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Hello Everyone,

My love for IPK and the characters did not end with the show closure or go away even after 6 months of its closure and I am many of you can relate to it. To get more of IPK and Arnav Khushi I stepped into FF world and completely entranced myself in beautiful and wonderful stories here. As I started reading more stories, I was completely blown away by the brilliance of the stories and amazing and creative writers. I am totally in awe of the authors on this forum. I was here for Arnav Khushi, but it's the writers that are making the time I spent reading the stories enduring.

Here I am making a lame and very bold attempt to write a story. Thanks to the encouragement of two of my very first and special friends on the forum, for their support and faith in me. I am doing this for them. So, if this story and my writing gets any appreciation, the credit goes to these two culprits.

I will reveal their names end of the story.

Warning: I am not a writer and probably am light years away from becoming a writer. I just want to use this as a learning opportunity and push myself to do something which I never thought will do (not even in my wildest dreams).

Disclaimer: Some of the lines and sequences are borrowed from IPKKND and I give full credit to the show. The concept is suggested by my friend. I weaved the story using words.

This story will be an SS with 5-6 parts.

So, here I present "Love Again".                                 

"Naa tumhari shakal dekhni hai, Naa tumse baat karni hai, aur yeh definitely mere haath mein hai." Arnav woke up startled from sleep his breathing ragged, trying to be in synchrony with uneven pounding of his heart. He realized that he was in his bed and not in the temple where he said those vehement filled words to her; he replayed her reply that was clearly etched on his heart and mind "aaj ke baad humhe bhi aapse kabhi nahi milna hai, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada." They both had faithfully lived up to the very words they had thrown  at each other out of anger, ego and pride. Since that day Arnav had not seen her  and she had steered clear from any path that led to him, eventually  diminishing from his life.

Arnav threw the duvet away and sat on  his side of the bed slipping his feet into his sandals. Taking a deep breath to  piece together his thoughts, he got up from bed and walked towards the poolside. Standing near the light blue shimmering depth  he slipped his hands in the pockets of his khakis. Arnav starred at nothing in particular with  emptiness looming in his eyes. Without his knowledge his right hand moved up to his chest,gently rubbing  there,as if  trying to feel the void that made a place in his heart, ever since he walked down the steps of temple that day. Like he said to her on that day he was the writer of  his own destiny, a destiny of lonely and empty life that she had filled with her exuberance. A life filled with silence that had once twirled to the  sound of her tinkling payals, and a life similar to a white sheet, that she had brightened with like a rainbow owing to her colorful chudidaars. Yet, among all of these colors, the color red was predominant because of her reddening cheeks and nose every time his honey colored eyes looked at her filled with desire.They beckoned her to remove the distance between them, when ever his eyes travelled up the length of her body taking in their fill of her beauty. Or, how they lit up with fire every time their bodies touched even for a flick of a second. At the last thought Arnav shuddered, as if he felt her touch. He sighed  and closed his eyes remorsefully.When he opened his eyes again the emptiness was replaced with a longing for her and an ache to find solace in her presence. The sarcastic smile that played on his lips was a rueful one,  and he thought to himself, "her presence?". 

Words uttered in complete ignorance s came rushing back to him "aur aap bhi ek baat yaad rakna ek din aisa aayega jab aapko pata chalega ki aapne apne liye jo kuch bhi likha hai who devi maiyya ne aapka haath pakdke kudh likhavaya hai aur jis din aapko yeah pata chalega uss din hum wahan nahi honge". Arnav continued to smile at irony of  the fate he thought he had written  for himself; if he should be relieved that she is not here to see him in pain or regret that she is not here to relieve him of  the same pain. For past two years this was  the routine  his nights had been following religiously. Arnav walked back to  his bed thinking will there ever be a night when this strict regime will be broken? Will there ever be such a night in his life when he will walk away leaving this pain and void behind. Lastly,  will there ever be a night when his heart will be fulfilled with contentment?

Then came dawn and along with it came the unavoidable need to push her thoughts away and go about daily routine. After all he was Arnav Singh Raizada. The very man who had built up his own empire and had successfully fulfilled his duties towards his family by taking care of them in dire times.. There may not be  any balm for his ache or any emotional support but there were people in his life that looked up to him for all sorts of support. His Di, Anjali depended on him emotionally, whereas hiscousin, Akash looked up to  himfor any business guidance . No one dared to even move a paper in AR Designs without his orders or knowledge. He controlled literally everything and everyone in his world but when it came to her thoughts the word control didn't exist in dictionary. Pondering over these thoughts Arnav stepped into his closet  and chose a  three piece black suit. 

