Mr. Kapoor chodiye na

Ram was smiling seeing her flustered face, he leaned on her and took her lips in him. Feeling the lips of him against her soft one, Priya closed her eyes and gave Ram the opportunity to invade in her mouth. For moments their tongues remained entwined with one another and they keep on sucking the sweet nectar of each other. Ram left Priya's lips when she moaned in his mouth, before leaving her lips, Ram gave a soft kiss on her lower lip and left her. Priya was out of her breath, Ram looked at her and placed his forehead on her and said thank you Priya for coming in my life, you have completed me and gifted me with the most precious thing of my life as Peehu. Priya opened her eyes and caressed his cheeks and hugged him tightly.

After some time they both came downstairs and Priya put the chocolate box in Peehu's school bag and again reminded her to distribute the one. After she bid good bye to Ram and Peehu, she came in her room and got ready for her school. Priya teaches in a primary school near by her home. Though she is the wife of famous business tycoon Ram Kapoor but she still continues to teach in primary school what she used to do before getting married to him.     

In the evening all have gathered in the hall to celebrate Peehu's birthday. The guests were mostly Peehu's friends. Neha and Vikram who happened to be close friend of Ram and Priya also came along with their son Rohan who is 10 years old. Peehu turned 6 today, the entire hall is decorated with balloons and colourful ribbons as per her wish along with other accessories. Neha prepared Peehu's favourite chocolate chips and almond cake and now the cute little angel is going to cut it. All the kids are waiting for her to cut the cake. Rohan is really with the camera and Peehu is standing in between her parents. She is looking like a princess doll in pink and blue combination short dress with clips and hair band on her head. While Priya inserted the 6 candles, Ram lit it, Vikram and Neha were standing there cheering for Peehu, all the kids and everyone wished her by singing the birthday song and then she blew the candles and cut the cake. Ram took his princess hand and made her cut the cake. Peehu took a small piece made Priya eat, Priya in turn made her eat and then she bites a part and then Peehu gave that too Ram. He gladly had that and kissed on her cheeks lovingly.

Now the kids were having fun and they are playing different games and Peehu was enjoying her moments. While Ram and Vikram were watching the kids and chatting, Neha and Priya were in kitchen preparing for the dinner.

Priya - thank you Neha, tumne aaj cake ko samhal liya

Neha - don't be formal yaar, kya Peehu meri kuch nahi lagti, I know she loved this and is really happy to see her smiling face.

Priya today was wearing a tomato red colour cotton printed saree, was looking very pretty but anyone can say that she look fatigued. Neha on the other hand was wearing a brown and green combination saree. Both of them were busy since late afternoon, from decorations to cake, from food to other arrangements all are being done by them only, though servants are there to help them but Priya wanted to do it by her own.

Neha - u look very tired, sab theek hain na?, u r feeling alright?

Priya smiled briefly and said, yes am perfectly okay, its just that am a bit tired but its okay, saying it both of them came out with the tray full of snacks for Ram and Vikram. While Neha was serving them Priya came to kids and Peehu and asked them if they want anything or not.

Peehu - mamma aap bhi aao na hamare saath saying this she pulled her in their play.

Priya - nahi Peehu aap khelo

Peehu make faces and said mamma plz.

Seeing this Neha also cheered for Priya, now Rohan came and pulled Neha in the group. So both Priya and Neha had no option but to play with kids. Ram and Vikram were watching them and they exchanged smile while seeing their better half in such situation.

Vikram - am so happy for you Ram, jo decision tune 7 saal pehele liya tha that was absolutely correct and see today you are a real happy man

Ram - tune bilkul sahi kahan Vikram, Priya is the one for me, I am so blessed.

On the other both Neha and Priya couldn't continue and they came and sat on the sofa. Both were breathless almost but both giggling.