While  deciding on a grey black shirt to go with his black suit, his eyes fell on a small velvet box that was peeping out of  pile of  methodically arranged clothes. Hesitantly, Arnav picked the small velvet box  as if it were a pandora's box, maybe he knew the consequences of opening it, yet he couldn't stop himself from opening the box. Salvaging on his last few breaths,  he  prepared himself to pay the cost of opening the velvet box. Once he opened the box, the lone silver payal shone with the reflection of light right above. Arnav felt like the lone payal in the box was reflection of his lonely life. Picking up the silver payal from the box he ran his fingers over it and his mind went back to the incident associated with the payal. He had found the payal on his poolside after one of his angst fit he always threw at her; she had walked away from him and didn't realize her payal came undone. Arnav never understood why he couldn't return her payal until the night of Diwali.  

She had been a vision in the red sari; even though they were surrounded by other people in the annual Diwali party held at Raizada mansion they had eyes only for each other. His eagerness to steal few moments with her bore fruits when he found her near pool side lighting the diyas. Standing behind her he called her name, surprised she turned around and got up from her sitting position. Fiddling with the match box in her hands, eyes cast down, she tried stealing few glances of impeccably dressed Arnav. Arnav was staring at her without a blink and shamelessly.  

He started walking towards her and she didn't make any effort to move. She looked at him with puzzlement written all over her face and yet she couldn't stop the flush that started rising from her neck to cheeks. Arnav stopped  a feet away from her and had a smug of smile on his face seeing her all flustered. . Not taking away his eyes from her face, he slowly put his right hand in his blazer pocket. Very delicately and steadily he took her payal out. He held the payal in front of her and due to subtle breeze the twirling and twinkling payal had her full attention. Confusion clouded her face and then she turned  to face Arnav. Before she could gather her mixed-up thoughts and question him, he moved little closer to her and raised his left hand to cup her cheek. She lifted her eyes which were now wide with shock, like a deer caught in headlights and looked directly into his eyes. Arnav cast his eyes on her quivering lips and inched his face closer to her's. He raised his eyes a little to see the myriad of expressions  flash across her face; he saw  the change from fright to flush, shy to desire, confusion to embarassment and finally it took the form of anger. 

What she did next shocked him out of his wits, she used all her strength, placed both her hands on his chest and pushed him. Arnav almost lost his balance and stumbled backwards, he was completely taken aback by her action. He  straightened and looked at her stunned  asanger rushed into his veins. He then asked her "How dare you push me?". As if she had already collected her muddled thoughts she replied to him with marathon of questions, "what were you trying to do? And why? Why did you come so close to me? What do I mean to you? What is this between us? Where did you get my payal, how long has it been with you? And, why did you keep it with you? Why didn't you return it earlier? Why today? Please answer me, I need to know. Boliye, jawaab deejiye?"  She was breathing heavily and looked at him with hopeful eyes. Arnav was still not over the fact that she pushed him away and realized that his pride and ego were bruised and above all he felt rejected by chit of a girl, who was a mere employee in his house. How  could he lay himself bare open  and let her knew that he lost control. How could he let her take control of his emotions, he could not be so weak?       

"Tumhe jawab dene ki koyi zarrorat nahi hai. Tumhari payal mere paas thi iska koyi galat matlab mat nikaal lena, yeah mat sochna ki ek ameer adami tumahari payal apne seene se laga ke baita tha, mujhe inn sab cheejo se koyi farak nahi padata, doesn't mean a thing to me."

She asked in a weak voice,"Koyi matlab nahi hai?"

"Shayad tumhare liye hoga, tumhe laga ki tumahari zindagi ban gayi, mere liye tumahari payal ki yeah tumahari koyi ahimiyat nahi hai." He didn't  allow her the time or the chance to speak as his hurtful words sunk in and she stood there staring at him in silence.. A fit of rage took him over and he held her payal tightly in his fist and with all his energy threw it across his garden into the bushes. He then looked at her his eyes spitting fire and said " Now out!". She stood still, with tears simmering in her eyes. After few moments she walked towards the garden to look for last and only living memory of her mother. Wiping her tears that were unstoppable she started moving through the garden sifting through plants and bushes to find her payal. Her movements were urgent, desperate yet, in vain. He stood there like a statue making no effort to help her. She finally gave up and suddenly turned to him, looked directly into his eyes, she  wiped her tears and ran away from the poolside. One look at her tears smeared face his heart wrenched;  his eyes involuntarily closed  while his hands fisted to gain  control over his conflicting emotions.