Neha - bohot dino baad bada mazaa aya

Priya - bachhpann me bohot khelte the ab aur adat nahi rahi

Both the hubbies offered cold drinks to their wives in order to make them cool. After some time Neha and Priya served the kids with dinner and after that kids started bid Peehu good bye and after they left Ram-Priya-Neha-Vikram sat for dinner and enjoyed it.

All went back and now Peehu was in her room, she changed in her night dress and was talking with her mother who wanted her to go to bed as its quite late though next day is holiday for her.

Peehu - mamma main zara apna gifts dekh lu?

Priya - bohot raat ho gayi hain bachha, ab so jao, gifts kal dekh lena

Peehu - mamma plz

Priya - mera good girl, ab so jao, kal humlog dekhenge.

Peehu came to the bed and lied down, Priya tucked her in duvet and was making her sleep when she again asked

Peehu - pata hain mamma, Rishi ka ek behen hua hain aur Nisha ka bhai, mera kyun koi bhai ya behen nahi hain?

While Peehu was asking this question Ram was standing on the door of the room.

Priya was about to answer her when Peehu again said, mamma pata hain Rishi aur Nisha ke mamma papa ne hospital jaake babies ko leke aaye hain, toh aap aur papa bhi mujhe ek laa dijiye na, kitna mazaa ayega, main uske saath khelungi, baat karungi, hain na mamma

Priya - Peehu, babies ko na hum aise nahi laa sakte jab tak bhagwanji humein nahi dete hain tab tak nahi laa sakte

Peehu listen to her mother and then said, par mamma unn dono ne toh kaha ke uske mamma aur papa ne hospital se laaye hain

Priya - hospital se toh laye hain par usse pehele na bhagwanji babies ko mumma ke tummy me dete hain phir hum hospital me jaake tummies se baby nikalte hain phir laate hain.

Peehu kept silent for second and then said, mamma mujhe bhi aap aur papa ne hospital se laaye the?

Ram - bilkul...hearing her father's voice, Peehu turned her eyes to him and Ram came and sit on the bed and continued, aapke mamma aur papa ne bhi aapko hospital se hi laaye the.

Peehu - sachhi mamma?, kya main bhi aapke tummy me thi? lekin main aapke tummy me kaise aayi?, main kahan se aayi mamma?

Priya - maine aur aapke papa ne bhagwaanji se kahan ke mujhe aap chahiye toh bhagwaanji ne aapko humein de diya.

Peehu with her big eyes asked her dad, sachhi papa?

Ram - muchhi, abhi aap so jao

Peehu was happy hearing this and closed her eyes while Priya caressing her hairs. Ram came out and came in his room. After some minutes Priya came in her room and found Ram is standing in the balcony, she came and stand beside him. Ram sensed Priya's presence but still gazed in front. After moments of silence he said,

Ram - yaad hain Priya, jab maine tumhe peheli baar dekha tha?



Ram Kapoor, famous business tycoon and owner of Kapoor Industries, is all 30 years but he has already reached zenith in his profession, is very strict and hard working person, diplomatic and shrewd, arrogant yet far sighted. A man of words and hates hypocrisy, Ram Kapoor is known for his one night stands, people say he is a heartless person in this world but nobody knows why he is like that. Ram was still very young when his father Amarnath Kapoor married second time to his long time business colleague Niharika Desai and settled in Australia. His wife, Krishna Kapoor couldn't take this shock and died due to massive cardiac arrest. Amarnath Kapoor's father Surendranath Kapoor and his wife Jawinder Kaur looked after Ram who was just 17 years old. He was studying in London then. After this incident Ram neither talked to his father nor tried to communicate him, on the other hand even Amarnath Kapoor wasn't interested to keep contacts with his family, he was happy with his second family. The entire Kapoor Industry was operated by Surendranathji after Amarnath left it. Ram came back India after finishing his studies and started taking up the responsibility. Ram and Vikram were best buddies and Surendranath looked both as his grand kids, they both joined Kapoor Industries and were learning the techniques of entrepreneurship. After Surendranathji died, Ram and Vikram took the charge made the company in top position in the market. Ram's dadi went back to Amritsar after her husband's death and Ram too thought of shifting to Los Angeles where the company's new branch was opening. Though Ram was very close with his grandparents still he didn't want to stay in India. He wanted to live his life according to his choice, so he sold his mansion and came to LA but he still kept in touch with his dadi and Vikram, who looks after national market. Kapoor Industries have chain of businesses like tyres, pharmaceutical, cement, leather and others. Ram is now in California, he has signed a contract with one of the big business house and they are starting their first joint collaboration in infrastructure. After the deal was signed Ram wanted to spend some time alone, so he came to see Grand Canyon, which is a vast gorge in Arizona on the Colorado River. It's a hugely popular tourist spot and people from all over the world come here. After spending an entire day there, Ram headed for Las Vegas which is famous for its nightclubs and gambling casinos. Mr. Biggs, Ram's manager always had the information about him but this time even he didn't know where Mr. Kapoor is.