Throughout the party he had dissuaded all her efforts and pleas to get him to talk or answer her questions. And the very next day he had pushed her out of his life forever when he met her at the temple.

It had taken two days for him to get grasp on his shattered emotions. He kept nursing his damaged ego and pride by telling himself that she didn't matter to him and he was the only one who had control over his life and emotions. Yet, his restlessness and the void that has seeped into his heart was escalating. Which later on he realized coined from her absence, rather presence in his life and in his house. Arnav let his ego get  best of his restlessness and didn't make any efforts to contact her. What if she rejected him again? After few days he had Aman enquire about her whereabouts and what he found out further increased his suffering. She had moved to Lucknow with her family. He kept hoping that one day she will show up at his house, smiling in her colorful churidaars. With each passing day, month and year that hope reluctantly faded away.

There was a knock on the door by Hari Prakash asking Arnav to come down for breakfast which forced him to travel back to the present. His today which was no longer inhibited by her, he thought sadly. Quickly letting Hari Prakash know that he will be down in a minute, Arnav pushed the payal in his pants pocket. Shaking his head as if to ward off her memories, he mechanically went about getting ready for the day.

Arnav cursed Aman  with colorful language for not picking up Anjali's jewelry that he had ordered for Rakshabandan. Aman was already on his way to catch a flight to Bangalore for some deal. So, Arnav had no choice to pick it up himself. He hated going to stores, especially in the malls, where there were people everywhere. Shifting through the crowd he quickly started walking towards the jewelry store. Then he suddenly stopped, as if somebody had a remote to him and they pressed "STOP" button on it. 

He heard her tinkling laughter and was forced to wonder if he was imagining things? Was he really losing it today? Haven't he had enough coffee today? Sighing Arnav started walking again but yet again he heard it that laugh. This time he couldn't ignore it and started to walk in the direction of where the noise had come from. Despite the noisy mall and people everywhere it didn't take him much time to spot the source of the laughter. It was her! The moment he saw her he froze and anxiety washed him over. Arnav couldn't not hear the noises around him or see people, all he saw was her. As if on a cue, she turned around at the same time, their eyes met and the moment was arrested.


Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you liked it. Please let me know your views, I am open to any kind of feedback.

Love You All.

PS: Next update will be posted on Sunday, Oct 6th


Part 1 - Page 1

Part 2 - Page 11

Part 3 - Page 21

Part 4 - Page 26

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OMG Such a surprise!! Tongue

I am really glad that you really considered to give those musings of yours a shot and tell stories. You have always had some really insightful comments to give and its great that you have put your perceptiveness and thoughtfulness to  writing.

This shot had me wrapped into it for the simple reason that it envoked emotions and I know then that I d like it. The hollowness , meloncholia was well described and I loved those lines where he thinks about what his life had been with her in it.
Everyone has faults , Aranv s' ego and pride is no surprise yet he couldnt take that leap of faith. Not only that , he mercilessly pushed away , hurt her knowingly and rubbed their mutual desire for each other as solely hers on her face. Its reallt too late.

The flow of the story I likerd alot. And needless to say I loved the diversion you took in that diwali scene. Something tells me that maybe more surprises awaits us. Tongue Cant wait to read more!! Arnav finally face to face with her lady love after two years! 
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Posted: 2013-09-29T07:55:53Z
OMG! Res!

I am happy that you are writing C4S! Such awesome way of telling a story...Clap

Here we have Arnav who does not like one bit that Khushi is away from him. He feels that he is lonely without her, Khushi and Khushi alone can bring back the colours in his life...

And there is a time gap between the payal incident and their meeting at the mall... What happened in these 2 years? Is Arnav ready to let go his ego to have his share of happiness back in his life?

I gather that Jadoo-hai-nasha-hai never happened in this story... Correct me if I am wrong...

Is this SS going to give us a redemption track which we never got in the show?