Ram was in a casino in Las Vegas, though he doesn't like playing gambling but today he wanted to indulge in it and to his surprise his lady luck was with him. After winning consecutive five times he came to the bar counter. For him the amount was nothing, he even didn't bother to look at it. He was having his drinks when his eyes fall on a figure, the girl seemed pretty young not more than 18-19, but the most noticeable thing about her is her hair which is almost her waist length black straight one. Ram looked at her again and understood she is Indian, a curiosity grows in him but he didn't pay attention to his thought. She was serving the customers with wine.

Almost an hour later Ram was coming out of the Hotel when he saw the same girl but she was been dragged by some men and she was resisting them. Ram came inside the room and in his stern voice asked,

Ram - what's the matter?, why you all are forcing with her?

Man - that's none of your business

Ram - let then this be my business, I want an answer

Man - what do you want?

Ram - this girl

The girl who was still struggling to come out from their clutches looked at Ram and for moments Ram saw pure and innocent eyes.

Man - do you really want this girl?

Ram - yes

Man - can you pay the prize of her?

Ram - that shouldn't be your headache

Man quoted the price and Ram gave him the money.

Man - she is all yours

The other men, who were holding her, left the place. Ram looked at her and saw her dress was tear in places and her blood was oozing from the corner of her lips.

Ram - don't worry, you are safe now, come with me

The girl was still standing there; Ram looked at her and again said,

Ram - what is your name?

This time girl looked up and in very feeble voice said, Priya Sharma.

Ram - do you have any belongings?

Priya nodded her head, Ram asked her to get that. For brief moments she thought and then went away, within minutes came back with a backpack.

Ram - come with me saying this he took her hand and came to the parking area and get into the car.

If you want me to continue then plz comment on it and of you all liked it then do hit the "LIKE" button, I will wait for your comments.

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the whole story is totally different
raya met first time at los angles 
great the present scenario is good
continue soon and thnx for the pm
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Posted: 2013-10-07T05:38:34Z
Wowww what a fantastic start of a story. Ek dam jhakkas... lol ...Jaipur track ki memory taza ho gayi ... but in flashback u hanged the track for good... and pls dear dont ask ever, should u continue or not...u must continue...u write so brilliantly that i m in lovs with ur stories and characters totally... waiting for the next part already.
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totally diffrnt trck...!!Smile
nice stryline...!!!

priya servng wine...?? intrestng...
raya in los angles..
ram rescued her..lovely...

contn soon...
thnx fr the pm,,Smile
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Hey hi i am a big fan of your work... Sorry haven't been able to comment on any of your work, but have read each and every FF/OS/SS... And I have loved them a lot... And coming to the OS gr8 start with a pinch of RaYa romance and interesting flashback...Thanks for such beautiful works on our RaYa...Hug
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Wow...The business tycoon and the waiter girl...Please continue soon.

Thanks for the pm.
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Wohoo...really very interesting...cant wait for more...do continue soon...!!!!
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really interesting story
thanks for pm me 
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