Why oh why did u stop the chapter there? Ab agle Sunday that wait karna padega... Hmph...!Ouch

Did I tell you that the banner is too good!? Well, it is!Big smile

Your pm was a surprise to me, a pleasant one at that... Looking forward to more stories on IF!Heart

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Posted: 2013-09-29T08:33:45Z
OMG..that was such a beautiful surprise, Geeta!!!
I remember telling you that you should write... ApproveBig smile
More later..

I had always known that you would make a very good writer because of the kind of insightful, wonderfully expressed comments you write on stories. And I was not wrong :)) I loved the title of your story. 'Love Again' many lovely possibilities. The banner is so whimsically beautiful and I agree with Sami, what is missing from it is your nameSmile I loved the first chapter. It was all about Arnav, his thoughts, his emotions, his conflicts, his mental barriers and you wrote it all wonderfully and in a way that was so easy to read too. Your prose has a very nice flow to it and  it's hard to believe that it's your first attempt at writing a story. It was absolutely brilliant :)

You chose my two favorite scenes from the show...the Diwali almost kiss and the Mandir separation one and I really liked the way you presented them with your own little changes, which actually I liked a lot. Especially the little push, Khushi gave to him...!! 

I can't wait to see what happens next and I'm sure it's going to a very enjoyable ride. 

Happy writing,dear Hug
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Posted: 2013-09-29T08:52:09Z

Awesome surprise Smile

First of all great banner, but you should add your name to it as well! 

Your first chapter was great. I was intrigued to see your take on Diwali night as he still has her payal. Diwali night was such a turning out point, in more ways than one. 

Arnav as usual, says before he speaks and then later regrets. He controls his destiny, so he always boasted. 

I loved your reference to red and how he associates his favorite color to Khushi, even in the smallest ways. Now that they have seperated I cant help but wonder what has events have taken place in Khushi's life. 

One of my favorite spots in the show was the poolside, and I love how you mentioned that the one place where he always seemed to find solace, now is looming with emptiness. 

I am looking forward to the first meeting.. Congratulations on your first story and looking forward to this being the first of many Smile
Edited by ssyahoo - 2013-09-29T20:22:05Z
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Posted: 2013-09-29T09:04:52Z
This is such good surprise...Party 

Geeta i loved the start of this story. The little twist that you have got to the iconic Diwali scene brilliant. So i hope that it would it be ok if i say that i am glad that the almost kiss never happened cause the anguish that was unleashed after that still breaks my heart. Khushi didn't deserve what was meted out to her by ASR.

I am glad that the 2 yrs of separation happened...Arnav needs to miss her presence. BAS
And finally now the wait is over and lo behold they are going to meet again. I for one am very curious to know and find out if Arnav has finally learnt his lessons. Would he still be emotionally challenged and refuse to accept the importance khushi plays in his life. Hoping that the 'shatir dimaag' does turn out to be shatir after all. 

A rocking start Geeta and i am sure i will enjoy the ride. Thanks for the PM. 

P.S: The banner is too good...loved it.
Edited by kondhili - 2013-10-01T08:26:42Z
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Posted: 2013-09-29T09:08:31Z
You know I think I remember reading your comment for the first time and thought this one can write. I don't know if I suggested you should but I have always thought you could. I was elated to find out you wrote a story and if you are reviving the old arnav and khushi again I am all ready for it.

Coming to the update, the start was nice, you took us back to the real IPK. Of course those moments also made me realize how much I miss them. The great irony of life is that repentance always comes a little too late and we are left with the pieces in the aftermath trying to glue them back together. Similar is the state of Arnav Singh Raizada, the words he uttered in complete ignorance have come back to haunt him. Words are very a powerful thing; they perceive how we see others and how others see us. They can either become us or we become them. In terms of Arnav...he let his anger get the best of him and caged himself in. Whereas Khushi had to deal with the backlash of what our broody hero could not handle, which is the fact that he is affected by her presence.

The payal scene for me was a step that brought them more closer compared to the almost-kiss. There was sincerity and affection in that scene. The silence said everything without even saying it. I was happy to see you re-create that but in alter setting that was still filled with an impact.

I wonder where this tale of two halves of a whole would lead. Intrigued to find out where they go from here. What has Khushi's life been like? There is much to tell and I will patiently wait for you to update!
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Posted: 2013-09-29T09:27:59Z
Why was i not informed of this ???Angry
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